Origami Dragon Patterns and Projects Galore

by Marie

Learn to fold origami paper dragons with projects and pattern tutorials listed in order from easy to advanced. A selection of favorite tutorials and diagrams from across the web.

Find a fun range of Origami Dragon Instructions all handily organized for you into Easy, Intermediate and Hard or advanced levels to suit your current skills. I've picked out and featured all my favorite tutorials and diagrams from across the web so you can soon learn how to make this wonderful mythical creature.

You'll discover instructions for kids and beginners who are new to this craft that have minimal folding - right up to advanced diagrams with up to 100 folding steps. Click on the Easy, Intermediate or Advanced Instruction links below to start making your magical dragon now. Lots of colors suit this legendary creature. My own preference is to use red paper because my favorite dragon is Smaug from The Hobbit but black, gold and green are also great choices too.

Origami Fiery Dragon Instructions

If you came here looking for these specific instructions by Kade Chan which he created in 2008, a step-by-step video is listed in the Advanced Origami Section >> video of the Origami Fiery Dragon. You can see a couple of pictures of this amazing model on Kade Chan's blog.

1) Easy Projects: for Kids and Beginners

As you can imagine, there are very few easy to follow dragon diagrams or instructions. These legendary beasts normally require at least an intermediate to advanced knowledge of paper folding due to the complexity of the instructions or the number of creases and folds that need to be made. However, after scouring the Internet for many hours, I've discovered some diagrams and folding projects on this theme which really are at an easy level - both for adults and also instructions for kids and children. Let's see how to make easy versions then.

1) Origami Dragon Head >> Head Instructions and Video

Step by step instructions for a basic and easy face or head which you can print off or follow online. There is also an instructional video and a photo of the finished product.

2) Paper Dragon Illusion >> A Fantastical Illusion

Not origami, but a printable color mythical beast which you can cut out and fold into a cardboard model. The head appears to follow you around the room even though it doesn't actually move. The website includes a video of how this trick works. Great to show off to friends.

3) Chinese Dragon Puppet for Kids >> Children's Folding Puppet

A colorful and printable children's puppet project where you can make a fun Chinese or oriental themed puppet out of paper or thin card. Full written instructions and step-by-step images.

4) Fortune Teller Dragon for Kids >> Folding Head

I can remember making basic versions of these paper fortune tellers at school. Once made, you can move each part with your fingers and you can use it like a game to "tell your fortune." This one has a printable head on it. Written instructions, images and a printable fortune teller.

5) Dancing Chinese Dragon for Kids >> Fold a Dancing Dragon

Written instructions only to make a children's paper 'pet' that "dances" on sticks. A photograph of the finished product is supplied.

Supplies for Kids and Beginners

This set below is a good kit for kids and adults who are new to paper folding. It contains 3 project starter books (with a range of projects from easy to hard) and 96 sheets of paper some which have plain colors and others with pretty effects on - my husband bought me this kit several years ago and I'm still enjoying it. Makes a brilliant and fun little gift set especially for kids. 

2) Intermediate: for Those with Experience

Links to instructions which are not for the absolute beginner in paper folding:

1) Origami Dragon >> 11 Step-by-Step Instructions

A cute paper folded dragon in just 11 steps - although you first need to make the bird base. The instructions are included on a separate page. I love the fact that there are lots of example photos at the bottom by people who've tried this so you can see what it looks like once made.

2) Winged Paper Dragon >> Make a Winged Beast

10 steps (after making the bird base) to a winged creature of legend. Step-by-step images and a video are provided for you.

3) Standing Legged Dragon >> Diagram for a Standing Version

A 19 step diagram only for a model that's complete with legs and stretched out wings.

4) Drake the Dragon >> Make Drake

A 17 step diagram and instructions to fold Drake a 3d version. I love the photos of the completed model at the end of the page.

5) Eastern Dragon >> Eastern Influence

37 steps and a whole lot of creasing to make a long tailed, no-wing dragon. Scroll down the page for Joseph Wu's origami instructions to find the Eastern Dragon.

3) Advanced: for the Really Skilled

Here are the step-by-step video instructions for Kade Chan's awesome Origami Fiery Dragon. Kade recommends using 30 by 30 cm (roughly 12 inches) paper for folding this project. If you want an origami diagram for this project then do visit Kade's own post on this beast where he offers a way to get the diagram in pdf format.

Remember that this is an ADVANCED creation and it takes considerable skill to fold. You might not be at that folding level as yet but carry on practicing by going back to either the Easy Section or the Intermediate Section on this page. One day you'll be able to fold something this cool.

If you're an advanced origami folder, you may find it easier to purchase large rolls of lightweight craft paper which can be cut to size for your specific folding projects.

1) Orme Origami Dragon >> Orme Instructions

There are 28 steps to make a really cute standing creature by Mark Orme.

2) Winged Dragon >> Winged Beast Diagram

67 steps with diagrams and text instructions to make a beautiful winged variety. There are also other diagrams on this page, I like the spider.

3) Classic Zing Dragon >> Instructions for Classic Zing

Stunning piece of origami which takes 50 steps to complete a standing, 4 legged dragon. I hope you are finding this lens page useful because it has been written with care. You will still get lots more ideas and videos below.

4) Standing Dragon >> Standing Diagram

Just 18 instructions to a cute standing beast with a curved tail. Check out Gilad's other folded wonders. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun discovering how to fold these mythical beasts with paper.

Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/16/2015

Yes they are really cool. Frustrating to fold sometimes too but challenges are good. Thanks for stopping by.

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

The dragon is really cool. I would love to make some of these.

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