Photographic Enhancement Collages

by Ralpapajan

This is to show how making a collage of photographs for use on Blogs and Web Sites is a simple task ~ once you have the photos themselves, Picasa 3 and IrfanView on your computer.

Using Picasa 3 to build your Collage

Examples of the different collages you can build on Picasa 3

On the walls of my daughtter's home are a couple of collages of photographs of her family and friends from around the world.  The oldest is of her mother, taken when she was only 17 and the newest was taken last Christmas.  The thing about them that I have noticed is that people visiting her for the first few times immediately gravitate to them to have a look.  They attract attention and good comments. When her trailer was stolen from outside the front door of her house one night even the policeman who came to take details spent a few minutes looking at them.  

Screenshot of Picas in UK



I use Picasa 3 to compile collages as it is so simple.  This is the UK site but it is available world wide and is free.

Notice how Google uses a Collage to attract attention to their Picasa site.


For the purposes of this article I have used a small selection of photos taken whilst enjoying lunch at a pub on the banks of the Thames River in Cookham Green in Berkshire.  I used my old Sony WS30 due to the weather being so bad.when I set out to meet some Australian friends touring Europe.  Over lunch it cleared up nicely.  You can use any group of Photos that you put into a separate file for this purpose and import the file into Picasa 3.  However, if you are using Vista then you can use the Pictures Folder under your User Name and the uploading is automatic,

As these photographs are obviously small I have repeated them in a gallery down the Page.

 Picasa 3 Picture Pile Collage

Picture Pile Collage

This is the first Collage - a scattering of photos as though you have simply taken prints and tossed them onto a table top.

Notice the photo of the vulture.  I have put this in as a control photo to that you can see movement as you shuffle your selection

 MosaCollage on Picasa 3

This is a Mosaic Collage ~ use this if you want to fit your pictures automatically into the collage.

Note the position of the vulture



Picasa 3 Mosaic with types opened

Mosaic with Automatic Fill  with the various options shown.

This collage is a screenshot and shows how the Shuffle function changes the order.  Again, notice how the vulture has moved. 

Also note the shuffle button at the bottom.



Dave and Pat Mosaic on Picasa 3


A Mosaic Collage with one centre dominant photograph.This is the final example and the one mosaic I use the most.  

Well that is it.  Why not have a look at Picasa 3 and have fun with your photographs?

A repeat of photographs shown in the main text module for Picasa 3

This will make it easier for you to see
Screenshot of the Download Page
Screenshot of the Download Page
Picture Pile on Picasa 3
Picture Pile on Picasa 3
Mosaic with auto fit on Picasa 3
Mosaic with auto fit on Picasa 3
Mosaic with Autofill with types of Collage shown on the left.  Note the Shuffle button.
Mosaic with Autofill with types of Collage shown on the left. Note the Shuffle button.
Mosaic with Centre Photograph dominating.
Mosaic with Centre Photograph dominating.

Composing a Panoramic picture for Web Sites and Blogs using IrfanView

Irfan View is one of my favourite programs. In this module I show how to combine a Collage and another photograph to create a panorama image to use in websites and Blogs


Irfan View's download page

I showed how to compile a Panoramic photograph using free software on Photographic Enhancement ~ Panoramas  In that Page the  pictures compiled resulted from photographs with common focus points or subjects points.  Here I show how IrfanView will compile a banner type picture using diverse photographs.


 Logo for Books by Ralpapajan

I needed a Banner Headline picture for my new Blog ~ Books by Ralpapajan.  For my personal Blog I used a Panorama of the Mopan River near San Jose Succotz in Belize. 

This one I wanted to include my logo and add something else that might add interest.



Pictures of Ralpapajan taken by Nikki Thurman



I then made a collage in Picasa 3 using photographs my daughter Nikki had taken of me and then fused the two together using Irfan.



Irfan's Pano


Open IrfanView ~ Click on Images/Create Panorama Image and this screen drops down.  Click on Add Images, select the images you wish to fuse and then click on Create Image



Books by Ralpapajan Blog Header

This is the result when I did mine. I have added a Link Module so that you may look at the Panorama examples in use. I hope you enjoy your experiance using free software available online.

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I hope you enjoy this Page showing some of the free software that is available online. Let me know what you think.

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Ralpapajan on 11/27/2013

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Rose on 11/27/2013

That's absolutely brilliant. I've always wondered how picture collages were assembled.

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