On Easter and Saint Patrick’s Day Pamper your Car with Leprechauns, Shamrocks and Bunny Costumes

by WriterArtist

Don’t you forget to pamper your car on festivals like Easter and Saint Patrick’s Day? It is fun to deck up your vehicle with Leprechauns, Shamrocks and Bunny costumes.

For many who love their cars as much as their sweet hearts and it is second to none when it comes to the attention and details; festivals are there to shower your affection to your prized possessions.

If you have ignored your car for days together, the four leaf clover, flowers and chocolates will not redeem the forgetfulness; start working on the complete makeover and a catchy getup for your car this year in the festive season.

Car Costume
Car Costume

St. Patrick's Day Vehicle Costume

Mystic Industries St. Patrick's Day Vehicle Costume
Mystic Industries
Only $14.99

Decking up Your Car for Festive Celebrations

Facial Uplift for Your Vehicle


If you are in awe with your car as much as your sweet heart, then forget your aerobics lessons, say good bye to your week end freaks, pull your smart car kit out of the forgotten dark closet and pamper your car with the colors of festive season. Green and purple for Mardi Gras, cheerful antenna toppers and vehicle costumes of shamrocks and leprechauns for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter Bunny costume for the Easter celebration.

Whether or not you adored your car/Valentine on Valentine’s date, make it for the neglected hours by pampering your car with a luxurious sheen of paint and a blissful bathing spa time. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty doing this yourself, there are plenty of car spas where a mechanic will bring back the original sunshine on your vehicle.

Photographic Print of Dog - driving car - Saint Patrick s Day

Photographic Print of LA-3728-M7 Dog - driving car - Saint Patrick ...
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Car Costumes for Festive Season

Vehicle Costumes
Vehicle Costumes
Image from Amazon.com

Leprechauns, Shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day Vehicle Costumes


If there is plenty to do, start with the wheels, you might want to retire the old guy and replace with new tyres whatsoever. Commence with the exterior outlook which sure has withstood the toughness of rain, storm and sunny weather along the brunt of harsh breeze for probably a long time. If by any chance the car is hit on the exteriors, it’s time for a coating of glimmer and whitewashing of new paint followed by hoisting a green mug of beer flag on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Hopefully by the means of magical Irish blessings, your car will regain the original sheen and become your neighbour’s envy. With the Irish clover of shamrock, an antenna topper or a lucky sticker of leprechaun, you can still hit the hidden treasure of gold and emerge the lucky winner in Saint Patrick’s car race.

A thorough vacuuming of the car, neat shining of the window glass, change of the upholstery and fresh curtains to the car windows will give a complete facial uplift to the car.

Easter Lawn Decoration

Easter Bunny in Vintage Car with 3 Easter Eggs (9 stakes included)
Easter Lawn Decoration - Easter Bunny in Vintage Car with 3 Easter ...
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Bunny Vehicle Costumes for Easter


Once the exteriors of your car are done, it is time to focus on the interiors. Does the car need a new seat cover, a music system and air conditioning?


It will definitely do some good to put the Easter songs to tune it with the festive season.


A clumsy and filthy car interiors can only invite devil, spare this look for the Halloween; work on the dirty ambience of the car if it stinks, you can use car fresheners to liven it up with blissful lavender scents.


Latest car scents come in electric diffuser that can fill the air with natural floral aromas. One ought to enjoy driving without feeling sick. And these air fresheners are pretty cool for deodorizing and refreshing your car with your chosen aromas. Creamy vanilla, cool tree, summer breeze and very berry fragrances are just some of them that you can choose from a pack of car fragrances.


At the end of the day, your car will thank you for the lavish treatment. It will not sit in the garage idly maybe laying eggs and it will not breakdown unexpectedly on the Easter day.

Easter Bunny Vehicle Costume

Mystic Industries Easter Bunny Vehicle Costume
Mystic Industries
Only $14.59

Car on YouTube for Saint Patrick's Day

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DerdriuMarriner on 03/15/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I appreciate the decals and the scarf. My Daini (number two [car]) celebrates Green Earth and St. Patrick's Day every day because he is green! But I like draping the scarf visibly around the head rests or wearing it. We may place decals where they don't disrupt traffic flow by encouraging gawking motorists so they'd fit nicely circling the rear window.

Would you happen to know of an environmentally friendly cleaner for removing decal residue from car finish when they're finished being used?

WriterArtist on 03/12/2015

@Younghopes, Funny isn't it - you can dress your car with lovely vehicle costumes. There are car stickers, magnets, flags and various other accessories.

younghopes on 03/02/2015

I never knew that there were costumes available even for your cars, pinned to my easter board

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