Unicorns Mythical Magical Creatures

by KathyMcGraw

Unique Unicorn gifts and collectibles for those that believe. Who doesn't believe in a little magic or magical unicorns anyway?

Unicorns are not just mythical and legendary creatures, but they are a favorite too. Little girls, and big ones, love Unicorn gifts and collectibles. They can dream about the land of fairies, waterfalls, and beautiful rainbows. Unicorn magic takes us to the place of dreams, where all things are possible.

Magical Unicorn Gifts and Collectibles

some of these unicorn collectibles are limited editions and all the gifts are good for any occassion

Have you, or your kids, seen the movie The Last Unicorn?  Do you collect unicorns, or know someone that does?  I love these magical creatures, and the movie "The Last Unicorn" is one of my all time favorites, so what a plesant surprise when I got it as a gift.

I found a great resource for Unicorn Gifts and Collectibles, and learned about some Unicorn tapestries that are from the middle ages called, "The Lady and The Unicorn".  Fascinating info about that centuries old Unicorn Tapestry. 

Unicorn Posters

Magical mystical unicorns

Little girls, like my grand daughter, love horses and unicorns.  These posters are beautiful as I'm sure you'll agree.

The Lady and the Unicorn looks just like one of the 6 panels on the original tapestry that is hanging at the Cluny Museum in Paris.  This one, "To My Only Desire" is the 6th panel, and the only one that doesn't specifically mention one of the senses. 

The other Unicorns show the magic of these mythical creatures, and my favorite is the blue one at the top, titled just "Unicorn", while my grandaughter likes " Unicorn and foal". 

The "Fairy Falls" has so many things in it that the magic just flows out of it.

Which one of these Unicorn Posters is your favorite?

Have You Seen the Collectible Unicorn Barbie...or The Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Unique Unicorn Gifts and Collectibles

When I saw the Unicorn Barbie I was amazed at the detail, the beauty of this collectible doll.  Personally I don't collect barbies, but if I did, wow!  The Unicorn Collectible I loved was the Dreamcatcher Unicorn.  It's a limited edition one and the dreamcatcher part lets my imagination go to that land where there is only beauty.  Waterfalls, mountain roads and lots of Unicorns.

You can see this limited edition Unicorn Dreamcatcher here, along with the Barbie and some custom designed Unicorn apparel, Unicorn Gifts and Collectibles.

I hope you like them as much as I did :)

The Last Unicorn DVD

25th anniversay edition of The Last Unicorn
The Last Unicorn
$11.97  $6.13

More About Unicorns

For Centuries Unicorns Have Been Immortilized

Shakespeare and many others have mentioned Unicorns.  Scotland even has them on their coat of arms, yet no one has ever seen a Unicorn.  They are supposed to look like a white horse, with a golden spiral horn that holds magical curing powers.  Where they live is supposedly in deep forests, with the fairies.  The mystical and magical Unicorn....the true goodness kept alive in our imaginations through art, figurines, and other Unicorn gifts and collectibles.

As a kid growing up, I remember "The Unicorn Song"  from the Irish Rovers.  It told about why we don't see any Unicorns anymore. If you haven't heard it before it is a catchy folk song about why the Unicorns never made it onto Noah's Ark. You can find it on Youtube, or it is embedded in the link for gifts and collectibles.

The movie "The Last Unicorn" also came out many years ago....over 25, but it is still a cute animated film that a whole new generation of kids are watching. 

Shakespeare mentioned Unicorns in the Tempest Act III, "Now I will believe / That there are unicorns; that in Arabia / There is one tree...."  and there are a few other references to the Unicorn.

So, whether you believe, or don't believe in Unicorns they are beautiful legendary creatures.  Me, I choose to believe.  Anything that is good in the world is worth believing in!


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MikeRobbers on 05/28/2013

Great article! Unicorns are really beautiful.

jptanabe on 05/15/2013

You know I just love unicorns!

Sylvestermouse on 10/03/2011

Unicorns are indeed fabulous, magical, beautiful and fun to collect :) I personally love the "Lady & the Unicorn" tapestry collection and my children adore "The Last Unicorn."

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