Psych Episode Review: “Lassie Jerky”

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 7 television episode that first aired in March 2013.

Synopsis: Big Foot aficionado Shawn (James Roday) decides to join a couple college students filming their hunt for the creature. He, of course, tricks Gus (Dule Hill) to go with him. At first, he believes it is all one big hoax. However, things take a strange turn when they see what looks like Big Foot and, a short time later; discover dead bodies hidden in a hole in the middle of the woods.

Guest stars

Guest stars include Kate Rogal, Alex Enriquez and Paul Wight.

Gus Really Shines

I had a chance to watch this episode yesterday while I was home for lunch. While I knew I had seen it before, I couldn’t remember that much about it. So, when I started watching it for a second time, I was pleasantly surprised by how funny it was.

This episode, to me at least, was all about Gus. Of everyone that ultimately ended up in the woods, including Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson), he was easily the least-equipped one of the group and that fish-out-of-water scenario resulted in some of the funniest scenes, whether he was accidentally ingesting a tracking device (inside a chicken leg he found in a tree and didn’t question) or sampling a side of meat cooking over a fire despite the understanding there was a good chance it was human meat.

For his part, Paul “The Big Show” Wight was fantastic as the ex-Army Ranger turned survivalist Big Ed Dixon. I loved how he managed to have a bit of a menacing side to him while still being very polite and a pretty decent host. He, along with the scenes involving Gus, was a big part of the reason why this episode was as funny as it was (especially toward the end, when they believed he had been killed).

I don’t know if I was a big fan of the “Blair Witch Project” spoofs the episode attempted throughout, mostly because they just didn’t seem to be as well-executed as they could have been. That and it really didn’t fit this particular episode and probably would have been better if they were actually looking for a witch or something a bit more paranormal. However, that being said, I did think Omundson did a decent job given the limited material he had to work with.

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Final Opinion

This is a fantastically funny episode that does manage to have a bit of a mystery to it, at least until we’re getting closer to the end. I would recommend taking the time to watch it if you’re in the mood to watch something from this series.

My Grade: B

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Updated: 07/20/2017, StevenHelmer
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