Predict the Future with Divination

by Roohi

Find out what divination is, why it is usually used, how to use it to get the best results, and learn about the different divination tools.

Whether you believe in it or not, the fact is that divination has been around for centuries. In fact, it will probably always be there as long as there is human life on this earth. Let's take a look at what divination is, why people often use it for, how it is used to predict the future, and the different tools used in this practice.

What is divination?

The word divination basically means to foresee or to be inspired by the divine. So, basically it means predicting something with the help of the divine realm. You may want to gain knowledge about your past, your present situation, or your future life. While most people would consult a diviner or a psychic for this purpose, there are a few others who would go within to get the answers to their questions.


So, you ask a question and get the answer from the diviner who uses various accessories or tools to provide insight into a particular situation. In other cases, you may want to attain a heightened state of consciousness and ask the question from the divine world yourself. How clear the answer is will depend on how clear the question is.

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How to use divination to get the best results

The success of any divination depends on your question. You may know the problem that you need help for but if you aren't really clear about what you want to ask the psychic or your own divine world, you won't get the right answer. So, if you want good results from a divination session, you need to ask a clear question.


It is true that diviners or psychics or oracles are supposed to have special abilities to see beyond the visible world. However, what many people don't realize is that these diviners actually connect with your subconscious level to get the answer. This means that you already know the answer deep within but you are either not able to access it or are not ready to accept it.


Sometimes, people may see hints, signs, dreams, omens, or visions that provide the answer to their question. These are basically believed to come from the unseen world. But they are not able to link these things or understand these. So, you may see omens or signs that the relationship you are in is not going to work. However, you either dismiss it as rubbish or just cannot understand it. In this case, your divine world is basically foretelling the future of your relationship. "It is not going to work."


But since you cannot see it, you may want to consult a psychic for the same purpose. The psychic will tell you the same thing. However, the answer that he or she receives is from your own subconscious and the unseen world. Keep in mind, you also were able to access it but you just weren't able to understand it or maybe you were not prepared to accept it.


This is where a diviner can really help. These people may use an accessory or they may not. But what they do is help you get the answers that were already there but you just don't have the talents to see it.


Agreed, there are many frauds acting as psychics out there. All they are after is your money. But the genuine ones will be often willing to get the answer for you, sometimes even without asking for any payment.


Now, let's take a look at some forms of divination that are popularly used for predicting the future.

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Forms of divination

Tarot Cards

It is believed that tarot cards have been used by diviners since the mid-fifteenth century. The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards and there are four suits of 14 cards. These four suits are wands, swords, pentacles, and cups. These represent the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. These are called the minor arcana cards. There is also the major arcana which consists of 22 cards. Each card has a different image symbolizing a different meaning.

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Palmistry is all about reading the lines of your palm. Palm readers believe that every line on your palm tells your past, present as well as your future. Even the shape of your fingers, knuckles, and the fingernails can tell a good reader about your personality traits. While the Line of Heart, Line of Life, and the Line of Head are the three major lines in your palm, there are many other minor lines that are used by palm readers to predict your present as well as future situation.

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Stones and crystals have been used as divination tools for centuries. Crystals are believed to increase psychic awareness and help make it easier to access the unseen world. Clear quartz crystal and amethyst are the most popularly used divination tools. Both clear quartz and amethyst are believed to promote meditation and healing and increase spiritual awareness. The crystals also seem to protect diviners from negative energy and promote positive energy in the atmosphere.


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The position of the stars and the planets at the time of your birth can tell you everything about your personality and your past, present, and future life. This is what astrology believes. Astrologers divide the heavens into a wheel called the zodiac. The wheel is divided into twelve segments. As the planets and stars pass through the different houses, they exert different influences on people.


Astrologers also prepare detailed charts called horoscopes with information about the position of the stars and planets, and moon at different points of time. In some cultures, such as Hinduism, the matching of horoscopes is considered to be a very important factor for a marriage. So, if the horoscope of the prospective groom does not match with that of the girl, a marriage will not take place.

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Other divination tools

Of course, the above four are the most popularly used tools for divination. However, there are many other ways that are used by diviners to get answers to the questions of their querent and predict the future. These include runes, I-ching, and numerology.


Of course, you can access your divine world by yourself as well. For this, you need to be in a state of heightened consciousness. This means that you will need to get involved in shamanic drumming, mantra chanting, or concentrative meditation. There is a stage during these practices where asking a question will get you the answer. Now, you may not get the answer right away. But you may be able to see signs and omens that provide you with the answer to your question. You just need to be aware of these signs.

Use Divination

So, have you got the answer to your question 'what is divination?' Of course, now you know. You know how diviners or psychics work. You also know that you can predict your future or gain insight into a present situation by yourself. The choice is entirely yours. If you think you can do it yourself, nothing should stop you. If not, find a good genuine diviner and let him or her provide the answers to you. Keep in mind that the diviner will give you the answers but it's interpretation will entirely depend on you.

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Roohi on 01/30/2013

Thanks, Brenda! Glad you liked it.

BrendaReeves on 01/30/2013

Great article! I love reading things like this.

Roohi on 11/28/2012

You can definitely think of it that way, Mira! They can indeed talk to your subconscious like you may not be able to do. Thanks for stopping by!

Mira on 11/28/2012

Good points that some psychics are great psychologists :)

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