Why Write On Wizzley.com?

by chefkeem

It is free and easy to make attractive pages on wizzley.com and earn a really nice revenue share. We provide many different ways to make money with article writing.

What kind of online platform is Wizzley.com?

How is it different from other article portals?

Quite frankly, from the outside...Wizzley.com does not look much different than, let's say, Squidoo or Hubpages. But wait 'til you find out more about the inner workings of this new platform for online authors and work-from-home enthusiasts.

You see, Wizzley was created by folks who for years have been active members of the most popular content platforms around. Many of them make a nice living as writers, marketers and web consultants. When conceiving of Wizzley.com, they all had one goal in mind:

A new web portal that combines the best qualities and eliminates the worst shortcomings of similar other sites, while focussing mainly on income creation for its members. 

Let's have a look...

  1. Editorial quality control to assure unique and useful content that Google will love.
  2. A moderate number of the most efficient modules for quick and easy page creation and optimum page load speed.
  3. Built-in page SEO and extensive tutorials for further article optimization.
  4. Strong member support with rapid replies in the forum or through personal messages.
  5. Forum focus groups about best writing practices and how to make money online. We even provide researched keywords, keyphrases and title suggestions for our authors!
  6. Easily utilize proven affiliate programs, such as Amazon, Zazzle, AllPosters, and more to come, through ready-made sales modules.
  7. Generous share of our ad revenue from 50% of your page impressions. Quality authors can quickly advance to an unheard-of 60% share.
  8. Recruit new members and earn a fantastic 10% life-time share of their ad revenues. This share comes out of Wizzley's pockets and will not minimize the recruits' earnings. (New members must sign up through your referral link and create a page within the first 30 days.)

Zazzle module on Wizzley.com

Some of my German designs translated into "funny" English

Quick - who are the people behind Wizzley.com?

Just a brief introduction...

Simon Steinberger and Hans Braxmeier are the founders of PageWizz.com, the most vibrant online writers' community in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Now they designed and built Wizzley.com from the ground up.

Ron Passfield is a legendary Squidoo lensmaster and marketing wiz(zley) from Brisbane, Australia.

Anne Corcino is a small business web consultant from Southern California.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann cut his teeth on Squidoo.com and now works as a web consultant in Austin, TX.

And then, of course....YOU!

Without you, dear authors, Wizzley.com wouldn't make much sense.

YouTube looks great on Wizzley.com

And this is just the beginning

Join is to find out more about all our exciting plans...

Why not give Wizzley.com a whirl...or a spin...or a serious try? You can't lose - it's free.

Check in and check us out. But first sign up...here.

Welcome to our community -

We can't wait to see your creations!

How to create a page on Wizzley.com

Introductory video tutorial about the basic steps
Updated: 05/15/2011, chefkeem
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DerdriuMarriner on 11/14/2018

chefkeem, Thank you for the backstory and the links. In particular, I enjoyed the YouTube and the instructional module. But there's a problem with the topics bar on your -- mine and everybody else I've checked -- profile page.

chefkeem on 06/14/2013

And we're glad to have you back, kimbesa! :)

kimbesa on 06/14/2013

Glad I made it back here, after some of the dust has settled!

chefkeem on 06/05/2013

You're welcome, WA. :)

WriterArtist on 06/05/2013

I see my article on the front page on Wizzley.com.
Thank you Wizzley for featuring my Elephant article.

WriterArtist on 05/14/2013

I am glad that I joined Wizzley.
I have a penchant for writing and love to write on niche topics.

Regi_B on 01/26/2012

I think I'm in love! :-)

hamshi5433 on 10/08/2011

I have a feeling Wizzley is going to be very very successful like Squidoo some day soon or later.I didnt get a chance to join Squidoo when it was all new and fresh in 2006 but I did get that chance for Wizzley. Few years later, I can tell the new Wizbies that I was one of the oldest Wizzlers :D

chefkeem on 07/21/2011

@Logemon - in your respective affiliate accounts (Google AdSense, Amazon, Zazzle, AllPosters). Check our help pages for further instructions. :)

Logemon on 07/21/2011

Where exactly do I go to see my earnings?

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