Pump the Pumpkins for Fall Decor

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When it comes to Fall season, pumpkins cannot be far. Be it pumpkin dishes, jack o lanterns or carving pumpkins, the gourd is the centerpiece of Fall.

Fall a unique season falls between summer and winter. It spans over September, October and first half of November. Sweltering heat of summer gives way to cooler climate, which is Fall followed by autumn/winter.

This is the season; people want to spend outside their homes. Beach time gives way to football, apple and pumpkin. It is best time to meet friends at home. Fall is the best time of the year for travel, dining outdoors and enjoying life. All in all, Fall is a magical season and all want to make the most of it. Alas, it goes away in a flash although we don’t want it to end at all. Halloween and Thanksgiving add colour to this amazing season.

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Fall with Grandma’s Pumpkin Recipes

Home Decor in Fall Season

People take great pains to welcome the season. Planning new décor and revamping their house for the Fall and Christmas season is not uncommon. New recipes are invented and old are prepared for enjoying the rhythm of the season. If you are in cooking, this is the perfect time to try some of Grandma’s fall pumpkin recipes. Pumpkin pie, soup and roast are some of the cuisines family enjoy eating together. Travel with friends and family is also an important activity during this period.

Fall Décor with Pumpkins

Crafts with Pumpkin Squash


Just before fall is the time people buy new decor for their home from flea market and garage sales. It is time to redecorate their home and invigorate the surroundings just to get a feel of new beginning. If you are on a tight budget go for DIYs rather than buying new items from stores. DIY wreaths, Pumpkin Decor and adding a dash of spooky elements for Halloween could be your idea for this fall.

Here are some preliminaries of Pumpkin Décor for homes to get you started.

Why Pumpkin?


Pumpkin a type of gourd comes in various sizes and colours with a hard shell. Naturally, the colourful skin is an obvious choice for decorations. Pumpkins come in shades of orange, yellow, brown and white. The colours become the background thus avoiding the need of base paint. For crafts, pumpkins can be big and medium or small. Stem can be easily used for designing and artwork. Pumpkins are easily amenable for painting, cutting shapes. Flexible enough for making holes pumpkins are most suitable for carving.

DIY with Pumpkin gourd


Get fresh pumpkins without bruises having a stem. Without stem, the Pumpkin would not last long. Once carved, pumpkins can last maximum three days only. If an elaborate design and carving is planned, it is better to have a smooth and large pumpkin. Wood and plastic pumpkins are also used.

Before carving, a hole is cut on the top or bottom of the pumpkin for putting lids. Seeds inside are removed completely and some scraping done inside retaining a hard crust of 25mm thick.

Carving Pumpkin


Make sure that your selected design is the right size to the size of the pumpkin. The design pattern should be a perfect fit so that it can be wrapped over it and stenciling can begin. The patterns have to be fixed with pins or tape. Small and shallow holes can be made just outside the pattern with a poking tool and in case of complicated patterns these holes have to be drilled closely.

Pumpkin Toolkit


Pattern can be transferred by graphite paper or by a pencil or tool. Major drilling work has to be completed before the carving is taken up. Drilling is done with a drilling machine. Carvings are made with a sawing tool. Applying oil on freshly cut surfaces increases life of the pumpkin. Candles can be placed on foil or holder and a small hole is cut over the candle to work as a chimney.

Tool kits and paints for Pumpkin Décor are available online or in stores. While, painting acrylic paints can be used. Different sizes of paint brushes, liner brushes and sponge are used for painting.


Pumpkin Carving on YouTube

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WriterArtist on 09/07/2022

DerdriuMarriner - We make pumpkin curry, halwa (dessert) and also put it in sweet puris. These are all Indian dishes. I do not recall any recipe that has pumpkin as container. Recently, I got a chance to taste pumpkin soup in Europe. It was delicious.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/24/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate the careful steps that you provide from choosing pumpkins to decorating fall exteriors and interiors with them.

My sister has kept some lovely family recipes that in essence employ pumpkins as bowls and plates. A pumpkin is an appealing, appetizing vehicle for rice and soup recipes.

Would you happen to have Indian recipes that involve pumpkins as containers or ingredients?

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