Posion Rings - Intriguing Victorian Inspired Jewelry

by Digby_Adams

Poison rings, also known less ominously as locket rings, lend an air of mystery to your hands. Just what is in that poison ring?

Poison rings have become a very popular again. When once they were the stuff of courtly intrigue and murder mysteries, today they're a fashion statement. These rings are big and bold and have a story to tell. Antique poison rings lend a mysterious vibe to the hand that wears them. Imagine telling someone who admires your ring, that that's wear the original wearer kept his hemlock. They are often inscribed with skulls, coffins, and crosses. This has made them very popular with Goth culture. If you speak with your hands and want to get attention, they wear a poison ring adorned with a skull. That certainly sends a message that you're not to be trifled with!

Who doesn't love a little mystery? Remember that sunglasses ad that asked, Who's behind those Foster Grants? Well, when you wear a poison ring people might just wonder what's in it. I have to laugh at the thought of hiding poison in those rings and waiting for just the right moment to drop it in someone's drink. Especially if a poison ring looked like the dazzler shown to the right. It's called Pope Alexander's Casket Ring. A Size 10 ring, it's big and bold and it's name implies a certain ruthlessness. Pope Alexander hailed from the cruel and sadistic Florentine clan, the Borgias.

It opens with hinges and stays closed because of magnets. The gemstone and ring construction is substantial. Either a man or woman can wear it and love telling the story of its name. Quite frankly wearing a poison ring is a bit like wearing a snake ring. It hints at a dark secret in the wearer's soul. If you want people to think there's a tinge of dangerousness about you, then wear a poison ring.

Goths have really embraced poison rings and you'll see elements of their culture incorporated in them. A good example of this is crosses and coffins. Take a look to the right and check out the two cross Gothic poison rings. The first has a traditional cross design with a gemstone in the center.

Vampires and vampire jewelry also plays a prominent role in Goth jewelry. So it's no surprise to see a coffin poison ring with a cross on top. It's not just fans of the Twilight trilogy who've embraced vampire jewelry. The True Blood series inspired by the books of Charlaine Harris have brought another group of people into the vampire culture. Manga lovers can't be overlooked with their Vampire Academy leading the way.

If you have any teens or pre-teens who love these vampire series, then by all means take a look at a poison ring for them. It's a jewelry style that they might not be familiar with, but will love when they see it.

The Victorians were fascinated by death and mysticism. Combine their obsession with eternity with the ultimate symbol of infinity - the Celtic Knot. These days poison rings or locket rings are also used as a unique aromatherapy delivery system! If you've got a friend who loves to inspire her mood and personality with scent. Give her a poison ring (best to call it a locket ring) and some solid scent. She'll love being able to smell her ring when she's stressed out! Celtic knots are also major inspirations for tattoos. A friend with lots of tattoos will love one of these as a gift.

Available in sizes 6 through 10 this poison snake ring is available to hold some venom for your next diabolical deed (You know I'm just kidding right?) The snake tail and body wind around your finger ending in a snake head embellished with tribal accents. The head is on a hinge to open. If you love snake rings, this is definitely one to add to the collection. Both men and women can add to their Bad Boy and Bad Girl image when they wear this ring. Of course you can always hide away a token of your true love in the secret compartment as well. Know one else will know what you have in there.

Well if you really want to hide some poison in your ring, then maybe hiding it in this adorable turtle poison ring is a good idea. I don't think that anyone would suspect any nefarious intent when they spy this ring on your finger. The turtle shell features a beautiful design. You'll love the way the turtle's head and feet peek out from underneath it. If anyone asks about your poison ring, you can just say that it celebrates that a slow and steady course wins the day. Just remember you don't have to say anything without your lawyer being present.

Sterling Silver Turtle Poison Ring

Sterling Silver Turtle Poison Ring.
Updated: 06/16/2013, Digby_Adams
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BrendaReeves on 03/11/2012

I thought the same as Jimmie. LOL You learn something new everyday.

Jimmie on 01/28/2012

I thought poison rings were for killing yourself before the bad guys (or good guys!) got to you first. I guess it's all in your perspective. Fascinating descriptions of the locket rings. I think they look very fun to wear.

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