Organizing Wildlife And Sightseeing Tours in India

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India is rich in biodiversity and hence in flora and fauna that inhabits it enchanting terrain. The Nation has a rich past and the monuments are an evocative testimony to history.

In order to cater to burgeoning number of overseas tourists from Europe and USA, landing agents or tour operators play a major role. Also known as DMC or destination management companies these operators organize package tours and independent travel for their counterparts in various countries.

Organizing wildlife and sightseeing tours in India is not a piece of cake, with a society and destinations as diverse it takes years of networking and tons of experience to deliver, apart from the management skills involved in designing, booking, and executing the tours. Complex inland flights, long distances and overnight train travel, frequent taxi hauls are a constant feature of expeditions and hence challenging.

The reputation garnered over a number of years based on testimonies and past success fetches the major players continuous clients as group travelers, independent and solo.

Jumping into the fray every year are small players with direct contacts overseas who send guests through their reference. This is the biggest reward that accrues to small players through year of dedicated service and successful performance to their past clients. They are guides, travel agents, interpreters, hospitality staff and naturalists. This in turn provides stiff competition to the established players, but also end up toning this hospitality industry for better.

Iconic Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Margret Norah

India Ancient & Modern

Wild Enchanted Land

Chambal River SancturyEven in this new age India is literally unexplored. It is an esoteric and enchanting land that dwells in many layers of centuries. It has scarred by volatile history that paradoxically gave rise to amazing creativity in terms of edifices, palatial monuments. fine arts, music, gastronomic  and a cultural mix which has a beginning and but no end. As per the historian India had a benign past during the Vedic Age whence creativity was at its prime. This is the time whence scriptures and treatise were published catering to scientific principles with a mix of the mythical.  

Then followed internecine regional wars, foreign conquests and invasions, loot and plunder throughout. The battles for Hindustan led to the Mughal Rule and subsequently the British Raj. The frequent interventions led to an impressive cultural and ideological impact on the Nation which becomes quite apparent when one makes a visit.   

The monuments ancient and modern, and cultural experiences define the amazing potpourri an enigmatic mix that is bewildering and enchanting at the same time. But tourists do not come here only to experience the ethnic, esoteric and modern cultural offerings another aspects that draws them to India in millions is the wildlife experience.    

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal Jaipur
Hawa Mahal Jaipur
Margret Norah

Package Tours

Wildlife & Cultural

Birding GroupMost of the large DMCs design packages for groups they cater. Hence on many instances the cost is shared among the groups bringing down the price of the package. These  packages are conducting by experienced tours leaders and local guides. 

The tour leaders are in charge of the whole tour, while local guides and interpreters could be hired at specific destinations. Most of the tours are fixed departures while for smaller groups custom or tailor made trips are organized. The scale of operations too differ from luxurious catering to economical. 

For tiger safaris advance permit booking is required hence choose your package early so that the organizers can make the requisite bookings in case of tailor made or custom tours.

Whence you are part of a package for group you need not bother about travel arrangements including inland flights, rail travel and road transportation. This is a hassle free way of enjoying wildlife and sightseeing in India. 


Big Cat
Uday Patel



Among the key tiger reserves and National Parks for sightseeing the following are most visited.  

  • Namdapha - Arunachal Pradesh - Eastern India - Red Panda - Clouded Leopard - Hoolock Gibbon
  • Manas - Golden Langur - Clouded Leopard
  • Kaziranga - Rhino - Tiger Wild Elephant - Greater Adjutant Stork - Wild Buffalo
  • Tripura State - Clouded Leopard 
  • Ladakh - Snow Leopard - Goat Antelopes - Wild Ass 
  • Corbett Tiger Reserve - Uttarakhand
  • Sat Tal - Pangot Destinations for Birding
  • Ranthambhore - Western India - Wild Animals and Birds - Tiger
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary 
  • Chambal River Sanctuary - Crocodiles - Gharial - Ganges Dolphin - Birds 
  • Kanha National Park - Tiger - Swamp Deer - Bison 
  • Bandhavgarh - Tiger - Wild Dog
  • Gir National Park - Gujarat - Asiatic Lion
  • Silent Valley National Park - Nilgiri Langur - Lion Tailed Macaque
  • Top Slip - Goat Antelopes - Wild Dog - Endemic Birds 
  • Munnar & Ooty - Birds 
  • Bera - Leopards
  • Little Rann of Kutch - Flamingos, Bustards, Wild Ass, Hyena, Wolf, Caracal
  • Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary- Wolf - Crocodiles - Birds- Tiger & Cheetah Relocation.

This an incomplete list of wildlife and birding destinations in India, but there are much more locally placed which may not be on the main circuit. A deeper research would reveal interesting birding hot spots and  wildlife destinations. Lesser known destinations might be catered by local or state based tour operators and travel agents. Information can be availed from the respective DFO State Tourism office usually based in the nearest big town.  




Ten Best Places

Swamp Deer

Swamp Deer
Swamp Deer
Uday Patel

Top Destinations

Sightseeing Monuments
  • Agra FortAgra - Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fort
  • New Delhi - Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Purana Qila, Swami Narayan Temple and more
  • Khajuraho - Khajuraho Temple Complex 10th Century Temples
  • Jaipur Pink City City - Rajasthan Capital - Sightseeing Royal Monuments
  • Pushkar - Brahma Temple
  • Udaipur - Fort - Palaces - Temples
  • Jodhpur - Fort - Palaces - Temples
  • Jaisalmer- Fort - Palaces - Temples
  • Ranakpur - Jain Temples
  • Gwalior Fort And Temples
  • Varanasi - Temples & Stepped Embankments 
  • Ladakh & Sikkim - Buddhist Monasteries
  • Tirupati - Temple Town
  • Ajanta Ellora - Buddhist & Hindu Cave Temples
  • Mcleodganj - Little Lhasa
  • Hyderabad - Charminar Mosque - Salarjung Museum - Golconda Fort
  • Lucknow - Bara & Chota Imambara
  • Kochi - Kerala - Foreign Architecture - Palaces, Church, Forts
  • Karnataka - Hampi Ruins  
  • Madurai - Lotus Temple
  • Mysore - Palace 
  • Tamil Nadu - Rameshwaram Temple
  • Haridwar - Hindu Temple - Ganges
  • Kolkata - Victoria Memorial - Belur Math - Fort William - Rabindra Ashram
  • Bodhgaya - Mahabodhi Temple - Mahabodhi Tree - Buddhism
  • Mathura - Krishna Janam Temple
  • Konark - Sun Temple - Orissa
  • Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh - Buddhist Stupa 

This a key to places of interest in India but there are much more locally placed destinations for monuments and sightseeing which may not on the main circuit. A deeper research would reveal interesting birding hot spots and  wildlife destinations. These places are catered by local tour operators and some travel agents as well.

Qutub Minar

Ancient Monument
Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar
Margret Norah

Accreditations & Rating


Buland DarwazaTOFT - Tour Operators for Tigers 

Based in London in UK from where India receives the largest number of visitors or wildlife life and cultural enthusiasts TOFT is a leading organizing that has networked with tour operators and wildlife resorts big and small. 

It is one of the most trusted rating agency both sides of the sea with regular assessment by trained professionals for accreditations. It is patronized by tiger tour operators all over India and the wildlife resorts in the reserves.  

IATO - Indian Association of Tour Operators

This is an association of inbound tour operators. The members are recognized/approved by Ministry of Tourism Government of India.

Most of the tour operator companies are registered with the State Agencies and have a GSTN number. 

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