Plants vs Zombies Candy Ideas

by Janet21

A great assortment of candy ideas for your Plants vs Zombies birthday celebration.

Candy buffets are the latest trend in party planning. If you are hosting a Plants vs Zombies birthday party or get together, you could set out a delicious candy buffet representing many of the fun characters from the video game such as Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno and many more.

How To Set up a Candy Buffet

I am featuring candy ideas for 11 of the popular plants as well as the brain, so you will have lots of ideas for your party. These candies would also make unique party favors for your celebration. You can place the candy in FDA approved bags and tie with curling ribbon.

All of the Plants vs Zombies buffet cards pictured on this page were created and photographed by me. These cards are so simple to make and they really help to pull your party theme together. To make the buffet cards you need to:

Find the image on the Internet that would like to use
Print them out onto cardstock or photo paper
Glue the images onto cardstock
Fold the cardstock in half to create your place card

Peashooter and Sunflower Candy Buffet Cards
Peashooter and Sunflower Candy Buffet Cards

Peashooter and Sunflower

Peashooter is one of the most popular characters in the video game, therefore, he must make a showing on your candy buffet.   Peashooter is the primary attacking plant in the game and he features a long tube for a mouth.  He shoots peas out of his mouth to cause the zombies some serious damage.

Sunflower is the second plant achieved in the video game and it is the only producer of sun.    Sunflower has a happy, cartoon face and is definitely one of the favorite characters in this game.

Peashooter Peas and Sunflower Lollipops

Lime Green Shimmer Sixlets Candy 1LB Bag

Is it just me or do these candies look just like a bowl of peas? I think they would be perfect on your candy buffet to represent Peashooter. These candies feature a delicious chocolate center.

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Sunflower Pop Candy Molds

For Sunflower, you can make your own chocolate lollipops with this specialty mold. Simply use yellow Wilton melts for your candy. Once the chocolate hardens place a circle of orange chocolate in the middle. Tie each finished sunflower with a green

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Fiskars 6 Inch Tapered TerraPot , Color Clay (50006C)

This would be the perfect flower pot to display your sunflower candy lollipops.

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Jalapeno - Pumpkin - Cherry Bomb - Melon-pult Candy Buffet Cards
Jalapeno - Pumpkin - Cherry Bomb - Melon-pult Candy Buffet Cards

Jalapeno Candies

The jalapeno plant is one of the most dangerous in the video game.  It is highly explosive and can clear an entire lane of zombies.   Real jalapeno peppers are spicy and in the game this plant is very explosive.  I like the connection!

These jalapeno gummy candies would be a great idea for your candy buffet.   Each package contains over 2lbs of sweet cherry flavored candy.

Jalapeno Candy

Cherry Bomb

Haribo gummy candies are always a hit.

These cherry gummy candies would be ideal to represent Cherry Bomb on your sweets table.  They are twin cherries just like in the game.  

Cherry Bomb is an instant kill plant.  This single use plant explodes almost immediately.  So, if you plant it, be ready to use it.

The gummy candies are sold in sets of 12.

Haribo Cherry Gummy Candy


Pumpkin Candy

Pumpkins are defensive plants used in the game.  Pumpkins can be planted over another plant and they also protect plants that are in their shell.   

For your candy buffet, I think the mello cream candy pictured here would work nicely.   Other pumpkin candy you can use on your buffet include jelly pumpkins, lollipops, gumballs and peeps.

Watermelon Candy

Melon-pult lobs watermelons at oncoming zombies and can do heavy damage to a group.    This plants does four times the amount of damage than Peashooter but only shoots half the time.  

I think these sweet watermelon lollipops would be a great way to include Melon-pult on your buffet.  Each order contains 36 wedge pops.


Zombie Brains - Star Fruit - Mushroom Candy Buffet Cards
Zombie Brains - Star Fruit - Mushroom Candy Buffet Cards

Candy Molds

Using these specialty candy molds is a very simple and inexpensive way to fill your buffet with sweet treats.  

