Pranayama Asana for Natural Glowing Skin

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Is it possible to have natural glowing skin with yoga and Pranayam Asana? It certainly is – the impurities get decluttered from both mind and body with these simple asanas.

Yoga and Ayurveda are two ancient oriental branches originated from India that help you teach the art of living. Human life is precious; we do not want to waste it away with estranged relations, bad habits, stress, anxiety and depression. Human brain is the most astonishing and powerful creation, to channelize the power of mind is what yoga about.

With yoga you can control your mind and body to live a healthy and spiritual life. Yoga contains more than 100 asanas that need a strict regime to master them all. As a beginner you don’t need the complex asanas to start with. Natural skin glow requires simple pranayama asana that can be performed and mastered by many. Patience and diligence are the keys to natural glowing skin.

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Why call Yoga, the contemporary Yoga?


I call Yoga as contemporary yoga because with our hectic life style it is not possible to master all the Yoga asanas, the contemporary yoga is the one that is suitable for most of the people with easy stretching exercises. The traditional Yoga asanas that can be adapted and learned by many should be used for daily practice. Yoga was never out of date; we only have to understand it to make it suitable to modern times. Pranayama asana is the easiest and most of us can perform it comfortably.


Do you ever wonder if it takes only a fraction of the costs of an expensive imported cosmetic cream to apply yoga for a healthy regime and a step towards gaining the natural skin glow, why people are not doing it? Well, it is certainly not a short-cut, it requires regularity and conviction.

Pranayama Asana for Beauty

Pranayama Asana
Pranayama Asana
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Why learn Yoga?


It certainly requires some effort to learn yoga and practice it regularly. But the hard work pays. The secret behind a soft skin body was written long ago in ancient literature and Yoga promises a natural method for a healthy mind and body. The byproducts of performing Yoga and pranayama asana are more than finite. You can do a lot of research and study. You even have lengthy literature and heavy books written in the praise of this ancient oriental art.


Once you learn Yoga, I am sure you will give enough reasons for envy. With a natural gleaming skin and healthy complexion, your friends are in for surprise. Not to say a toned body that goes with the radiant skin. After all who does not want an ever flattering youthful appearance?



Does Pranayama Asana Help?

The Art that is Yoga

When people think about Yoga, they relate it to fitness and health. Most of them do not know that Yoga adds that luster and shimmering on your face that many cosmetics, Botox implantations and surgeries cannot.  As examples, you can observe the Yogis and the serious meditators who have a very rare healthy skin glowing and an absolute fit and gorgeous body.

You can also observe that saints like Baba Ramdev sport a healthy body and jet black thick growth of hair on their heads even after 60 years. You will rarely see any grayness in their head.

How to have glowing skin?

So how to have glowing skin that is a subject of great research for pharmacist and women both?

 Inverted yogic postures, “Pranayama asana” and sun salutations can give you the much needed makeup that is long-lasting unlike one time cosmetics. All that is needed is steadfastness, regular regime of yoga asanas and a will power to stick to the schedule. According to the head of the a Yoga teacher in India, Bharat Thakur , yoga asanas like “Halasana” - the plough posture, the “Sarvangasana”, the “Sirshasana” - the inverted standing posture of head down and feet upwards and the “Paschimottasana” help the blood to flow to the brain. Not only do these postures make the skin taut, they ensure good blood circulation around the face, eyes, cheeks and ears.

Such asanas clear the skin; purify the blood thus adding a healthy natural skin glow to the face. If you are diligent, the perseverance pays off and you can witness the changes within seven to 10 days of practicing these asanas.

Benefits of Yogic Asanas for Beauty

“Pranayama asana”, “Kapalbharati” (people often mis-spell it as kapalbhatis as ‘r’ is silent) and “Bhastrikas” are great for a natural glowing skin. In ancient Yogic scriptures, it is mentioned that yogic postures and asanas not only develop a healthy life-style but a change in skin composition which is vital for a young vibrating complexion.

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/13/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate the way you match the yoga posture with the well-being that it promotes. It makes sense that properly flowing blood improves skin health everywhere, even the face that so often reflects the most stress that one may be experiencing.

Would bhastrikas, halasana, paschimottasana, sarvangasana, pranayama kapalbharati and sirshasana postures be done separately on different days?

VioletteRose on 11/01/2014

Pranayama is definitely effective in so many ways, it especially helps to calm down a disturbed mind. I wish I learn yoga sometime soon.

Mira on 10/31/2014

Interesting. It makes sense :) Yoga is truly great.

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