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by fitzcharming

I finally went to see the new Disney movie Oz The Great And Powerful this weekend because I needed the story behind my new dolls.

I opted to see the regular version of the movie and not watch it in 3D. I’m not a fan of the “cram as many special effects into every frame as possible” movie variety that seems to be so popular nowadays. This movie was pretty much that anyway even without the 3D. It was a fun movie though in spite of all the high tech "cinemagic".

The setting is 20 years before the Judy Garland Wizard of Oz move we all know and love. Prequels are all the rage now you know. It tells the story of how the Wizard got to the Emerald City and became the great and powerful OZ.

My Oz Dolls Are The Jakks Pacific Line

The main reason I went to see the movie is, naturally, to meet the characters because I bought the dolls.  I’m bought the Jakks Pacific Oz The Great and Powerful dolls. There is a more expensive line available at the Disney Store which are actually much more detailed with more elaborate clothing.  Both lines are fashion doll sized - around 11 to 12 inches, with the exception of China Girl.  She comes in a few different sizes, more on that later.  The Disney Dolls are fully jointed, which is usually a priority when I buy a doll, but they aren’t in my budget at the moment.  In my opinion some dolls are better than no dolls, so it’s Jakks Pacific for me.  I'm sure I'll buy the Disney collection at some point.

Watch The Official Trailer For Oz The Great And Powerful

It Is A Fantistical Adventure Prequel To The Wizard Of Oz

Oscar Diggs From Jakks Pacific Comes With A Little China Doll

In the new Oz movie Oscar Diggs is a traveling magician in a small circus in Kansas circa 1905.  He's a con artist with charisma and charm, who takes advantage of anyone if it benefits him.  He sells one too many snake oils and ends up getting chased from the tent by the strong man and has to flee for his life in a hot air balloon. Oscar is played by actor James Franco. 

The first doll pictured above is the Jakks Pacific version of Oscar.  He comes with a travel bag and a 4" China Doll, one of the characters you meet once he gets to OZ.  The China doll is the exact same doll the Disney store is selling separately for $10 so this set is a better value if you want both dolls.  Oscar comes in a coat tail suit and wears a top hat.  As noted before this version does not have the full articulation available in the Disney version.

The second doll above is the Disney Store version of Oscar Diggs.  His face is a better likeness of James Franco.  His costume is also more detailed, with satin trim on the suit and hat.  I think the bag is more realistic looking as well.  And the arms and legs are poseable, which makes him more attractive to doll collectors.

Theodora - Is She A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

I'm Not Going To Spoil The Movie Plot
Disney Oz The Great and Powerful Fashion Doll - Theodora

Theodora the Witch Doll Is Only Available As A Jakks Pacific Fashion Doll

Theodora is the first witch Oscar meets upon arrival in the Emerald City.  In the movie she is played by Mila Kunis, and the two fall in love.  Theodora convinces Oscar to overthrow the Wicked Witch, who has killed the king of Oz, and he sets out on the journey. 

Theodora the doll wears the same gorgeous blood red jacket and derby worthy had as in the movie, along with tight black pants and high boots. Her long dark brown hair is soft and full, and her makeup is nicely detailed. 

Once again the main drawback, in my opinion, is the lack of articulation. For the price of this doll you should get joints. I immediately make the comparison to the Mattel Monster High dolls, which are highly poseable with just as much or more details.  But Theodora comes from a Disney movie so I should know to expect the higher price.

Evenora Is Another One Of The Witch Sisters In The Land Of Oz

She Wears The Emerald Signature Color Beautifully
Disney Oz The Great and Powerful Fashion Doll - Evenora
Disney Oz the Great & Powerful Movie 11 Inch Doll Evanora

The Evanora Doll Is Available In The Jakks Pacific Line or The Disney Store Model

When Oscar Diggs arrives at the Emerald City he meets Evanora, another beautiful witch.  She tells him he can find the Wicked Witch in the Dark Forest and that he can kill her by destroying her magic wand.  Meanwhile Evanora is very jealous of his relationship with her sister Theodora.  You will have to see the movie to find out what happens. 

Evanora is played by Rachel Weisz, and she is definitely a villain in Oz the Great and Powerful. She rules the Emerald City in the absence of the late king, and although she is evil, she's got everyone convinced she is a good witch. 

You have your choice of the Jakks Pacific, or the Disney Store dolls if you are going to buy the Evanora doll.  The Jakks version wears a green shimmery mermaid shape dress and has red hair.  In the film her hair is a much darker auburn, almost black. She wears a feather hair accessory and the emerald green amulet, which is the source of her power, around her neck. 

