Odessey from Urban Wonders to Wild Ranthambore

by pateluday

India has more to offer than the Taj Mahal, discover stunning architecture of the ancient land. Find thrills in the land of Maharajahs, rendezvous with the big cat on wild safari.

Tourists especially those from overseas tour extensively throughout the country. The packages organized by the tour operators suit them the most. Golden Triangle Tour is one such preference with an itinerary that includes the frozen monuments in time and space, and a vibrant destination for electric safaris at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.

New Delhi the ancient Capital City is a must-visit with sightseeing that could be a revelation about India and its hidden wonders, and astounding cultures a diversity is seen less in the contemporary era. Agra is the land of the Taj, but there is more. Jaipur island of noble houses, palaces, forts, and temples. But what adds to the trip is excursions in the wilds of Ranthambore all in one Go! What More! The package includes visits to New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur but the tiger safari is usually a one-day extension. Some tour operators also add other historic towns in Rajasthan.

Agra Fort

Ancient Monument
Agra Fort
Agra Fort
John Matthai

New Delhi Chaotic Conundrum!

Capital City of India

Whence you land at the I.G International Airport and begin taxiing you will realize how justified the title is. The route will probably take you through organized New Delhi roads with a glimpse of urbanity, its modern temples, and the diverse profiles that zoom past. The next experience could be the chaotic traffic of the busy markets and residential areas. Believe me, the rush is not life-threatening but the speed and frequent halts at the red lights will create anxiety.

In crowded places, if you open the car window the blast of cacophony will be challenging to your ears, and the experience of the drive as a whole will numb your sensory apparatus. As if you have reached ground zero. You have!

Discover India! A minimal experience, for soon you will realize how vast and diverse this country is. But this minimal experience will be absolutely astounding if you keep aside varying intensity of chaos and conundrum all along the journey. 

Delhi is a Capital of India and is like an all-encompassing window to a kaleidoscopic World that you must have read in some enchanting tales. The most visited places are the ancient monuments some of which like the Purana Qila confirm the happenings of Mahabharata in the historical times of Indraprastha. Zoom back two thousand five hundred years. On a trip to Delhi, you constantly zoom back and forth into a new era and then suddenly into a historic one. This vacillation between new and old is perplexing for overseas visitors but nothing new for locals.   

The Muslim Mogul architecture takes a whole lot of your time in Old Delhi. Nearly. And if you are an avid fan of history you can read it on the walls of the amazing, exotic architecture of the invaders a telltale saga of conquest and turbulent existence amidst predominately Hindu India. The tentacles of Mogul India, will not leave you throughout the journey such has been the impact of the conquest from a foreign locale. 

Nothing in this country is plain and simple...forget all your rational leanings here. The old monuments that date to the Mogul times have an ascendancy that ends with the arrival of the British...probably. Not so simple for in between you will find disruptions by internecine wars and conquests.    

Lutyens's Delhi if you visit the parliament house, India Gate, and the Presidential Palace or Rashtrapati Bhavan you will get a differing odor in the middle of chaos. These active monuments are immaculate in existence, of the Raj but sordid reminders of India's continued foreign subjugation. While the Mogul were megalomaniacs, the British were too in their own style. They too built imposing monuments but with greater simplicity and aesthetics which do not astound and leave awestruck. There were no intricate carvings or twists to the architecture, nevertheless, they enamored with their grandeur. 

The recent architecture is modern, ultimate with their spread and classic but is megalomaniac in impression. Being recent they are the real modern temples of India. Visit Swami Narayan Temple and the Lotus Bahai Temple.  New Delhi has much more to offer...places which your tour operator should include for sightseeing.  


Agra The Land of Taj

An Extended Moghul History

The Mogul architecture and influence extend to Agra, being in proximity to Delhi. Most of the invaders in India were idolaters and plunderers notable for their sacking. Mogul dynasty which found roots in India began with Babur. These rulers were more interested in settling down rather than loot and plunder. They indulged in both.  The conquests, idolatry, and sack by the descendants continued down the line till they were themselves beggared by circumstances.. 

Hence Mogul Architecture dominates in this city, places of interest are of course the World fame Taj Mahal followed by the Agra Red Fort,  and then a short drive takes you to Fatehpur Sikri which Akbar built for his Hindu Queen and served as a Capital for some time. Sikri was later abandoned by the Emperor the only Moghul with the syncretic dispensation.  

Fort Amer

Fort Amer
Fort Amer
John Matthai

Palace at Jaipur

Palace at Jaipur
Palace at Jaipur
John Matthai

Jaipur Pink City

Capital of Rajasthan

The impact of the British Raj is there at Jaipur but all to a lesser extent. The arrival of a British Monarch prompted the Maharajah to have the city painted in ceremonial pink and hence the name Pink City. 

The city is the bustling capital of Rajasthan an agglomeration that is robust, colorful, and vibrant in the middle of the desert. The Marwari Cuisine is a gastronomic delight one must savor. Though people are predominant of Rajput descent diversity is evident in all urban settlements in India everywhere. 

There are two UNESCO Heritage sites here namely the Amer Fort, and Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory. Other places of interest are Hawa Mahal, Jaipur City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, and many temples.    

Jaipur is full of interesting structures depicting Rajasthani influence, and some have mixed architecture. But the number of monuments is large and would require some days to complete the tour hence only major places of interest are included in the itinerary.  

Bengal Tiger

Tiger Footage

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

National Park in Rajasthan

Like other National Parks, this is the land of the tiger but the unique feature of this destination is the presence of old temples, man-made lakes, and a fort. These are the edifices built by the Rajput Kings of Jaipur. A hunting lodge of recent construction was also built but has been turned into a star hotel. 

Famous for tigers, the National Park and tiger reserve offer sightings of many mammals, reptiles, and birds. It is a panoramic piece of land preserved in a pure state for ages. The dry deciduous mixed forests in the Aravalli Range are home to an amazing diversity. The destination is exceptionally rich in birdlife and reptiles.

Situated at Sawai Madhopur fourteen kilometers from the park are a number of hotels and resorts pertaining to many categories. Some heritage hotels that emulate the Royal residences and palaces are a treat to stay for people with luxurious inclination.   

The visit to Ranthambore on Golden Triangle Tour is an extension. The safaris are a treat with sightings of the big cats, other enchanting animals, and the plethora of birds. Permits are required so booking has to be done well in advance for excursions. 

The best way to reach Sawai Madhopur is a drive from Jaipur. New Delhi is connected by flight and rail with Jaipur.      

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pateluday on 07/10/2021

This type of coloration is extensively used in places in India and could have an impact. I will investigate thanks.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/10/2021

pateluday, Thank you for reminding me of the blue city, Jodhpur, and of the bug-controlling copper sulphates within the color blue.
The above information explains why I only see beneficial invertebrates such as pollinating bees around my light-blue chicory (Cichorium intybus).
In a somewhat related direction, I noticed in online news the first recorded death in the United States from the West Nile virus. That puts me to wondering whether it matters whether dark or light blue would be more effective against such pests as flies and mosquitoes.

pateluday on 07/01/2021

Jodhpur is called blue city. The color blue is a mixer of copper sulphate which wards off bugs, and the same time the color scheme is soothing.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/01/2021

pateluday, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Is there any other city in India that is known for a predominant color scheme? Or would Jaipur be unique in this regard?

blackspanielgallery on 09/20/2019

An interesting view of a place I have not seen. Excellent photographs.

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