New Years Resolutions Year Round: How to Make These Intentions Permanent

by rabbitagent99

We have an ongoing intention of creating New Years Resolutions effective at precisely 12am January 1rst. How can we make this well meaning tradition, last?

January brings a windfall of new members to fitness gyms inspired by new year’s resolutions. Sadly, within a few months well meaning people get back into usual routines and obligations which supersede the commitments we put to paper on January 1rst. With a few basic tools it is possible to keep and even surpass these commitments. This is most evident in the surge of gym memberships and participation and the obvious lasp in the following months.

Reflecting On the Past Year

Successful New Year's Resolutions begin with reflection on the current year. On December 31, take some time to list everything that you have accomplished in the past year, that is coming to a end. Reflecting on the previous year gives us perspective on just how much we have accomplished. It might also be helpful to have a parallel list with challenges and obstacles that you have dealt with. This awareness has the gift of pleasant surprise and pride. This sense of accomplishment lays the foundation for succeeding with the intentions set for the coming year.

Do you make and keep New Years resolutions?

Step 2: Constructing Resolutions Using Positive Language and Intention

 It is critical to start with creating your New Year’s Intentions with positive language about what you wish to accomplish, improve, and obtain. When we use negative language, we are telling ourselves that we are lacking and that our abilities are in deficit, which will undermine our confidence. If we inhibit our confidence we set ourselves up for “failure.” For example saying, “I resolve to stop raising my voice when I am frustrated with my kids” has negative connotations that are less conducive to success then “My intention for the coming year is to use positive language, tone of voice, receptivity and understanding when disciplining my children and communicating with my family. I intend to slow down, breath, listen, and act with consciousness when interacting with my precious children as it is my job to help them learn, grow, and trust and love.” In the second example, you are setting an intention of what to do, as opposed to what not to do. Think of how many possibilities for growth and positive success there are, for any parent, in the second example.

Another example, “I resolve to lose 50 pounds in the coming year and be more active” or “My intention for the coming year is cherish and care for my body through daily activities that I enjoy and eat whole foods rich in fiber and nutrients.” In the second example, your weight loss success, even if not exactly 50 pounds is based on daily healthy lifestyle choices and habits that extend beyond the coming year.

Finally, “In the coming year I will try to be kinder and more patient with those that I supervise at work” implies that you are lacking in patience and kindness for those that you supervise. A positive alternative is “My intention for the coming year, is to enter my workplace ready to positively lead and inspire the members of my team. Myself and my team all have unique talents and together we will accomplish great things. I have been intrusted with the role of leadership and myself and my team are learning and succeeding together, everyday.”

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Reinforce Your New Years Resolutions Through Daily Affirmations

 Committing to a list of New Year's Resolutions are simple goals and objective, that are typically created on the last day of the year, for the purpose of the coming year. As such, we can use the same tools for success that we do with our goals.

Suggested Affirmations for a Positive Year

  1. I am thinking, reflecting, and succeeding every intention I have set for this year. Everyday, I am taking steps to a successful year.
  2. I am improving myself everyday with mindful gestures- some are big, some are small, all are steps to a more positive life.
  3. I mindful of my intentions for this year to improve my relationships, especially with my family.
  4. With each passing day, I am giving my all to be a kinder human being to all life on earth, including myself
  5. Everyday of the coming year and every year to follow, I will take care of the earth for future generations and do all I can to reduce my carbon footprint.

Revisit your resolutions during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has a major distinction apart from the traditional US New Years. On New Year’s Eve, in this culture, we drink and make merry in anticipation of a singular moment. We ring in the new year, based on this one moment, marking this one day of this one year. The celebration of Chinese New Year is festive and extends over several days. Chinese New Year arrives latter then the the January 1rst New Years. Celebrating Chinese New Year is a worth wild festivity of the New Year, in its own right, and it is an opportunity to revisit and recommit to the New Year’s Resolutions created December 1rst.

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With each passing day, I am giving my all to be a kinder human being to all life on earth, including myself

What is your number one resolution category for this year?

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