Oshawa, Ontario: Not just a Motor City

by SierraJacobs

Often associated with GMC & vehicle manufacturing, Oshawa, Ontario sometimes gets an undeserved rep . But this little gem of a city, has some treats for the adventurous traveler!

As someone who was born in this special town, I may appear a bit biased. But let me say that I've traveled across the world and am still amazed at some of this city's beauty. Oshawa, located in the Canadian province of Ontario, is a popular vacation destination for a variety of reasons. The breathtaking city is situated on Lake Ontario, and its parks and shoreline are brimming over with natural beauty.

Discover the beautiful City of Oshawa

Oshawa's early Native American inhabitants participated in the fur trade with the French who considered Oshawa so important that they established a trading post there in the 18th century. While not much fur trading happens at the old trading post town today, visitors are still attracted to the harbour that made the area famous in the first place. 

This extensively detailed map shows British and French colonies in North America, as well as locations of First Nations peoples prior to the onset of the Seven Years' War.  The First Nations played a pivotal role in the rivalry between the French and the English for land and control of the fur trade; the Iroquois aligned with the British and the Algonquins aligned with the French. During the fall season, Oshawa offers visitors the opportunity to view the beautiful array of colours that result from the changing of the plentiful maple tree leaves. It is an attraction in itself to spend crisp days outdoors and snuggle by an evening fire during the autumn season, however, the tourist season peaks in the summer. Oshawa enjoys its most temperate climate during the summer months with an average temperature of 25 degrees (C) / 75 degrees (F). This is the perfect time to enjoy the many outdoor activities that Oshawa has to offer for singles, couples, and families. 

Because so many of Oshawa's attractions are nature based, there is much to see and do for single travellers. In addition to the lake shore, Oshawa has beautiful creeks, rivers, and tributaries that provide the perfect backdrop for a scenic hike or an exciting fishing trip. Buttermilk Creek located near King's Forest is just an example of one of the many creeks whose lush greenery surrounds beautiful waterfalls. Bike and camping rental equipment is available for singles to explore all Oshawa's shoreline and hiking trails. Single travellers may also join guided hiking tour groups arranged by Oshawa locals. 
Autumn evening campfire in Oshawa, Ontario.

Couples visiting Oshawa find that it is a perfect marriage anniversary get away. Oshawa has something to offer for all budgets. The opportunity to discover hidden waterfalls and pools around the many parks often keeps visitors coming back year after year. Couples interested in art can visit the McLaughlin Art Gallery and the Oshawa Down town murals. Oshawa has become a special draw for couples interested in photography as well as those who enjoy boating activities. Sailing vessels may be chartered for day trips around the harbour. 
Happy couple in Valley Botanical Gardens, Oshawa

Family fun is to be had throughout Oshawa. A must see attraction is the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park which provides its visitors a chance to interact with animal friends in their natural or nearly natural habitat. Camping opportunities abound for families that enjoy outdoor activities. For sports enthusiasts, Oshawa seasonally holds basketball, soccer, rugby, and lacrosse games. The Oshawa's hockey team the Oshawa Generals also provides family friendly entertainment. 

Fine restaurants and accommodations may readily be found in Oshawa. For those who do not wish to camp for the entire vacation, Oshawa hotels offer rooms ranging from comfortable to plush. Besides the hotels, there are also pleasing bed and breakfast establishments interspersed throughout the city. 

Oshawa is also home to many quaint museums because of its rich history. It may have begun as a lake side fur trading post, but it has evolved into a manufacturing hot spot. The infrastructure was built to accommodate the automotive industry as early as the 1900s. Oshawa was in the forefront of car manufacturing and is home to Canada's division of General Motors Company. Museums such as the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives and the Canadian Automotive Museum attract singles, couples, and families alike.


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Sheri_Oz on 09/29/2012

As someone born and bred in Toronto, never ever thought I'd see an article enthusiastically going on about Oshawa! Nice presentation.

SierraJacobs on 09/28/2012

Dustytoes: I'm thrilled that I could introduce it to you! As they say...most of the world's population live in little towns outside of big cities!

katiem2 on 09/28/2012

I'm always impressed with the natural vast spaces teaming with beauty. So much raw nature untouched and perfect.

dustytoes on 09/28/2012

Oshawa sounds and looks like a lovely place. I never knew where it was or how close to New York state!

SierraJacobs on 09/27/2012

It really is... Get's a bad rep sometimes but this city honestly has so much beauty. Sabina, where abouts in Oshawa are you from!?

katiem2 on 09/27/2012

Sounds and looks fantastic, thanks for highlighting the many things Ontario has to offer in Oshawa :)K

Sabina on 09/26/2012

Great article. I was born here too and quite surprised to see mention of Oshawa on this site. Highly doubt many people would be familiar with the city but I love it!

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