Old License Plates for Sale

by klaird

Old License Plates for Sale Online. Find great vintage old license plates like leather license plate, low number plates, and YOM plates.

If you are a antique license plate collector, one of the best places you can search for vintage old license plates for sale is online. The biggest online auction website, eBay, has thousands of old license plates for sale every single day. You can find all kinds of license plates, from rare leather license plates, to low number plates, a YOM license plates.

Some people just collect the plates because they love any type of old collectible. Others use the old plates to make license plate art, like maps of the United States using license plates. And still other people collect only a certain type of plate. Maybe they collect horseless carriage antique license plates, or maybe they collect and restore old porcelain license plates.

And still other people are looking for a plate to use on their old classic car. In some states, you can use a Year of Manufacture license plate on a classic car. The plate must be from the year of manufacture of the car and of course be from the state that the car is currently registered in. Different states have different rules regarding the use of YOM license plates and some states don't allow them at all.

Where to find Old License Plates for Sale

One of the best places to easily find old license plates for sale is by looking on eBay.  Many collectors buy and sell vintage and antique license plates every day on eBay.  There is a wide selection of plates to buy and some can be quite valuable.

Of course, it's great if you happen to find a box of old license plates for sale at a yard sale or flea market for a cheap price.  You never know what you might find that could be worth hundreds of dollars.

You can also look through the ads on Craigslist.  Sometimes you'll get lucky and find a box of old plates being sold there.  The best find is if it's some kind of estate sale where the seller of the license plates has no idea how valuable the plates are.  You could get really lucky and find some great plates in the collection.

License Plates for Sale on eBay

Highly Collectible Black California License Plates

Some of the most collectible old license plates are the Black and Yellow California License Plates.  I've listed some of them that are for sale on eBay below.

Black California License Plates

High Prices Vintage License Plates

This next list of license plates for sale are some of the plates listed for sale on eBay that have prices above $100 or more.

Updated: 07/23/2012, klaird
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Do you Collect Vintage License Plates?

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Andy on 04/02/2014

HI...I also collect and deal in all kinds of collectible license plates.

Rose on 11/27/2013

Some of those licence plates are real pieces of history. I'd be tempted to get an old one with the initials of my name on it.

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