Reason Why Water Taste Better From A Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

by retreadfitness

Do you ever wonder why your water tastes like plastic? It's because plastic is leaching into your drinking water. Stainless steel water dispensers are plastic free.

Stainless Steel Water Containers And Bottles

I was raised in Minnesota and drank fresh crystal clear water from a deep water well.  We never stored our water in plastic containers.  We drank from stainless steel and glass cups.  Water wells are a thing of the past.  A large percentage of people live in urban areas and drink city water that contains thousands of chemicals.  Concerned people buy bottled water or use a some type of water filtration system when they drink tap water that has been "purified" by the local. utility company.  Whether you purchased bottled water or use a filtration system, you need to be concerned about water storage.

If you are as concerned about drinking filtered as you are with your over all health, then you may want to consider storing your bottled water in a stainless steel water dispenser.  Our family purchased a Dinuba stainless water dispenser last year and we are very happy with it. Dinuba manufactures these classic water storage containers in 10, 15, and 25 liter sizes.  While I really like the 25 liter size, the 15 liter dispenser is better to travel with and to get refilled at the local water purification plant.  Additionally, I have not seen any Amazon selling the 25 liter size.  Life Without Plastic sells the 25 liter size but it does not come with the spigot.  You have to pay an extra $25.  The 15 liter size is approximately 4 gallons and will be the most useful water container that you have ever owned.

Dinuba Stainless Steel Water Dispensers

Dinuba Stainless Steel Water Dispenser 15 Liter

Purified water should be stored in either a glass or stainless steel containers to maintain purity. Until now there has not been a good stainless steel alternative. Dinuba ...

Dinuba Stainless Steel Water Dispenser 10 Ltr

Purified water should be stored in either a glass or stainless steel containers to maintain purity. Until now there has not been a good stainless steel alternative. Dinuba ...


I like to store my purified water in either a high quality stainless steel container or glass bottles. When the big BPA toxin scare started getting media attention, I noticed links for the Dinuba Stainless Steel Water Dispensers.   They are imported from Italy and are made of the high quality 18/10 stainless steel.  These are old fashioned looking water dispensers that were originally used to dispense olive oil in homes and small country stores. They remind me of antique milk cans that my uncles used on their dairy farm in Southern Minnesota.  The lid has a large screw top opening and two handles. The dispenser top is always closed to prevent accidental spilling and yet still dispenses water because of the built in air vent.  It uses a special button type spigot made of a stainless steel fitting that does not come into contact with any plastic.  We used the 25 liter Dinuba dispenser for our 3 week car camping trip.  I could not imagine camping without it!


Why Stainless Steel Water Dispensers Are A Better Health Choice For You

First of all, stainless steel water bottles and dispensers do not contain any plastic.  Plastic is made from petroleum.  Petroleum based products have been known to be associated with cancer.  While the big marketing push right now is BPA free water bottles, what about all the other toxins that can still be released from plastic? Thousands of chemical additives are used in the manufacturing of plastic products.  Plasticizers are used as a softening agent which makes water bottles, toys, and pacifiers nice and soft. For example, the commonly used plastic, PVC usually contains more than 25% plasticizing additives such as phthalate by weight. Phthalates are known to mess with the endocrine system, are linked to cancers are now banned in many consumer based products such as children's toys. Just because the new water bottles do not emit biphenol a, this does not mean that it is good for you.

Why BPA Is A Health Concern

BPA easily breaks down and leaches from food and beverage containers made out of it into the liquid that you are drinking or the food that you are eating. As products age that are made from BPA, the plastics and resins weaken and leach quicker into what you are consuming.

Many people are not aware that canned food is lined with a plastic that may contain BPA.  These foods are usually oily or acidic which makes this a greater concern.

How To Save Money On 16 Oz Bottled Water

I have never liked buying small bottles of water because they are so expensive and are made of plastic.  Instead, I buy Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel refillable water bottles.  While they are more expensive upfront, they are cheap to refill.  Even if you pay 50 cents per gallon for purified water and dump most of it, you are still saving money.  A gallon of water has the equivalent of 16 bottles of water.  I pay 20 cents a gallon for my purified water.  How much are you paying for your sixteen ounce bottle of water?

We like stainless water bottles because they are refillable and do not contain toxins that will eventually get us sick.

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Dishwasher-safe, eco-friendly, high-quality stainless steel water bottles from Klean Kanteen offer a great alternative to plastic and lined metal bottles. Constructed of food ...

Klean Kanteen
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Jimmie on 01/08/2012

This all makes sense. I despise drinking from plastic or Styrofoam. I hadn't thought about storing water in plastic being a problem, though.

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