Stuffed Unicorn Toys

by Marie

A stuffed unicorn toy is a wonderful choice for kids, big and small, who love mythical creatures, fantasy literature and movies like the Chronicles of Narnia.

The legendary and mythical creature which is the unicorn is thought to look exactly like a white horse except for the addition of a single, long, spiral horn in the middle of its forehead which is sometimes known as an Alicorn.

If you're purchasing a Stuffed Unicorn for a toy collector or a child who is looking for a toy replica from a movie such as the Narnia Chronicles, 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,' then you'll want to look for a white plush unicorn

Younger kids might be looking for a more colorful toy unicorn. And you can certainly get unicorns in soft, girly shades of lilac and pink as well as the traditional white.

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A Magical Selection of Plush Unicorn Toys

Webkinz Ribbon White and Pink Unicorn

The Ribbon Unicorn is white with a pink horn, pink hooves and pink around her neck with an aqua flower embroidered on her chest and there are 3 different colored flowers ...

$52.95  $42.95

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Large 27" Unicorn Plush Abracadabra

ABRACADABRA is a large. reclining, floppy Unicorn, beautiful white coat, long main and tail. She is 27" long, and comes with a lavender haulter and gold horn. Created by ...

Only $54.4

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Mary Meyer Sweet Rascals, Yvonne Unicorn, 9"

Magical and mystical, Yvonne is 9", a beautiful blend of shades of pink and white, trim is a gentle purple and she sports a shiny white unicorn horn. Both whimsical and fun, ...

Only $32.95

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Adopt a Webkinz Unicorn

Webkinz Unicorns (and other stuffed toys) come with a unique code which can be entered into the Webkinz website. This website has been made for children, age 6-13. It offers a safe, free, play environment where kids can play games related to Webkinz pets they've collected.

Games include designing and furnishing rooms as well as feeding and caring for the plush pets. Although made for fun, these can be educational in terms of getting a child used to caring and thinking about an animal and its needs. Kids love to collect the stuffed Webkinz toys, not only because they are cute plush pets but also because they get a whole ton of play value online as well, making a great gift.

Webkinz Plush Unicorn Pet

Webkinz Ribbon Unicorn [Toy]
Only $34.95

Smaller, Huggable Unicorn Toys: Ty Beanie Toys are a very popular make and perfect if you want a smaller unicorn plush. Because of the size and lower pricing, these make great Christmas stocking stuffers and fillers. 

Beanie babie toys are filled with beans - but not the edible kind! The 'beans' are small plastic pellets (don't worry they're sewn well inside the plush pet) which give the plush toys a nice squishy feel that kids (and adults) love. They are a collectible toy and fun buys.

Unicorn Beanie Toys

Unicorn Stocking Fillers for Christmas
Mystic the Unicorn with Iridescent Horn

Ty Beanie Babies Mystic the Unicorn

$7.09  $2.22

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Large Eyed Lilac Unicorn

My pretty colors match oh so well and my magic horn can cast a spell!

$81.94  $26.82

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Charmer the Pink Unicorn

Ty Beanie Babies Charmer the Unicorn Retired

$9.99  $9.0

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A Unicorn to Ride

Why ride a horse when you can ride a fancy unicorn? I wish I'd had one of these when I was a little girl. I used to love my stick horse but, being a real fantasy fan, I'd have loved one of these gorgeous unicorns even more. This cutie features a shimmering and sparkling fabric mane as well as a soft, gold colored horn. A wonderful and magical pet.

10 Fun Facts on the Unicorn

1) Is the unicorn mythical or did it actually exist? Cave paintings in France and old paintings in South America and South Africa depict animals which look like horses except for a single horn in the centre of their foreheads.

2) Medieval folklore believed unicorns were not the size of horse but that of a donkey or a goat.

3) The unicorn is an enduring symbol of purity throughout history.

4) Marco Polo believed he had encountered a unicorn but, from his description, it has since become apparent that he was actually referring to a rhinoceros!

5) The unicorn is revered as a good omen in China and is called a Kilin.

6) The alicorn (horn of the unicorn) is thought to have special powers such as curing illnesses, extending a person's life and affording protection against poisonous substances. So it is a prized item indeed - if you can find one!

7) Unicorns stand for truth and all that is good. It is said that they will stab liars with their horns.

8) Peter Pevensie, from the Chronicles of Narnia, rode a white unicorn into battle against the white witch Jadis which you can watch in the movie 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.'

9) Alexander the Great also claimed that he rode a unicorn into battle - but we don't have a movie to prove it!

10) A unicorn apparently appeared to Confucius and foretold of his death.

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Marie on 01/13/2012

Unicorns are gorgeous mythical creatures indeed. Thanks for your visit, bhthanks :)

bhthanks on 01/12/2012

Yes! Stuffed Unicorn Toys bring up so much feelings. The feeling that anything is possible, who knows what's out there and what can be done.... Unicorns bring up good feelings in people.

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