Pumpkins Are Not Just For Halloween Any More

by DeniseJackson

Most people are unaware that cold pressed and extracted pumpkin seed oil is extremely beneficial both internally and externally.

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil
Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil

It's All In The Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seed oil is very rich in essential fatty acids? These acids  are vital for brain function, and the growth of skin and hair?  It is a potent anti-oxidant that is also loaded with vitamins e and k.  It's made by cold pressing the seeds and extracting the oil which has many uses. The average person has eaten pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pies and pumpkin cheesecake; but the actual seeds of a pumpkin can be very beneficial for the body and most people are unaware of this. Pumpkin seed oil moisturizes and nourishes dry, flaky skin.  So if you have dandruff issues or even stretch marks that you need to fade, applying this oil to your problem areas several times a week can help to reduce these skin issues.  It prevents moisture loss in the skin and helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Another Great Oil For Hair

When I first started researching this particular oil I was immediately drawn to it. Pumpkin seed oil is considered to be a natural DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blocker which is absolutely great for those who are experiencing hair loss.  It has been helpful for me since I stopped using chemical treatments on my hair.  I was plagued with Alopecia a few years ago and was  frighten of going completely bald. Having the right combination of natural ingredients is important when you are trying to create natural hair loss treatments.

One of the main causes of hair loss in most people is the formation of DHT in the scalp sebum, which is the oil that the skin naturally produces. This hormone basically shrinks the follicle root which results in the loss of hair. When pumpkin seed oil is applied directly to the scalp it can help to reduce the amount of DHT that is found in the sebum on the scalp. Restoring the PH balance of the sebum in turns produces healthier, stronger hair.

A few uses for Pumpkin seed oil for me has been of course using it in my shea butter mixtures (more on that in future articles). I mix it with other oils like coconut or olive oil and apply it directly to my scalp. As hot oil treatment, I take a few tablespoons apply it to freshly washed hair paying close attention to my scalp. Massage the oil in for 3-5 minutes and then wear a plastic cap for about an hour. I rinse the oil out with warm water and then with cold water. Warm water opens the cuticles of the hair while cold water closes cuticles. Doing this helps to lock in moisture and shine.There are many great uses for Pumpkin seed oil. It's definitely a staple in my hair regimen.

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Updated: 02/11/2012, DeniseJackson
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Mira on 08/05/2012

Hi Denise, didn't know pumpkin seed oil is good against hair loss. I'll get some for myself too, and mix it with olive oil, and, perhaps, some nettle tincture? Would that work?

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