Online Diabetes Supplies: Diabetes Monitors & Blood Test Kits

by humagaia

Online diabetes supplies of meters & test kits are available from many manufacturers through online stores. There are supplies for US and UK buyers alike.

Online diabetes supplies are available for the US and UK markets. Amazon is one of the best online retailers, in both the US and UK, with a huge array of diabetes supplies, but there are other online diabetic supplies stores. Diabetes monitors and test kits is but one range within the on-line diabetic supplies market. Blood meters range from inexpensive to more costly, each being adequate for the need. Blood test kits react to diabetes indicators such as glucose, protein and ketone. These are particularly cost-effective, particularly where non-blood testing is preferred.

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Online Diabetes Supplies

Online diabetes supplies are available through various channels such as Amazon in the US and other US diabetes suppliers, and Amazon UK.

Diabetes supplies online

Diabetes Meter & Test Kits

Testing for blood glucose can be achieved using monitors or urine test kits. Blood sugar meters are the most accurate and give you the opportunity to record results and keep a watchful eye out for pre-diabetes or the onset of diabetes, as well as registering changes throughout a day for a diabetic.

Urine test kits are adequate for keeping an easy, non-blood, check on glucose excretion. Levels of glucose in the urine are shown through a colour chart mechanism, which can be a little hit or miss, but generally is functional.

These are best for non-diabetics who wish to be vigilant in their pursuit of health without invasive testing.

Whichever method of testing is best for you there is bound to be a diabetes testing product online.

There are many manufacturers in the US and UK specialising in these monitoring devices.

It is merely a case of choosing the right make and model for you and your family.

It is an investment in health that every family should make, especially with the lifestyles we now lead.

Online supplies of diabetes meter and test kits are available in the US:

  • Diabetes meters and kits
    You can obtain products from manufacturers such as:
    One Touch, Accu-Check, A1C New, Bayer, Home Diagnostics, Freestyle, Prodigy, Precision Xtra, Nova, Wavesense, Omnis, Embrace, Clever Choice and others.
  • Blood glucose meters & test kits
    Manufacturers include:
    OneTouch, Accu-Check, Bayer, Freestyle, Abbott Precision, Medline Advocate, TrueRead, Playtex, Lifescan, Rapid Response, Accutrend, and others.

and in the UK:

  • Diabetes monitors and test kits
    Codefree, SureSign, Contour, Accu-chek, Omron, Ketostix, Lifemax, GlucoRX, OneTouch, Freestyle, Home Health, Glucomen , and others.

All blood glucose monitors are efficient and sufficiently accurate. They range from inexpensive to more costly.

If you are on a tight budget you will find a cost-effective meter that is perfectly adequate for your requirements.

As this article is meant for directing you to the appropriate places for online diabetes supplies it would be inappropriate to go into the details about the merits of each product or comparisons between manufacturer products. I will leave that for future articles.

Online diabetes supplies are not just for the diabetic. Non-diabetics should also monitor either, or both, their blood glucose levels and the diabetes indicators in their urine. In this way there is a hope that the diabetes epidemics sweeping the US and UK can at least be contained.

Self-testing does not put a strain on the already overworked medical profession, and if it can prevent just one member of each family from falling to the dreaded condition then that too will ease the burden. 

Keeping just 1% of the population from diabetes could mean 1% less burden, and 1% more people in productive employment. Diabetes is a curse, believe me. I wish I had monitored my blood and urine before I fell foul of it!

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