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Thinking of wearing a Rachel Berry costume this Halloween? Get great costume ideas here.

I love Glee’s Rachel Berry! She’s one of the most interesting (if not the most interesting) characters in the show that Glee would crumble without her. She has a great voice, she can sing anything, and her personality is everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Glee is already on its 4th season, and we saw how Ryan Murphy (the creator of the show) tried to replace Rachel with new characters. But guess what, it’s not working. Ryan just can’t take Rachel away from Glee.

In this article, I’ll give you some costume ideas if you want to dress up like Rachel Berry on Halloween (or any costume party for that matter).

Anatomy of a Rachel Berry Outfit (Before NYADA)

For those Gleeks out there, you know very well how Rachel Berry’s style evolved from nerdy to sexy. And this is supposed to be part of her maturity process as a Broadway star. This article does not touch on Rachel Berry’s sexy style in New York. Instead, we go back to her high school days when the cool kids made fun of her and throw slushie in her face.

So in two words, how do we define Rachel Berry’s fashion? Preppy nerdy. And to have a better understanding of it, take a look at this picture of her. After the picture, it's time to dissect Rachel's style and clothing choices.

Rachel's Hairstyle

Rachel Berry’s hair is black, straight, and it’s always neat. Plus -- don’t forget this because this is one of Rachel’s distinct features -- she has bangs. Yes, the bangs! 

There are some wigs that can easily give you this hairstyle. So even if you're blond, you can transform into a Rachel Berry in minutes.

The wig on the right is the closest you can get to a Rachel Berry hairstyle. Remember, there's no need to style it. You can put on some headband if you want because Rachel does that anyway, but don't curl it (unless you're participating in Regionals).

Rachel Berry Top

When she’s not wearing a cardigan, Rachel can be seen in a baby blouse with prints. These prints take the form of animals, shapes (such as hearts), or have the Argylle style.

She also loves bright colors, plaid, and nerdy tops. On some days, she can be seen with layers --  like a white long sleeves topped with wool sweater.

Occasionally, she wears a dress, but this does not show any of her sexy side. They're plain, geeky,  and though they sometimes have prints on them, they're boring when she wears them. 

Rachel Berry’s Mini Skirt

Rachel is fond of wearing mini skirts. But unlike cheerleaders, she wears these skirts longer than the usual mini skirts. So the best terms to describe Rachel’s lower garments are the following: a skort or a junior-long school uniform skirt.

As for the style and colors, sometimes, you can see her in tartan or plaid. But most of the time, these skorts bear a plain and boring color such as all-brown or grey. They can be pleated, but you can’t say “stylish” with these pleats.

Socks and Footwear

Rachel loves to wear socks that goes all the way up to the knees. These socks may be plain white, or they may have some designs that are not friendly to the eyes. As for the shoes, she loves to wear flats with a strap. If you’re looking for a Rachel Berry footwear, decide on black or brown, but not colored ones.

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Updated: 03/09/2013, squidooprincess2012
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