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The many parrot species of Australia. One thing is very evident by studying the parrots of Australia and that is color. These birds provide a fantastic array of colors.

Australia is the home to a vast array of different parrot species.

The climate of Australia is extremely diverse and as such offers a wide variety of ecosystems for these lavish birds to live and thrive in.

This lens will describe and picture many of these fabulous birds from all over the continent of Australia.

Adelaide Rosella Parrot

Adelaide Rosella ParrotThe Adelaide Rosella is not a parrot species in and of itself. It is believed to be a crossbreed of the Yellow Rosella and the Crimson Rosella. It is believed that the Yellow and Crimson inbred where their ranges overlap in southern Australia.

The bird is 35-36 cm in length with a pale to strong reddish orange tinge as can be seen in the image. It can be seen from the photo that the wings have pale blue tips and the top of the wings are a bit scale-like with orange brown. The tail feathers are dark blue.

In nature they feed on grass and tree seeds but in captivity most people will mix a cockatiel mix with some canary seed. The breed has a medium lifespan of about 15 years.

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Australian King Parrot

Australian King ParrotThe king parrot resides in the eastern section of Australia. In captivity the parrot has lived to 25 years and measure 42-43 cm in length.

You can see from the photo that they have a bright red belly and head with green wings and tail. They are a very colorful bird.

The Australian king parrot is not the typical talking parrot and as such they are not widely held as pets. However, they can be quite friendly when hand raised and in actuality are a quiet bird as compared to normal parrots. Nevertheless they do need to be included in household activities and talked to as they are sociable.

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Australian King Parrots Video

Aprosmictus: Red-Winged Parrots

Red-Winged ParrotCalled by a number of names including red-shouldered parrots, crimson-winged parrots, and blood-winged parrots they are fairly common parrot species in southern New Guinea and north-northeastern Australia.

With a length of 32-36 cm the red-winged parrot species congregates in wooded areas especially along rivers and can be seen in large flocks of 50 or more.

The coloration of the red-winged parrot is quite unique with the crimson red tip on the wings and bright green body and head. Beyond the red tip on the wing the upper part of the wing is black and the lower part a blue. As in most parrot species the male bird has most of the bright colors while the females colors are more muted.

Blue Bonnet Parrot

Blue Bonnet ParrotThe Blue Bonnet parrot species is medium sized between 29-30 cm in length.

The coloration of the Blue Bonnet is variegated as can be seen from the photo. The colors of the Blue Bonnet or Yellow-vented Blue-bonnet Parrot as it is also known ranges from a purple-blue, shades of brown, gray, beige, and even a deep red. The blend of these colors among the plumage in a subdued mix is extremely pleasant and soft in appearance.

This parrot species can be found in groups of 20-30 in New South Wales, and South Australia.

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Pale-Headed Rosella Parrot

Pale-Headed RosellaThe Pale-headed Rosella species is a medium sized parrot measuring 28-34 cm in length. They live in the Northeastern and Eastern seaboard of Australia and don't migrate.

This parrot species is very popular as a pet and in the wild seem to adapt easily to the human environment and are widely seen in gardens, farm areas, and parks. They can also be seen visiting bird feeders. They are not big talkers but do tend to mimic sounds more than talk.

Their coloration as seen in the photo is quite varied. As their name implies their head is a pale yellow-beige color. Their chest is a warm blue and their back is an alligator design of black with green edging. The tail is a dark blue.

In nature they feed on grasses, tree seeds, flowers and various fruits. In captivity most people provide a mix of cockatiel seed mix and canary seed. In addition, as with most parrots fruit is an additional supplement.

Cloncurry Parrot

Cloncurry ParrotResiding in Northern Australia the Cloncurry parrot species is a member of the ringneck family of parrots. Members of the ringneck family all have a ring or collar around their necks.

The Cloncurry species has traditional green and yellow coloration with sections of blue and black on its wings and tail.

Measuring in at 33 cm in length the Cloncurry parrot can live in excess of 15 years.

As a pet the Cloncurry is best suited for the experienced birder in that this parrot species can be a bit aggressive at times. They can be jealous of other family members so caution needs to be exercised. On the plus side the Cloncurry parrot can be taught to speak.

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Galah Cockatoo

The soft pink color is awesome.

Galah CockatooThe Galaha Cockatoo parrot species is among the most sought after as pets. They have a beautiful appearance, a flamboyant personality, are trainable and can be good talkers. This species is smart and enjoys being around humans. These are all the traits that most people look for in a pet parrot.

The Galah growing up to 35 cm has a pink chest and lighter pink crown. The pink of its chest is carried through to the front underside of the wings. The wings and back are primarily a gray in color.

The Galah's range is primarily central Australia and it is usually a part of a flock.

Like all cockatoos the Galah has a crown which can provide some insight into its mood. In general is best to approach a cockatoo with its crown raised with caution as this can be sign of fear or defense. A lowered crown is a calm state.

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The Many Parrots of Australia

The Night Parrot

Night ParrotThere aren't many photos of this parrot species because as its name implies it is in fact a night dweller. The night parrot spends the daylight hours sleeping and comes out at night to feed and spends most its time on the ground taking flight only if frightened.

The night parrot which is small in stature is only 23 cm in length. In some instance they resemble the budgerigar but a bit larger in size.

Its coloration is a speckled combination of yellow, green, and black on top and yellow on the underbelly.

For the most part the night parrot species makes its home in the central to northern part of Australia.

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Superb Parrot

Superb ParrotThe Superb Parrot species inhabits southeastern Australia. Their preferred habitat is near water in treed areas.

They are viewed by farmers as a pest because they are big eaters of seed crops. Because of this there has been some decline in their numbers as they lose habitat.

Among humans they are regarded as a good pet bird as they are very colorful and yet quiet and pleasant. They are a social bird so it is best to keep them in pairs.

At 40 cm in length they do require a fairly large cage.

Their coloration is primarily green with a unique design of yellow and red around the head and beak area as can be seen in the photo.

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Interesting article about these colorful little birds.

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I had no idea there were so very many varieties of parrots...especially all in one country. Now I want to visit Australia even more!

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