Primitive Halloween Wreaths

by Digby_Adams

Fabulous selection of primitive wreaths for Halloween featuring grapevine wreaths and lots of spooky embellishments such as crows, witches, ghosts, and scarecrows.

Primitive wreaths and decor will fit perfectly into the Halloween season. The sparse feel of grapevine wreaths embellished with haunting symbols such as crows and empty nests create a quiet sense of foreboding. You can feel the Autumn wind blowing the leaves from the trees. The quiet desolation of graveyard tombstones sends shivers up your back as you walk by. If you prefer to imbue your guests with a subtle horror, then primitive Halloween decor is your best choice. Begin their quiet journey into terror with a primitive Halloween wreath, that makes them wonder is your house haunted or are they just being sensitive?

Country decor incorporates our past by using traditional design elements and materials such as wood. It is often made by hand - even if the object is new. But it's not unusual for country decor enthusiasts to incorporate primitive decor, which usually is much sparser. That's definitely what you'll find when you look at Halloween wreaths that begin with a grapevine.

Then darker images are added. Crows are huge for Halloween 2012. I don't know why. These things come and go. As far as I know there hasn't been a resurgence of Hitchcock's, The Birds. Faded sunflowers, once the stuff of cheerful summer wreaths are now, images of fading vigor. The same goes for pumpkins featured on these wreaths. While they can be cheerful and full of Autumn colors, primitive pumpkins can often seem forlorn.

Witch's boots are also appearing this year in the center of Halloween primitive wreaths and as the central feature of Halloween primitive door swags. These are not the colorful and fanciful images. One look at these witch boots or hats and you'll feel the old hag's presence as she sits in an isolated forest cabin brewing potions and casting spells on you!

Country Halloween Decor

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Halloween decorations and wreaths can be tricky depending upon your personal beliefs. Yes, you may want to celebrate the Halloween spirit and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. But there may be some Halloween images that you find disturbing. If you want to decorate, but eschew some of the Halloween decor, then I would suggest a primitive grapevine wreath with pip berries.

Grapevine wreaths are very popular country Halloween decor. Their simple lines are often graced with pip berries. The combination of the two organic ingredients give your grapevine wreath a haunting quality. It hints at the end of the harvest and a quiet time in the fields, waiting for the rebirth of a new crop. Yes the crows are there, probably sitting on a disheveled and dispirited scarecrow that no longer frightens them. The promise of a new harvest is not yet close enough to break the loneliness of the deserted crop fields.

Of course if you choose you can start with a plain grapevine wreath and then add some of your own Autumn embellishments to create your own unique front door wreath for the Halloween season.

Primitve Grapevine Wreaths with Pip Berries

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Owls and their haunting calls are trending Halloween 2012 decorations. So be very cool and include one in your primitive Halloween wreath.

Owl Primitive Wreaths

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Updated: 07/19/2015, Digby_Adams
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