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by mbgphoto

Zazzle is a wonderful place to showcase your photography on a wide variety of products.

Photography is a wonderful hobby, but after I while I wondered what should I do with all of these photos. I found Zazzle to be a wonderful way to showcase my photos on a wide variety of products and earn a little extra cash along the way. Zazzle makes it so easy to place your photographs on products. They have great templates and tips that guide your through the entire process.

Venue for Photography

showcase photos

     When I started to get serious about photography five years ago, I started taking thousands of photos.  Now some of these photos were not so good, but others I really liked and wanted to share.

     I investigated several avenues to share and sell my photos.  I looked at doing stock photos and selling my photos on cards at small shops and fairs,  Although both of these ideas may work for some people they just didn't seem to fit what I wanted to do.  The stock photos seemed to take a lot of time and although I sold a few the time involved didn't seem to work for me.  Selling my products on cards was nice but when I looked at how much inventory I needed and how much profit I would get for all my work I decided against this method too.

      I next investigated some of the POD (print on demand) companies.  There are quite a few out there and each has it's own pros and cons.  The two that I settled on using are CafePress and Zazzle.  What I like about POD's is that I don't have to have any inventory and the companies will deal directly with the customers.  All that I have to do is upload my photos and create the design.  At that point Zazzle and CafePress will create the products and handle the customer transaction and send me the profits.  What could be easier!

Posters and Prints on Zazzle

great way to showcase photography

Great Tote Bags on Zazzle

tote bags for all occasions

Photographs for Zazzle

fit product to photo

   When placing products on Zazzle it is important to find the right product or group of products for each photograph.  When I upload a photo to Zazzle my next step is to decide which product would best showcase my photo.  My decisions are based not only on the type of product but on the size and shape of the design.  Some designers try to put every photo on every product and I believe this is a mistake.  Some items just don't seem to fit for some products.

     One example is the vertical and horizontal orientation of some products.  Cards and postcards fall into this area.  You will want to choose the orientation that best fits your photograph.

     Another example would be mens vs womens shirts and hats.  You might not sell a lot of mens shirts with pink roses, so consider who your customers will be.

    You will also want to look at the shape of the design.  As a general rule a square design does not look good on shirts.  You will want to either soften your edges or put them in a different shape in your photo editing software before you upload them to Zazzle.

    None of these rules are hard and fast, but the main thing I want to emphasize is think about the photo you are placing on a product and make sure it fits before you add it to a Zazzle product.

What is your favorite Zazzle product?

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My favorite product is notecards. I love to use them for all occasions.

Shirts are Popular on Zazzle

a variety of sizes and styles are available

Promoting your Products

marketing is important

     After you have posted your products on Zazzle it is important to market your products.  If you want to sell people must know about your products.  It is essential to get the word out.  Zazzle does a lot of marketing for you but if you really want to be successful you must help the process along.

     The social media is a great place to promote your product.  I use Facebook and Twitter and Zazzle makes that easy with links to both of those sites.

     If you have a blog, that is also a good place to promote your product.  My blog Lighthouse Musings is one place I promote my lighthouse related Zazzle items.

     I also use Squidoo to promote my products Mbgphoto and now I am excited to use Wizzley for another great way to get the word out about my photographs on Zazzle.

     Last, but not least, I email friends and relatives that I think would be interested in a certain subject.


Calendars Showcase Photos

great for gifts


colorful and useful way to showcase photos
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Mira on 06/04/2014

I saw one of your articles/your profile on Squidoo ( and it inspired me to create some birthday cards, so thank you!

Mira on 10/07/2012

Thank you, Mary Beth, for posting this page. It's the second time I see it and this time around it gave me an idea for a calendar! :-)

mivvy on 08/04/2011

This sounds really interesting. I signed up with Zazzle a week ago, but did not know how to continue. I have loads of photos and, like you, looked at stock photo selling sites etc etc, but I did not really like them. What size should a photo be to be uploaded on Zazzle?

Guest on 06/17/2011

Stunning. Both your photography and this page.

vikksimmons on 06/12/2011

I've bookmarked this because Zazzle is next on my list. ;)

lou16 on 06/11/2011

I am in total awe of your photos and I love looking in your Zazzle store.

Cace on 06/02/2011

Lovely photos! I really love the Woodland Stream note card.

WordCustard on 05/31/2011

I am a huge fan of Zazzle as a showcase for my own photography and as a chance to find beautiful products by others. You show how a little effort and know-how can transform a photo into a gift. Wonderful!

Ladymermaid on 05/30/2011

You did an amazing job on this page. It sure is beautiful. I love how the poll module looks. Pretty pretty :)

sandyspider on 05/30/2011

Love you photos.

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