Pearl Izumi Attack Short

by lostcyclingdude

As a road cyclist, I've owned some nice bibs and shorts. But for an all-around short, the Pearl Izumi attack is hard to beat

The Pearl Izumi Attack short is uniquely positioned to market to the avid cyclist that wants a durable short and can understand that $80 for comfort is a steal -- especially when stacked against chamois running upwards of $200.

I've owned more than one pair of Attacks, and they became my go-to short for all-day riding. Here's the run-down of the best cycling shorts for well under $100

Best Cycling Short For Under $100

There is a reason why the Pearl Izumi attack short is considered their "most popular" short.  It flat-out works. And for the price, its hard to compare.

Trickle-down "Technology"

One of the best things about Pearl Izumi -- and one of the reasons they are a leader in the cycling apparel industry -- is that they are continually innovating and pushing the boundaries on the types of materials that they use for their clothing.

And, as Pearl develops a new technology, their old technologies are passed down to the  lower-end models.  This means that the Transfer-branded fabric blends and "3D" chamois pad technology was first used in their better models and then handed down to the Attack model after years of testing.

I could gush on about the innovative design - but let me get to what really matters. 

Long-haul Comfort

I have done at least 3 centuries (100 mile rides) in these shorts.  Not to mention many, many 40+ mile rides.  In fact, I had two pairs that I rotated through each week for my daily pre-work ride that ranged from 30-60 miles. 

There are several reasons why the Pearl Izumi Attack shorts are so comfortable.  First of all, they are constructed from 8 separate panels.  This means the shorts can hug the body more closely and move with it as you pedal without creating uncomfortable spots where other shorts will bunch. 

And, to keep all of those extra seams from bothering you, they use their "fusion technology" to create a smoother seam. 

Secondly, the 3D pad focuses on providing the padding thickness where you need it, while tapering and disappearing in this tight spaces -- such as between your legs -- where it would only cause chafing.  Lesser shorts tend to go for more uniform thickness. 


I have never thrown away a pair of these shorts.  Even the shorts that I wrecked in managed to survive well enough to be used on training rides.  (What's wrong with showing a little skin?)

A few of my shorts did get gifted to friends starting in the sport (yes, I washed them first).

The Pearl Izumi Bib Shorts

I have never tried on the bib shorts. I've owned several bibs and I love the way that they remove the pressure of elastic from around my waist.  In fact, once I started riding with bib shorts, I really quit riding any other.

If you think bib shorts might be your thing, then try out a pair of Pearl Izumi Attack bibs.  If they are anything like the shorts, then I'm sure you will love them. 

Looking for a Cycling Short Under $60?  Check out thePearl Izumi Quest Short Review. 

Updated: 05/20/2012, lostcyclingdude
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