Playmobil Hospital Accessories

by MuminBusiness

Do you own a Playmobil hospital or thinking of getting one? Here are the sets that go with it or can be used on their own.

The Playmobil Hospital is pretty amazing.

It grabs both young and old and the attention to detail makes it a toy that can be played and played over and over with new things being discovered all the time.

With the addition of the accessories to the Hospital, it makes it educational and playful all at the same time. Lost items can be replaced, the hospital can even be extended. Take a look...

Playmobil Ambulance Set - 4221

This Set has been around for a little while but it is so durable and so many children love it that it keeps being made.  That is one thing about Playmobil, they make durable excellent toys that children love and play with time and time again.

This is no exception.

The Set comes with an ambulance that has flashing blue lights (Thankfully, NO siren - Most children do not need this!), a removable roof to get the patients out rapidly, props for the accident that required the ambulance and more.

This set can be played with on its own as it comes with enough components to keep a child occupied for a while or it can act as an add on to the Playmobil Hospital.

Playmobil Ambulance 4221 Set
Playmobil Ambulance 4221 Set

Playmobil Medical 'Copter - 4222

Does the patient need to be transported in a hurry or are they trapped on a cliff somewhere?  Whatever the problem, the 'copter is on the way to save them.

It comes with a winch that can be lifted and lowered, two playmobil characters and propellers that rotate.

It is great for play anytime from the age of about 3 years old.  

Playmobile Hospital Room 4405

This Playmobil Hospital Room is an amazing set and definitely adds to the Hospital collection.  

It has a pair of slippers for the patient, a hospital bed that comes with wheels, a radio, a blanket and more.  This can be used on its own or as part of the hospital.

It will last forever.

Playmobil Hospital Expansion Floor 7942

Do you own the Hospital set? Sometimes the set is just not enough, there are so many accessories to go with it which may make it insufficient for its required use.  At times like that, the expansion set is in a league of its own.

This gives you and your child a whole extra floor to play with.  

Playmobil Hospital Ward 7921

This is a great addition to the Playmobil Hospital and gives you an extra ward to place all the toys.  It means all your Playmobil characters can have somewhere to go when they are sick or feeling a little run down.

It comes with beds and a cot and a sink and side tables.  All the things any patient would require for a stay in hospital. 

Playmobil Operating Room 7682

Oh No! Has your patient's illness progressed a bit further than you expected it to?  Well, now you can get the surgeons to work on the operating table in your new Playmobil operating room.

All the instruments required to make the surgery a success are provided for your child to play at being the real thing.

Get it while it still exists!

Playmobil Emergency Vehicle 4223

Just a few weeks ago, an ambulance was called for my little princess.  First of all, an emergency vehicle arrived first to check whether the main ambulance would be required.  It was a bit less obvious than the full ambulance, but it got to us quickly, the paramedic assessed my baby and got us to the hospital in double quick time.

This vehicle is usually the precursor to the large ambulance.  Again, Playmobil's attention to detail is amazing.  They have provided this Emergency vehicle, just like there is in real life.  

Another toy set for your child to find great delight in.

Playmobil Child with Wheelchair 4407

This comes with a child in a wheelchair and potentially her mother.

It can be played with all around your hospital set or on its own.  It will delight your child for a very long time.

The add on sets are amazing!

I hope you find a Playmobil Set that you really like.  I personally am adding to my Playmobil hospital collection slowly but surely.

Some more Playmobil Sets

Updated: 02/20/2012, MuminBusiness
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