Stuffed Pegasus Toys

by Marie

A Stuffed Pegasus toy which is a winged horse makes the most magical plush pet for fantasy, Harry Potter and Narnia fans. Pegasus soft toys are great to play flying games with.

A Stuffed Pegasus Toy is a wonderfully magical toy for any child to play with. It's like having a cute horse or pony, but even better because it's got wings!

Fans of fantasy movies and books like the Chronicles of Narnia will really appreciate a Pegasus Plush as a cuddly memento. There is a golden Pegasus mentioned in Harry Potter, which lives in the Forbidden Forest, and many other flying horses, the main ones which were called Thestrals.

The Narnian Pegasus

Fledge from The Magician's Nephew

I discovered the winged horse or Pegasus when I first read the wonderful fantasy book, 'The Magician's Nephew,' when I was 8 years old. Until that point, I'd never heard of such a magical creature.

Fledge didn't start out as a Pegasus, he was just a plain old cabbie's horse called Strawberry. When the horse and owner were accidentally transported to the magical world of Narnia, Strawberry was turned into a Pegasus by Aslan the magnificent lion. Strawberry was renamed, Fledge, and from him grew a long lineage of flying horses. The white stuffed pegasus toy here looks like a Fledge Pegasus from Narnia to me.

White Stuffed Pegasus

Luxury White & Gold Pegasus
Webkinz Golden Pegasus
Only $79.99

Blue Beanie Pegasus

Great Color for Girls and Boys!

I loved this blue Pegasus Plush as soon as I saw it because the gorgeous blue color is going to appeal as much to boys as it will to girls. So often stuffed toys are aimed at little girls and are in cutesy colors like pink and lilac. How refreshing to find a blue Pegasus with amazing rainbow wings.

Beanie babies toys are always a good choice, there's a reason why so many people collect these things. They're nicely made and great value for money. According to the reviews, this blue winged pony is super soft too. Like other beanie babies, he'll be filled with 'beans' which makes him nice and squishy to hold.

Ty Beanie Stuffed Pegasus

Blue Pegasus with Rainbow Wings
Ty Beanie Babies - Pegasus Pony
$11.49  $8.99

Webkinz Pegasus Toy

Why are Webkinz Toys special?

When you purchase a Webkinz stuffed pegasus, you're getting more than just a quality plush toy. For a start, Webkinz toys are collectible toys. But more than that, each of these toys come with a special code which gives access to a safe, children's play website online.

Much of the fun of one of these unique plush gifts is the online experience where the toys become like virtual pets to care for. There are many games which children from 6-13 can play with all the Webkinz stuffed toys that they have collected. But, don't worry, the pets can never die so there won't be any tears!

Pink Pegasus Plush

Webkinz Pegasus Pink Winged Horse
Pegasus Webkinz
$49.95  $17.5

Best Selection of Stuffed Pegasus Toys

A winged horse or pony plush toy has great play potential with all the riding and flying games that can be made up. My daughter loves to sit barbie dolls on her Pegasus ponies and then they fly away on a magical adventure.

Article Image credit: shared with a CC License by Taltan on Flickr

Pegasus Toy Selection

Webkinz Rainbow Pegasus 8.5" Plush

Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique SECRET CODE. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KINZCASH ...

$12.7  $12.0

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Shining Stars Pegasus

Enter the world of Shining Star animals, where each friend is a piece of an amazing constellation. Each special pet comes with a secret Web code that grants you unlimited ...

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Marie on 01/12/2012

I'm into mythical creatures because I love fantasy books and movies. If you know someone who loves fantasy and plush toys, a stuffed Pegasus will make a magnificent gift.

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