Why I'm writing on Wizzley

by klaird

I'm writing new articles on Wizzley to help diversify my online income sources, creating a new stream of passive income. I also want to connect with other entrepreneuers online!

Welcome to My First Wizzley Page

I haven't really decided what to write about here on Wizzley, so I though I'd start out by introducing myself and writing about why I'm here on Wizzley in the first place! Hopefully, this will be read by many new writers who stumble upon Wizzley and wonder themselves why they should write on Wizzley.

First of all, Hi my name is Kim. I'm a work at home mom who lives in Arizona, although I'm a transplant from the midwest, growing up most of my life in Nebraska (go Huskers!). I have three children, ranging in age from 1-15. Between taking care of 2 preschoolers during the day, and shuttling around my teenager to all his activities in the afternoons and evenings,  I also do online website marketing for a local swimming pool company here in Arizona. I'm their marketing manager, and basically in charge of getting them all their new customers.

Beyond that, I love to look for ways to supplement our family income. Although my husband works a regular job, his pay is never the same from paycheck to paycheck, so any money I can earn online from home helps us to pay bills if his paycheck isn't as much as expected. We also use any money I earn online to save for retirement and stash some money for our kids' college funds.

But more importantly, I'm trying to plant seeds. What do I mean by that? I'll use an analogy of farming (remember, I grew up in Nebraska). A farmer diligently works for weeks preparing the soil, then planting the crop seeds, fertilizing, and praying for rain. Weeks go by without any sign that anything has been accomplished. But the farmer DID the work. Then one day, a plant emerges from the soil, and continues to grow. The farmer continues to tend to the crop, and at harvest time, when the crops are ripe, the harvest is bountiful, supplying his family income for the next year.  For me, writing articles is a way to plant seeds! If I never write an article, I can't sit back and enjoy the harvest. Will the growing season take time? YES. But if I don't start writing, and planting seeds, I won't have any crops worth any money! Each article I write is one seed. I need a field of crops!

In addition to the online income aspect of Wizzley, I want to meet new people and socialize online with others here on Wizzley. I think we all have value and insight to contribute to one another, and we can all learn something from others, appreciate and repsect one another, both in our similarities and our differences.

Writing Articles is like planting seeds

Field of corn
Field of corn

Do you write on other platforms?

Which one?

What you can do on Wizzley

Here's a list of all the things you can add to your articles / pages here on Wizzley.

  • Text - add text or html
  • Images - upload your favorite pictures
  • YouTube - link to your favorie YouTube video
  • Flickr - add photos from Flickr that complement your article (the corn field photo from above is from Flickr)
  • Poll - aski your readers their opinion
  • Duel - present two side of an issue and have readers debate
  • Link list - your favorite links
  • Download
  • Google Maps - add a map
  • Wikipedia - supplement your article with content from wikipedia
  • Blogs - search for blogs about the same topic
  • Feeds - add an rss feed
  • Article list - recommend other articles here on Wizzley
  • Code
  • Contents
  • Space
  • eBay - highlight an eBay item for sale
  • Amazon - show Amazon products for sale
  • AllPosters
  • Zazzle

I've included below some examples of how the modules look in action.

The Feed Module

Add your favorite blog feed. It will pull up to 4 posts.
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The Article List

More Articles here on Wizzley
It is free and easy to make attractive pages on wizzley.com and earn a really nice revenue share. We provide many different ways to make money with article writing.
I've written a listography, a lensography, and even taken photography, but I've never written a Wizzography. Here we go!
If you are writing on Wizzley to make money, do you know how long it will take to earn what you need? What do you need to do to making money writing online?

The Wikipedia Module

Go Huskers!
The Nebraska Cornhuskers represent the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in college football. The program has established itself as a traditional powerhouse, and has the fourth-most all-time victories of any NCAA Division I-A team. ...

The eBay Module

I buy a lot of diapers!

The Amazon Module - Kids Wagons on Sale

Make commissions on any Amazon sales
Radio Flyer 3951Z 3-In-1 Ez Folding Wagon with Canopy For Kids & Cargo, Red

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Radio Flyer
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Radio Flyer
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Step 2
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Radio Flyer - DROPSHIP
Only $88.00

Gotta Go!

I'm running out of time to finish the page (motherhood calls!), but I'll return later to add some more examples of other modules! Please leave me a comment below and let me know why You're Here at Wizzley!

Updated: 06/12/2011, klaird
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WordCustard on 06/15/2011

Good to meet you Kim. Very true about sowing seeds. It takes work and patience but at the end it is all worthwhile. Hope you enjoy both writing your articles and reaping the rewards here on Wizzley.

BarbRad on 06/14/2011

I like your farmer analogy. I write for both Squidoo and HubPages and have two Zazzle stores now, and I believe each lens, hub or Zazzle product is a seed that will later produce income. I'm looking forward to the rest of what you will write here.

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