No-Fuss Christmas Decor

by classicalgeek

No time or energy to decorate for Christmas? Easy and fast ideas!

Some years, I do Christmas up big, but since I live alone, and Christmas is my busiest time of year, most years I don't have enough hours in the day. However, because I have company in my house at Christmas, I do want to put up a few touches, so I admit it--I take the easy way out. If, by chance, you have very little time this Christmas, or just don't feel up to the task of doing up your house for the holidays, there are a few easy and fast touches you can use to show that your heart is in the right place for the holidays.

Many of us have at least some Christmas stuff tucked away, but no time or space for a tree, or to hang lights, or do any of those other things we grew up with. However, we can still use those items (and others) to decorate our homes for Christmas in a few minutes, and put them away again just as easily. With these tips, you'll have your house ready for the holidays in a jiffy.

Digital photo frames: In your spare moments, copy whatever Christmas photos you have from years past to a flash drive, and pop the flash drive into your digital photo frame. The time required is minimal, and you can unplug the flash drive and replace it with a different one in seconds.

But what if you don't have any Christmas photos? Grab some public domain pictures off of the internet.

Ornaments: Take them down, unwrap them, and pop them carefully into the best-looking bowls you have, then set the bowls out where they can be seen but won't be disturbed. No breakage, and a pretty way to display everything without the bother and mess of a tree. Or, you can string them up on fishing line in front of a window.

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Lights: Get a large glass jar with a frosted look (I use a very old jumbo-sized mayonnaise jar, but you can also use a cheap vase). If you don't have one with a frosted look, a few minutes with a piece of sandpaper will take care of that--just sand the inside and blow out the dust, or paint the inside with frosted paint. Put a string of lights in the jar, plug it in, turn it upside down, and instant luminaria!

Music: Put a Christmas CD in the CD player. Or turn on a streaming service.

Garlands or tinsel: If you formerly used these on a Christmas tree, put them over a door or over the mantel. Use a Command hook or two, if necessary, to keep them in place.

Table: Put a Christmas cloth on the table and dress as usual. If you have candles in a box somewhere, dig them out and put them on the table, too. Festive napkin rings will help dress it up, too, and those can be made in minutes.

Last year, for Christmas, I . . .

I hoped this has helped you get some ideas for Christmas decorating when you don't have much time. If you have another idea, tell us in the comments, please!

Updated: 05/30/2015, classicalgeek
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classicalgeek on 06/27/2015

I've never tried decals. I was thinking along the lines of things that people might already have at hand, without having to buy or order anything else, but certainly wall decals might brighten things up if they already have them.

blackspanielgallery on 06/27/2015

These are all simple. Have you ever tried decals? They take up only wall space.

classicalgeek on 06/01/2015

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing that with us!

AngelaJohnson on 06/01/2015

One of my friends put Christmas wrapping paper over the pictures that hung on her wall. Then she tied ribbon and put on a bow and each one looked like a Christmas package. It didn't take up room on a table or take up room on the floor, yet was festive and rather inexpensive.

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