Spooky Halloween Costumes for Cars

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Have you considered any Halloween costumes for cars? If not, it is high time that you dress your car for Halloween with spooky but spectacular decorations.

Sure, you have dressed yourself in spectacular Halloween costume, your wife is fully clad up in a fancy dress cowgirl costume, your kids have the best pirate’s outfits in the world and even your pet dog has dressed up in a cute Halloween costume. Your house is equal to a Halloween haunted mansion and your outdoors has turned into the spookiest graveyard in the neighbourhood.

What about your beloved and yet deserted car?

Halloween is widely celebrated in United States, UK, Canada and the rest of the world when people love to scare and get scared. A unique celebration of walking dead, zombies and ghosts; Halloween stands out from the rest of celebrations where people love the thrill and the height of frightening pranks, ghost attires and spooky games.

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to transform your house into a dark, shady mansion. Planning a theme works out well, whether you decide to decorate with zombies and tombstones or witches with brooms.

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Halloween Decorations for Your Vehicle

Doesn’t your vehicle need some decent Halloween clothes to present itself in front of your family friends and guests? Do not ignore your vehicle of yester years too; it can make a fine graveyard or a rare haunted house vehicle. You can do it yourself or take help from your kids and grandkids; they will be bubbling with ideas and eager to share them. It will be a fun filled activity if you involve your family members and incorporate their ideas as well. What will come up may even surprise you.

You can use Halloween accessories, like fangs, caps, Halloween pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons from Amazon’s online store to decorate your car into the most terrific Halloween costumes of your community. So does the idea sound terrific and spooky enough?

Spider Halloween Costumes for Cars

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Car

If you have an old canopy cover or a tent that is torn lying without any use, utilize it to give your car a spooky spider outfit. With sticks and clamps you can create the legs of a spider with a real spooky effect. Give big creepy eyes to your spider vehicle and turn it into a fabulous, horrible eerie spider.

How do you treat your car on Halloween?

Monster Halloween Costumes for Cars

The Halloween holiday season has been waiting for the whole year and now it has come. There should not be any lack of ideas when it comes to monster Halloween costumes for cars. But when it comes to your vehicle, you need some fancy monster idea to decorate it. How about turning your car into a Dracula, a ghoul, gargoyle or a goblin? Use your imagination and Amazon’s store to discern your idea on the vehicle. 

Medusa Halloween Costumes for Cars


The legend of Medusa has it that it turned people into stone when they wanted to see her beauty. Not sure why men called her a beauty when all she had was snakes on her head. The Medusa mythology can be applied easily on Halloween costume for your car. You need an artificial snake headpiece and artificial snakes. You can even buy other accessories for the snake disguise from Amazon. The true snake car outfit will work wonders to your car, you can be also use some patchwork paper and craftwork to enhance the effect.

Graveyard Makeup for Cars

What about a graveyard costume for your car? Anybody can turn his kid’s old car, a worn out tractor or a lawn mower into a coffin. Transforming your car into a coffin could be just in style of your family and an easy to “Do it yourself” gimmick. After all, cladding your car into a graveyard or coffin does not really appear to be hard. Get your Halloween accessories like skeletons, flowers and other Halloween accents from Amazon’s online store and help yourself.

Skeletons Halloween Costumes for Cars


Did your car undergo an accident recently? God forbid. But in case it has a broken wheel and dents all over, it will easily make a Halloween costume. Use some Halloween arms to give that spooky effect and skeletons to an already reduced to skeleton car. This will be a perfect skeleton costume for a car.

Pumpkin Halloween Costumes for Cars


Did you say your car is orange colour? Here is one more classic Halloween pattern costume for vehicles with orange colors. Can I have your attention friends – let me introduce you to a hot devil pumpkin costume for a car. Use pumpkins, go creative and you have a Pumpkin Halloween costume ready for your car.

Halloween Car Costumes on YouTube

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RuthCox on 10/13/2014

I have never thought about decorating my car for Halloween but I am thinking it would be a lot of fun if driving around on trick or treat night.

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