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Who am I , Where have I come from and where am I going? Thanks for reading, would love to hear from you!

Who is NonnyK?

Before I got married, I used to have a Nigerian surname which meant ‘You cannot kill the mouth’ and this describes me in one little phrase - I love to talk, I love to write and I LOVE to sing! Every time I explained the meaning of my surname to people who had spent even an hour with me, they would smile knowingly as though to say ‘that explains it all!’

On that note, lets talk! (or should I say, I’ll talk, you listen… :-D )

Where did NonnyK come from?

I was born in the UK and lived with a foster parent for a few years while my mother studied before my parents decided to move back to Nigeria.  The key here is the emphasis on education to the neglect of everything else.  This push towards education and a professional career meant that my path in life was basically chosen for me.  Anything arty-farty that emerged from my siblings or I was ignored while any tendency towards the professional subjects and academia was encouraged.

We had a choice of four careers – Medicine, Pharmacy, Accountancy or Law.  I discarded Medicine as too much blood involved so Pharmacy it was ( I was more science oriented).  I finally registered as a pharmacist in 2004 after what felt like 25 years of hard work (well, actually I was 25 at the time but I felt like I had been put through an educational whirlwind since the day I popped out of my Mother.)  It was certainly a proud moment.  There was a feeling of relief that that section of my life was over, I no longer needed to live up to my parent’s expectations so now I could cultivate other passions.  Having said that, I did go on to do a postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy as well – There are parts of Pharmacy that I do really enjoy and you will probably see some of my writings on health issues and various medications as I keep myself up to date (Continuous Professional Development is the official term!)

NonnyK's passions

Though a Pharmacist, my first love has always been music; I had been the school pianist in School, played guitar at church and as a band member, led and been part of various choirs as my true love has always been singing.  I even became a rock chick for about a second before I became pregnant with my first child!

Now, the proud mother of three darling princesses, I am building property portfolios for myself and others offline and writing, writing, writing online. 

I have always kept a journal to express myself.  As much as I love to talk, I cannot always say clearly what I am thinking but I can always write it down.  Writing causes me to really think about what is going on in me and around me.

Hopes for the future...

Writing for profit is a goal as I do not like day-care and I am a home-school parent so my children are ALWAYS with me.  My dream is to build online and offline real estate which I can then live off.  This of course means that I am running on all cylinders at present as I juggle business, career and family. Thankfully, I have the support of my husband, who keeps a living wage coming in while I try my hand at various things.  It also means I only need to work at my proper job once a week at the moment.

Enough about me for now, as if you read my articles you will definitely get even more of a feel for the person that I am.  I love communicating with people so please leave some feedback, let’s get a dialogue going.  I would love some feedback from more of your experienced internet writers as there seems to be a great number of you on Wizzley - What am I doing wrong and what am I doing right?

Not writing on here already? Then join in, write and make money!

To finish, here are some of my articles.  Enjoy!


Health and Beauty

What is osteoarthritis and a few ways that it can be treated.
A look at Seasonal Affective Disorder and the use of Light Therapy and other treatments.
A new contender on the market for beauty delivered in a box. Read Sylvia's story...

My Princesses and their interests

Being a mother

Random Thoughts

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scar on 04/29/2012

you sound interesting

Miriam on 02/17/2012

This is a bit complicated. Oh well... managed to write one article about something I know almost nothing about :-| LOL.

MuminBusiness on 02/13/2012

You sound fun too. Pity we live thousands of miles apart. Thank you soo much for your kind words. This online writing is new to me but I have always loved to put my thoughts down. No one else was allowed to read it before (except my hubby and it would have gone to my girls when they were older) so it is nice to hear you enjoy reading. Thanks again for stopping by!

BrendaReeves on 02/13/2012

Nonny, I wish we lived close to each other. I would love to talk to you. You have a good skill and it's nice that you can work part time at it and have more time to work on your passion. I really enjoy reading your articles.

MuminBusiness on 02/11/2012

You are welcome. Thank you for giving me feedback. It does help a lot.

It is lovely to meet you too on here too, Angel!

Angel on 02/10/2012

Very nice to meet you Nonny. I am so glad we got to meet here on Wizzley. I really enjoy reading your articles. Thank you for supporting me too by reading and commenting..

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