Pandigital Novel eReader Review

by pkmcr

If you are looking for an eBook Reader then the Pandigital Novel eReader is worth considering. eBook readers are going to be incredibly popular this year so read our review!

Is an eBook Reader on your Shopping list this year either for a friend, family member or even as a treat for yourself? Maybe you could even hint at someone else by emailing them a link to this page and saying "wow I would be so happy if I got one of these ."

If you want a color eBook reader that does more than a standard eReader, but at an affordable price, then the Pandigital Novel could be what you are looking for.

There's no doubt that eBook Readers or eReaders are going to be incredibly popular this year as gifts and deciding which one to buy can be a challenge! Hopefully our Pandigital Novel eReader Review will help you to decide!

The Pandigital Novel eReader comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and also gives you the ability to download apps.

As I am sure you have noticed you cannot turn anywhere these days without hearing about the Amazon Kindle Fire but there are other options available like the Pandigital Novel eReader which are worth considering either for yourself or as a gift this year!

Pandigital Novel eReader Review

The Pandigital Novel eReader uses a color touchscreen, which some people prefer because they are able to view images in high quality. The touchscreen means that you can access the features and menus using touch. When you need to take notes you simply use the virtual keyboard. As with moost, if not all, color screen eReaders is that they are difficult to read in sunlight.

One of the advantages of the Pandigital Novel is that you can access the Barnes & Noble store directly. This means that you have access to a massive selection of ebooks, including many free classic titles. This makes it really easy to get the books you want. One of the things I really like is that you are able to extend the eBook functionality even more by downloading one of the Kindle apps and then buying eBooks from the Kindle Store.

This eReader isn't just for reading eBooks though. The Pandigital Novel is also able to handle various different media types on the go so to speak. The person who receives this a gift (or if you treat yourself!) will be able to use the video player and photo viewer out and about. You will be able to listen to your music and audiobook collections as well.

You will find that the Pandigital Novel has a range of extra features which include email access, web browsing and more. However, it isn't a complete tablet computer as it's main focus is as an eBook reader.

As far as reading go, you will find everything you would expect from an eBook reader. You can make notes, highlight favorite passages, search through the book, use the dictionary to look up words, adjust the font size to suit you and you can also create your own bookmarks.

You may have seen that some budget color eReaders don't offer the ability to connect to the internet. This isn't a problem with the Pandigital Novel as you have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi which is a really useful feature to have in an eBook reader.

The price point for the Pandigital Novel places it in between the super-budget color multimedia devices and the impressive but not fully-functional tablets of the likes of the Kindle Fire. Given that you have  Wi-Fi access this is a very affordable eBook Reader.  If you don't want to spend the extra that something like the Kindle Fire would cost then the Pandigital Novel eReader is a great option.

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Updated: 05/28/2013, pkmcr
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DianaGrant on 11/25/2011

I'm undecided about e-books but I suppose it would lead to a tidier house - assuming I could download newspapers!

poddys on 11/15/2011

This looks like a nicely priced eReader. If only I read enough to justify it...

Markets on 11/12/2011

I was actually considering for some time now getting one of these touch screen gizmos. But I would like mine with a bit more punch in performance :)

pkmcr on 11/09/2011

Glad you found it :-)

cgreen7090 on 11/09/2011

woops. found it. thanks.

cgreen7090 on 11/09/2011

what is the price point? I'm considering...

nightbear on 11/02/2011

I do think this pandigital e-reader has most everything you need. I love that it is in color.

samsons1 on 11/02/2011

Thanks so much; I have been looking but was unable to make up my mind. This definitely helps...

petunia on 11/02/2011

I do love my little Kindle but would also have fun with this Pandigital novel ereader. I really think it's great that so many companies are producing these readers - the wave of the future indeed!

annieangel on 11/01/2011

I want one! tell Santa please.

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