Peace Sign Necklace

by Digby_Adams

Sport your groovy style with a peace sign necklace or pendant. Once controversial, peace sign jewelry is now great fashion.

You'll find peace sign pendants in sophisticated gold and silver that you can easily layer with your other necklaces. If there's a hippie or Sixties radical lurking in your heart, then you might just want to war a tie-dyed peace sign pendant. For the girly-girl activist, there are even bright pink peace sign pendants. A wood peace sign complements the trend toward world fashion.

Mid-century retro style is alive and well. As a new generation explores their individuality and discovers the political power of the internet for social change, they've adopted some of the style of an earlier generation that protested without Twitter and YouTube for support.

Embellished Peace Sign Necklace

Turquoise stones add to the beauty

This is the prettiest peace sign necklace that I've ever seen. The small flowers look like the flowers they used to string on love beads. Only in this case, they're made with turqouise stones in the center. There are red stones outlining the interior, while leaves create additional visual interest and texture on the outside circle. This is a very chic piece of fashion jewelry.

 Celebrate the passion of the Sixties with a peace sign pendant necklace. Whether you're old enough to remember this decade or just wish you were, you can love the groovy style it inspired! From psychedelic to patriotic, there's a peace sign pendant for you. If you’re favorite song was once Give Peace a Chance and you sang it while wearing love beads, then there’s a great chance that you were also wearing a peace sign necklace.

Well a new generation has linked the Peace Sign to the politics of conflict. Just as in the Sixties there are numerous styles to the Peace Sign and political and social implications. Today you'll find plain gold and silver peace sign pendants. But if you love embellished jewelry, many artisans have created peace sign jewelry with gemstones and beads.

The peace sign is now a symbol of us getting along with each other. It's morphed once again. Teens see it as a sign of accepting a lifestyle that might not be for them, but recognizing that there are many different ways to live a life. 

Gold Peace Sign Pendant Necklace

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Wood Peace Sign Necklace

A natural call for peace and tolerance
Peace Sign Wood Pendant with Adjustable Black Cord Necklace

The wood peace sign measure 1.25 inches by 1.25 inches. The rustic call for peace and tolerance comes at the end of a black cord. Perfect for either a male or female gift recipient. It is perfect with casual clothes. A t-shirt in summer or a chunky sweater in the winter. It would look great with world fashion.

If you love silver jewelry, then there is definitely a peace sign necklace on ebay for you. You'll be able to find plain and highly polished peace sign pendants that you'll love for their modern vibe. If you love embellishment then definitely search out silver peace signs with rhinestones.

Peace sign necklace designers also love decorating peace signs with words. Not surprisingly these words are usually peaceful - such as love, hope, strength, trust and joy. While many peace sign pendants are hung from traditional jewelry chains, leather ropes have become very popular as well. I notice these more on teens and twenty-somethings. I've also noticed that sometimes jewelry designers hammer the silver to give it an interesting texture. I especially love these when worn with the leather cord chains.

Inspirational jewelry is all the rage these days. Fusing it with a peace sign adds a new dimension to the thought. 

Silver Peace Sign Pendant Necklace

Great Buys on Ebay

Bling is everywhere these days - and peace sign jewelry is no different. What began as a political statement is now high style. So it's no surprise that fashion jewelry designers have taken the peace sign and made it there own. While some opt to simply take the outline of the peace sign and put rhinestone crystals on it. Others have worked with many real and faux gemstones. Along with other metal symbols such as doves and leaves to create an intricate pendant with lots of jewelry style.

One of the best places to see a huge display of peace sign necklaces is on ebay. The last time I to a gander there were thousands of peace sign pendant necklaces to choose from. And did I mention the price. You'll find lots to choose from starting at about $10. Of course you'll find some fine jewelry that's hundreds of dollars. That's the fun of shopping ebay, you're never sure of what you'll find.

Rhinestone Peace Sign Necklace

I Love ebay Bargains!
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Digby_Adams on 06/17/2011

Thank you sheilamarie. I hope they're happy memories.

sheilamarie on 06/17/2011

Nice presentation, Digby_Adams! Yes, I'm old enough to remember. . .

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