Fiery Red Dragon Plush Toys

by Marie

Bright and fiery, ruby red color dragons like Tolkien described for his creation, Smaug, are the best in my opinion. Here's some soft plush stuffed toys of this fantasy creature.

You'll find a superb selection of hand-picked stuffed red dragon toys on this page. These mythical red winged beasts are highly synonymous those of the Welsh variety in particular although the color is also often used for the long, serpentine Chinese kind too.

They will be very popular for the next applicable Zodiac year which will be 2024 for this legendary creature. Red has been used for many infamous dragons including Smaug in The Hobbit and the European Welsh one which appears on the national flag of Wales.

There are some for babies, toddlers, children and adult collectors alike. From small and inexpensive stocking stuffers to stunning and detailed plush puppets. Everything you need to find the perfect fierce fire color pet is here for you.

Ruby and Gold Version like Smaug from The Hobbit

Is he just a little bit like the Hobbit dragon, Smaug from The Desolation of Smaug movie? There isn't yet an official Hobbit or Smaug dragon which is available to buy. This gorgeous and shimmering rich ruby red and gold color stuffed dragon above almost fits the bill. He's made from a super-soft red material which has a wonderful, sparkly sheen and he comes with gold color wings, horns and even tiny scales over his eyes. He is a dazzling dragon.

I really hope that an official Smaug soft plushie is brought out to complement the next two Hobbit movies but, if not, this one is the closest match I've ever found to something that comes close to Tolkien's own description.

Ruby Dragon

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Scorch the Red-Winged Beanie

A mythical winged Beanie Baby toy with glistening, iridescent wings. Scorch is a really cute Beanie Baby Plush dragon. He's not red but has brown plush 'scales.' I included him because he's immensely popular, great value for money and he's now a retired dragon which means you might not get another chance to get him. Scorch has shiny red wings have a golden iridescence and other buyers just love him.

ike all Ty Beanie Baby toys, Scorch is a quality stuffed toy and he is also great value for money. Beanie babies are stuffed with 'beans' which are actually small, plastic pellets. These 'beans' give a really wonderful feel to the plush toys and kids just love them. This would make a wonderful addition for any fan or collector.

Stuffed Chinese Dragon Puppet Toy

This red stuffed puppet is based on a Chinese dragon and has superb shimmering red 'scales' with gold color detailing. Chinese dragons do not normally have wings and their bodies are long and snake-like. So they look very different to the standard European variety.

This stunning puppet would make a brilliant addition to any collection and will outshine other soft toys. It can be educational as well to teach about the Chinese New Year. He's a small creature and his mouth is moveable with the insertion of a child's hand or adult fingers.

I also like the small and sweet finger puppet by the same company. What a little cutie! Despite being a mini plush, he's very detailed and textured. You could actually use this little guy as a baby dragon and he would make a super stocking stuffer at this small size and price.

Here's a Wubbanub pacifier for babies that doubles up as a super-soft toy plush. This can sell out often so you can also possibly still find it on eBay or an auction site if you look. Soft toy pacifiers provide a baby with snuggly hugs and cuddles, and it makes life easy for baby too because they are easy to hold onto and to reach and pick up if they get dropped.

I lost count of how many times my daughter would drop and 'lose' her pacifier. We ended up getting a clip-on strap in the end but a this is far more exciting. Save on tears and get a toy and pacifier in one. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Hope you find a great design.

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Red color stuffed plush dragon toys for kids of all ages
Red color stuffed plush dragon toys for kids of all ages
Image is in the Public Domain from Pixabay and has been altered by the author
Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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