Outdoor Rooms in Brisbane: Shading Your Backyard Entertainment Area

by RobertKeith

Shading and temperature control tips for your outdoor room, patio or barbecue area.

If you're planning an outdoor room, patio or backyard entertainment area in Australia, you'll need to consider the often-harsh weather conditions, swinging between droughts, rainy seasons and surprisingly brisk winters - not to mention the thin ozone layer and resulting ultraviolet radiation throughout the year.

The following guide will explore some of the best options to adapt your outdoor room to Queensland life, day and night, all year round.

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Temperature Control

For most Queensland patios, a single upright gas patio heater will be very functional in winter while making for a stylish and professional fixture in summer off-months.

However, if budget is a concern, a simple portable heater can also do the job well, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy it indoors as well.

A brazier is also a great option, especially for families keen to enjoy the camping or marshmallow-toasting experience. (You'll need to make sure this isn't directly under or too close to any flammable shading material.) However, with fire restrictions often in place across Australia, you'll need to be careful when or if you are legally allowed to use it. Check with your local council before moving forward, as government fines for getting caught can be harsh.

Outdoor Cooling

In summer, an outdoor misting system is a brilliant way to keep cool, spreading a fine spray of water throughout. Two important factors to consider are its location (well and truly away from any electronic equipment, such as outdoor speakers) and appropriateness for your area.

With Brisbane enduring major droughts and water restrictions in recent years, you'll need to be very careful as to when you use this cooling technique. Keep an alternative (such as a simple outdoor fan) on standby for when excess water use is prohibited, or reduce demand for extra cooling with the following shading techniques.


Awnings & Outdoor Screens

Retractibale awnings can extend or retract to your preference (either manually or electronically), allowing you to alternate between shade in summer and sun in winter. Combined with privacy screens to make simple outdoor "walls", awnings can go a long way in creating the feeling of a self-contained room outside.

Portable Fixtures

If your budget won't allow for permanent fixtures or extensions, or you're renting a property without the freedom to make structural changes, a few simple outdoor umbrellas or over-sized shade parasols can do the trick well.

Shade Cloth

Shade sails can make an ideal way to provide roof or awning style shelter without making the area feeling too enclosed. By choosing shade cloth with strong ultraviolet radiation protection, you can enjoy natural outdoor light and warmth while avoiding one of the biggest risks of everyday Australian life.

Given Queensland's eclectic weather, you'll need to take several extra risks into consideration. According to a representative from Shade Sails Brisbane, this will need very finely calculated tension (to avoid sagging), lock stitching (to withstand said tension), a rain-friendly angle (to avoid water pooling) and strong resistance to UV rays.

Your shade sail installation should also ideally be both waterproof, and fire resistant - especially if you plan to have barbecues or campfires nearby.

Tree Shade
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Natural Shade

If you're making permanent or long-term plans, backyard trees are a great cost-saving shade strategy. Planted smartly, they can offer the full triad of shading, privacy and aesthetic appeal. Talk to your local nursery about fast-growning options. A few years from now, you'll be glad you took the initiative.

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Megan Earl on 01/30/2015

Thanks for these ideas! Shading is a must in Brisbane, especially in the Summer. Otherwise, the heat is just unbearable! I know that shade cloths can make a big difference, but I'd be interested to heap opinions on awnings and outdoor screens.

Megan Earl | <a href='http://lifestylepatios.com' >http://lifestylepatios.com</a>

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