The Disney Evanora doll has a fuller gown with rhinestone accents and a much fuller feather collar and tiara. Her hair is raven black and she has jointed arms and legs. 


Glinda The Good Witch Still Travels In Magic Bubbles

And She's Gorgeous In The Movie And As A Doll
Disney Oz The Great and Powerful Fashion Doll - Glinda
Disney Oz the Great & Powerful Movie 11 Inch Doll Glinda the Good

Glinda The Good Witch Is Played By Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is a beautiful Glinda the Good Witch but I can't get past the voice. I suppose years of watching the original Wizard of Oz movie as a kid implanted that Glinda's voice in my brain and I can hear it on demand.  This new Glinda just isn't the same. 

One thing that is the same is her mode of transportation.  Yes she's still floating around in big bubbles.  And her costume is as luminous and sparkly as ever. 

There are 2 choices in Glinda dolls - Jakks Pacific and Disney.  Like the other characters with 2 versions, there are advantages to buying the more expensive model.  The dresses are both very pretty though, and they both come with a glittery tiara and a magic wand. 

China Girl Is From China Town In The Movie

Her Home Was Destroyed By The Wicked Witch

Oscar meet China Girl on his way to the Wicked Witch's castle.  Her legs are broken into pieces and Oscar glues them back together for her.  She joins Oscar in his quest because China's home and family was destroyed by the Wicked Witch. 

There are three different China Girl dolls.  The first one I've featured is the 14" Jakks Pacific doll.  She is the only one by that company that is fully jointed.  Her blue dress is slightly different than the movie version but still very dainty and feminine.  Her hair is the same vinyl as her body and face because in the movie she is made of porcelain, and she has imprinted "cracks" all over her hair and body. Her face is smooth though.  The 14" size is a bit larger than a fashion doll but a very nice size for a play doll for children. She's beautiful.

The second China Girl doll above is a Disney Store Limited edition of 500 doll.  She is made of resin and originally sold for $179.  She sold out immediately though and if you want her now you have to get her on the secondary market.  Some folks are charging up to $500 for this doll.  She is larger at 19" tall and has a very detailed hand sewn dress more like the original in the movie.

Next is the smaller 4" China Girl doll from the Disney Store.  This doll sold for $10 on their website but is also sold out.  She can be found on eBay and Amazon for less than $20.  The entire doll is made of plastic, her dress is not fabric and does not come off.  She only moves at the neck, shoulders and hips and as I said before is the exact same doll that comes with the Jakks Pacific Oscar Diggs doll.  Don't waste your money on this 4" doll for $20, you can get Oscar WITH the 4" China Girl for the same price. 


Disney Oz the Great & Powerful Movie 11 Inch Doll Wicked Witch of the West

This Is The Only Doll - Not Available By Jakks Pacific
Disney Oz the Great & Powerful Movie 11 Inch Doll Wicked Witch of t...

The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Still The Villainess In Oz

In Oz The Great And Powerful, you find out how the green skinned Wicked Witch of the West came to be.  Hint - It has to do with a love triangle and jealousy between the three sisters.  Not a nail biting thriller drama exactly but the question is WHICH one of the sisters turns out to be the real Wicked Witch? 

I don't have the Wicked Witch doll because she is only available in the Disney Store variety.  I hope to buy her very soon.  She is very detailed with green skin and sour expression.  Her lips are pursed and she has a pointy witch chin.  Her eye makeup is very dramatic with her high arching eyebrows and slanted eyes.  The dress is an embroidered faux leather bodice and glittering underskirt.  She also comes with the requisite witch hat and broom, and is fully jointed. 

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fitzcharming on 05/15/2013

It was pretty good. It will be hard to live up to the original though. The dolls are really nice. Thanks for stopping by.

AnomalousArtist on 05/15/2013

Wasn't aware of these, they're beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I thought the movie LOOKED good at least... :)

fitzcharming on 05/15/2013

Thanks for stopping by WriterArtist. You're right kids do like the dolls, especially the China Girl. She's hard to find in the stores.

WriterArtist on 05/15/2013

I know the story but haven't seen the movie.
The dolls are very cute. Kids will adore them.

fitzcharming on 05/12/2013

The movie was not bad kinbesa - but what did they think trying to follow the original? The dolls are great for kids to play with and to collect pkmcr. They probably would be more meaningful if they girls saw the movie too.

pkmcr on 05/01/2013

I know a few of our nieces would love these!

kimbesa on 04/30/2013

I'll have to see the Oz movie and let you know. But the dolls look really classy!

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