The three candy molds featured below would be perfect to represent the games brain eating zombies, mushroom plants and Star Fruit.

For the brains, I would use pink Wilton candy melts and for the stars I would use yellow melts.  There are a few different mushrooms in the game, so for that chocolate you can choose whichever is your favorite or use a mix of different colors.

If you have never used Wilton candy melts before please visit my Easy Chocolate Using Wilton Melts page.

Brains ~ Mushrooms ~ Stars

Bite Size Brains Candy Molds

9 cavity mold, each piece will use 1/4 ounce of chocolate to fill, piece measures 1 1/2" X 1/2" deep. This is a chocolate mold, will not withstand high heat and is not dishwashe...

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Cybrtrayd M124 Small Stars Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Mo...

This is a first quality, tough plastic mold made by one of the leading manufacturers of candy and soap molds in the United States. It is durable and reusable. Made of clear, env...

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Cybrtrayd F009 Mushrooms Chocolate Candy Mold with Exclusive Cybrtrayd Copyrighted Chocolate Mold...

This is a first quality, tough plastic mold made by one of the leading manufacturers of candy and soap molds in the United States. It is durable and reusable. Made of clear, env...

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Blover ~ Potato Mine ~ Coffee Bean Candy Buffet Cards
Blover ~ Potato Mine ~ Coffee Bean Candy Buffet Cards

Blover ~ Potato Mine ~ Coffee Bean

Blover is a combination of blow and clover.  Blover is a single-use plant that blows away all balloon zombies and fog.    

I love these oreo cookie molds and so will your party guests.  Plus they are so easy to use.  Simply melt green Wilton chocolate melts and fill the mold about 1/3 of the way.  Then place an oreo cookie inside and fill the remaining cavity with melted chocolate. 

Potato Mine is a single-use explosive plant.  They cause massive damage, but do take awhile to arm themselves.  

If you want to include Potato Mine on your buffet, these chocolate potato chips would be perfect.  However, they are a bit expensive, so another idea would be to make your own chocolate potato chips.  Here is a great recipe to make your own chocolate covered chips using a bag of chocolate chip morsels and a bag of ruffled chips.  

Coffee Bean plants wake up sleeping mushroom plants and allow players to use them on day, pool and roof levels.  I guess the mushrooms just needed some caffeine.  

These delicious candies are covered in a rich, creamy chocolate.

Grass Tablecover & Vegetable Basket Decorations

This would make a great theme tablecloth for your candy buffet.
Grass Tablecover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Grass Tablecover, Measures, 54-Inch by one hundred eight-Inch, plastic tablecover, great for an event and great for decorating, Great for a football game day party.

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Berry Baskets | 10ct (4"x4"x1.75"), Green

These berry baskets are perfect for any party event. Each package contains 10 berry baskets that measure 4 inches by 4 inches wide, and 3 inches tall.

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Plants vs Zombies Party Supplies

Personalized Invitations ~ Decorations ~ Cake Supplies ~ Favors
Party Supplies
Party Supplies

Plants vs Zombies Merchandise

MAGGIFT Generic Plants vs Zombies Series PVC Toys,16 Piece

Material: PVC Size: 1.77 inches, 2.17 inches, 2.95 inches, 2.76 inches Color: as shown in the pictures Package Qty: 16 pieces

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Plants Vs Zombies Gift Box: Firepea, Chomper, and Snowpeas

How to Play: Insert the foam ball in the bottom of the plant, gently squeeze the plants to launch the ball at the zombie. Great set for kids to recreate Plants vs Zombies game-p...

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Plants vs Zombie Birthday Party Supplies Hanging Swirls, 24 CT Walking Zombies Theme Hanging Swir...

packaged Inclouding: 24 CT colorful plant vs zombie theme hanging swirls. All kids will love them in their Plants & Zombies party, birthday, classroom, any celebration events! A...

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