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Browse through the different types of patriotic hats that you can wear on the Fourth of July -- from sequined Uncle Sam hats to inflatables for children.

Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays in countries colonized in the past. The United States was once a colony of Britain, but it was declared as an independent state on July 4, 1776. And to celebrate this momentous event in US history, Americans get out of their house on the Fourth of July to enjoy the following: barbecue, reunions, firework displays, and parades. In these activities, patriotic hats that bear the American flag are worn.

Have you decided which style of Fourth of July hats to wear this year? If not, here is an article that walks you through your choices.

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Stovepipe / Top Hat

Perhaps the most popular type of hats seen during Fourth of July celebrations is a topper or a stovepipe hat. Even the famous Uncle Sam portrait is seen wearing this type of patriotic hat.

The difference between a topper and a stovepipe is the length of the crown. Toppers have a long crown, but it's not as long as a stovepipe.

Compare Uncle Sam and The Cat in the Hat, and you'll see a clear difference.

These patriotic hats can be made from different materials, but my favorite has to be those made from fabric. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but the soft texture also gives them a distinct look.

And oh, these hats come in sequined version as well.

Skimmer Hat (Straw)

Another popular headpiece on Independence Day paradeas is the skimmer hat, or a hat with a flat crown.

While skimmer hats can be made from plastic, I prefer the texture and look of straw. Plus, the color blends well with white, red, and blue stripes. Don't you agree?

Baseball Cap

Through the years, Independence Day has evolved not just into an event to commemorate a milestone in US history, but also into an event with so much fanfare.

Some of the top events that people flock into include picnics, concerts, and yes, games. From baseball to football, the Fourth of July is also a day for "patriotic games."

If you're planning on attending a baseball game, get into the game and carry the patriotic spirit in you by wearing a baseball cap.

Who says that patriotic caps are confined to having only stripes? Take a look at these caps, and you'll see that even Independence Day can also be a day of fashion and style. Don't you agree?

Derby Hat

When I see these derby hats, I'm reminded of two things. First, Charlie Chaplin; second, The Son of Man painting by Rene Magritte.

Wouldn't it be great to see a derivative work of art with these derby hats on? Just imagining. Wink!

Traveller's Hat

I must admit that this type of Fourth of July hats is not common.

But it's very stylish that I put it on the list anyway. Besides, it adds to the variety of these excellent hats.

So if you're looking for something different, this traveller's hat will surely give you a unique headpiece.

As you can see, this is not your ordinary Independence Day headpiece. It's made from quality materials, so don't expect it to come in a low price tag.

But feel free to check it out only to admire its beauty.


Another indispensable element during Independence Day parades is glitters. It adds to the festive mood of the sparkly fanfare. Check out these glittered hats. What do you think? 

Inflatable Hat

Do you want a fun, whimsical, and child-like way to join the parades? Why not wear this inflatable hat? In the picture, the hat is gigantic, but rest assured that it will fit you head.

Or if you don't like the idea of putting on this inflatable hat, why not let your child wear it? The other children will be wearing fabric patriotic hats, so you're child will definitely stand out.

Cowboy Hat

Are you a cowgirl / cowboy? There's a hat for you that you will certainly love. I'd like to introduce you to these cowboy-type patriotic hats.

One is sequined, and the other looks like a headpiece of Captain America.

What do you think?

Hard Hat

Here's a great party theme idea for Independence Day. Why not host a YMCA-themed party? You can bring all the village people, and you can ask them to wear Fourth of July hard hats like these... What do you think? 


Isn't this headband the cutest? As you can already tell, it can be a great headpiece not only for cute little girls, but also sophisticated ladies out there.

First, look at the sequins. They're sparkly and shiny they certainly add to the bright fireworks of the Fourth of July.

Second, it's a hat but not quite a hat. If you don't want to ruin your hairstyle from wearing a topper, you can certainly wear something as elegant as this headband.

What do you think, ladies?

See more patriotic items here...

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