Patriotic Hawaiian Shirts

by Digby_Adams

Perfect patriotic shirts and clothing to express your loyalty to the United States.

You can smell it in the air, patriotism is back in style in the United States of America. Now in the small town where I live it never went out of style. It's a place where people still worry about their crops and wear John Deere hats - and the Grange Hall is the happening place on Saturday night. But I admit that we sometimes feel out of step with the rest of the country. So we feel good that presidents are now expected to wear flag pins; and that athletes are supposed to put their hands over the hearts when the Star of Spangled Banner is played before the game.

It's called the Freedom Hawaiian Shirt because if you look closely you can see the world Freedom inscribed on the red horizontal stripes. There are small tan fabric squares with print replicas of the Declaration of Independence - making this the perfect patriotic shirt to wear on the Fourth of July. There are two blue and white fabrics featuring stars to add visual interest and dept to this shirt.

This red, white and plue patriotic Hawaiian shirt is made of 100% combed cotton, has matched pockets so the print theme isin't disrupted, real coconut buttons, and double stitching. There are side-vents for comfort and style.

Men's Liberty Button Down Hawaiian Shirt

Impressive display of the symbols of American liberty. The red white and blue American Flag does take center stage - as it should. But the Statue of Liberty, American bald eagle, Phliadelphia Liberty Bell, and signing of the Declaration of Independence also make an appearance. They are in shades of black and gray. You'll also see the words that begin the Declaration of Independence. Yes, this is perfect on July Fourth. But I think it's perfect any day of the year. 

United States Armed Forces Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Your favorite vet will love this shirt. It has symbols that represent all of the US Armed Forces - Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force and Coast Guard. Of course the red, white and blue American flag plays a prominent role in the design. It will be the first thing you notice as you see someone wearing this shirt. Then as you get closer you see the tanks, planes, aircraft carrier, bald eagle an so much more. This patriotic Hawaiian shirt will be a real conversation starter. Wear it all summer, not just on Memorial Day or the 4 of July.

I see patriotic clothing in my hometown all the time, so don't be shy about wearing it. Maybe you'll start a trend where you live. Where do I see it? Men wear these patriotic shirts to dress up a bit. So you'll see it at the local diner on Saturday night when couples who have been married 50 or 60 years go out for a bite. And younger guys wear them too. My husband wears one when we go out contra dancing. (Some people call that square dancing.) And I wear a red or blue outfit to match it. They're all over the Dairy Queen parking lot in the summer and football games in the fall.  So go for it! No little wimpy flag pin for you, turn yourself into a full-fledged patriotic decoration. Belt out God Bless America!

Patriotic Hawaiian Shirts

Updated: 05/12/2016, Digby_Adams
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