Playmobil Grand Mansion

by MuminBusiness

Have a little princess who wants a Dolls House then look no further than the Grand Mansion by Playmobil.


Playmobil sets are developed by a 50 strong development team in Germany.  The toys have been developed since 1975 and have managed to garner great admiration for their offerings to the toy market.

As parents of three daughters, we have bought a lot of the sets for my girls and as a result of the durability of  Playmobil, they have enjoyed them for a very long time.  There are days when they can spend a considerable amount of time on their own creating worlds in their imagination using the Playmobil characters and sets.  It is the only toy set apart from Lego that they love and have consistently loved.

The attention to detail Playmobil employs, sets it apart from regular play set manufacturers and your children will pick up on that difference.

The Grand Mansion

The Grand Mansion is a house that every little girl dreams of living in - and every older girl for that matter.  Some fortunate super rich children do actually live in a house with this many rooms but for the rest of us and our kids, this house gives them something to dream about.

There are rooms that can be used for anything you would normally do in real life such as a Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and more.  The Mansion is truly that - A lovely mansion.  It is made with the trademark Playmobil creativity and durability so it will take a little while to put together.  I would suggest putting aside an hour or two to do it.  If you enjoy playing with Lego then this will be easy for you.

Once done, your children will play for a very long time to come.  Some of us may still have sets we played with as children.  It will truly delight them and you for that matter.

Playmobil 5302 Grand Mansion

Playmobil Grand Mansion
Only $499.95

Playing with the Playmobil Grand Mansion

The Mansion comes with an actual door chime, the ability to pull the blinds down and also to change the curtains.  On building the mansion, your children can play with any of their dolls or character toys in the house.  

Also, Playmobil provides a great selection of add-ons to complete the mansion using just Playmobil items.  Take a look at these :-

Playmobil Living Room

This set comes with a 3 seater sofa and chair, a cat and its basket, a playmobil character, and a lot more things including a fireplace that flickers.  Look at the little TV and other entertainment units - This is what I mean when I talk about the Playmobil attention to detail.  It really does contain everything a normal living room would.

It would stand on its own as well as work as part of the Grand Mansion.  

Playmobil Kitchen

The Playmobil Kitchen Set comes with all the things a regular kitchen would have like utensils, cooker oven, baby's high chair, bread and more.

It also has two characters, a lady and a baby.  It even comes with a dustpan and brush.  It truly is lovely for imaginative play.

Playmobil Bathroom

Another example of Playmobil Excellence.  A corner bath, another Playmobil character in a towel, hairdryer, comb, mirror, sink and more.  So many little things for a little girl to play with, so many pretend conversations to have as she gets her Playmobil friend ready to face the day.

Playmobil Dining Room

A stand alone set that can be used in one of the rooms of the grand mansion.  With places for four Playmobil Characters, their food and a plant to add an air of grace to the room, this is one set you will not want to live without.

Playmobil Children's Room

There are a lot of things to play with within this set.  It is a perfect replica of a child's bedroom with a bunk bed and also a single bed, toys for the toy characters to play with, wardrobe, toy storage, pets and more.  It really will occupy your child for a good length of time as they arrange it in the grand Mansion.

Playmobil Nursery

If your child has a little sibling, it will be cool for them to have this set which comes with a changing table, cot, bottle to feed the baby, another two characters and more.

It is a nice touch to complete the grand mansion.

Other Accesories for the Grand Mansion

You can also get an extra floor if this is of interest to you.  This is obtainable directly from the Playmobil website.

All in all, this Playmobil collection is definitely one to get for the children.  You could get the Mansion itself and then get the grandparents to buy the sets to fill it up.

The one thing you must be careful about if you have children below 3 years old in the house then make sure they do not pick up the little parts of Playmobil.

Overall, the Playmobil Grand Mansion is lovely!

Updated: 02/13/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 02/14/2012

Playmobil is great! My kids love them and there is so much to keep on adding to their collection.

Thanks for reading!

BrendaReeves on 02/14/2012

Looks like I've got all those birthdays covered that are coming up.

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