Electric Bikes for Women

by TerriRexson

Find a selection of the best electric bikes for women. There are electric bikes available with a women's style step-thru frame.

Are you thinking of getting an electric bike? If you're female then as well as considerations like price and efficiency, you'll want to consider the style of frame that you prefer.

Some women are happy with a men's style bike with a high crossbar, but many find a low step-through frame is easier to get onto. Some people use an electric bike to commute to work or between meetings - if you'll be riding your electric bicycle in work clothes then you need to think about how easy the bike frame will make this.

It's also worth noting that many men choose a women's style electric bike because it's easier to get on and off, especially as they get older or have minor mobility issues. So called women's electric bikes are suitable for men too.

An electric bike typically has a rechargeable battery which you plug in when you are at home or another location with an electricity supply. When the battery is charged you can use the motor to assist your cycling. You can also use most electric bikes as ordinary pedal bikes when you have the energy.

Popular Mid Price Electric Bike for Women

The Currie EZip Trailz Step Thru Women's Electric Bike is a popular mid price range electric bike for women. 

This bike can achieve a speed of up to 15 miles per hour with the right conditions. It has a 15 to 22 mile range once its battery is charged - the actual distance depends on the rider weight, how much pedalling you are doing and the inclines on your ride. 

Currie EZip Trailz Step Thru Women's Electric Bike

Currie Technologies eZip Women's Low Step-thru Trailz Ele...

IMPORTANT: The range of an electric bike will vary due to terrain and the weight of the rider. You'll need to get used to how long your electric bicycle will last for and plan your journeys accordingly. 

A Folding Electric Bike for Women

Another option for a women's style electric bike is to choose a folding electric bike model. Most folding electric bikes have a low crossbar as part of their design so these models are unisex and suitable for women. 

The Shoprider E-bike Electric Bike is lightweight folding bike that easily fits in the trunk of a car. A compact folding bike is a good option if you need to travel by car or by train to commute to the location where you want to cycle. 

The Shoprider E-bike can be used as a regular pedal bike and has an electric motor that you can turn on when you need it. 

This bike is available in red, blue and silver colors. 

Also available at Wayfair.com. 

Luxury Electric Bike for Women

The Electric Comfort Bicycle (Step Through)

The Electric Comfort Bicycle (Step Through). The Electric Comfort Bicycle (Step Through)

If you want the best electric bike for women then take a look at the The Electric Comfort Bicycle. It has a padded seat, padded handlebars and tires designed for a smooth ride. 

This luxury electric bike comes in a step through style. It can achieve speeds of up to 20mph using just the motor - if you also pedal you can go even faster. 

This bicycles has a strong aircraft aluminum frame and is suitable for larger and heavier riders up to 250lbs.

This is not the cheapest electric bike you'll find, but it does come with a lifetime guarantee. If you're looking for a luxury, high quality ladies electric bicycle then check out this model. 

Why Do Women Choose Electric Bikes?

There are a few different reasons why young and older ladies are choosing to get an electric bike:

  • For environmental and cost reasons you don't want to commute to work in a car. If the distance is too far on a conventional bike, an electric bike can make it a viable commute. 
  • Your partner likes to cycle and you can't quite keep up! If your husband or boyfriend is a keen cyclist you might have trouble matching his pace. An electric bike can give you a boost when you need it. Or perhaps it's your teenage kids you need to keep up with. 
  • You want to improve your fitness gradually. An electric bike can be used as an ordinary pedal bike with the motor only being used when you need it. That might be quite a lot at first, but you can gradually pedal more and more as you improve your fitness, and then start to cover longer distances. 
  • You have minor mobility issues that make it difficult to walk or cycle as much as you used to. An electric bike means you can still get around and on good days you can get some exercise too. 
  • You enjoy recreational cycling but would like to cover longer distances in a shorter time, or get home quickly once you get tired. 

Women's Electric Bikes on eBay

It's also worth checking for women's electric bikes and folding electric bikes on eBay. You might find a bargain. 

More Women's Electric Bikes

More Folding Electric Bikes

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top5bestorg on 05/05/2015

Electric bikes are pretty good. I have one and use it for transporting. However, the speed is not as fast as a motorcycle.

Nancy on 08/20/2014

An electric bike? I ride a bike for exercise, so I will not try such a bike.

Aseako Electric Bicycle on 07/23/2012

Electric bikes are not only useful to women but to every one. Thanks for sharing the details.

floorpumps on 06/27/2012

These women bikes are great. I don't kown how to choose. Anyway, thanks for recommendation

TerriRexson on 03/31/2012

@Brenda. No an electric bike doesn't take all the exercise out of cycling, just as much as you want it too. It means that you can travel further, keep up with someone faster or build up your exercise gradually without worrying about running out of energy miles from home. The pedals still work! And yes, it can definitely save on gas which is important to a lot of people at the moment.

BrendaReeves on 03/31/2012

I had never heard of an electric bike. Of course that takes all the exercise out of cycling, but it is a way of saving on gas.

katiem2 on 03/20/2012

I'm an avid cyclist, never thought of using any type of bike other than that of the body power nature. These electric bikes could prove to be most useful for those with physical challenges, getting out in the fresh air and sun light is great for anyone. Interesting article, thanks for keeping us informed as to the cutting edge bike trends.

teddletonmr on 03/20/2012

With the price of gas these days, and the need to get fit and stay that way. Riding a bike is a great way for women and men alike to travel from place to place.
There is a lot of useful information on electric bikes here may I share it with all my friends? I believe everyone will benefit by riding a good electric or plain old fashioned pedel bicycle these days.
Be well and stay fit, Mike .

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