Resin Garden Fairy Statues

by Gardenbella

Thought to bring good luck to the garden, fairy garden statues come in many different styles and sizes. You will love to see little fairy statues hiding among flower beds.

A favorite in any garden are the garden fairy statues. Not only are they whimsical, but they might bring some magic to a garden. I wish sometimes that I had a really large garden because I would have these statues sprinkled in all my flower beds. Maybe they would bring a blessing to my garden so that my plants and flowers could flourish and I as well I just might get a green thumb!

Fairy statues have been used as garden decoration for many years. Thought to bring good luck to the garden they come in many different styles and sizes. I particularly like the little fairy statues as I can hide them among my flower beds.

If you are planning to have some fairy statues in your yard you might want to consider what type of plants and flowers you will also have in the garden in order to enhance these lovely little statues.

You garden should have an informal look about it, perhaps more like a country garden or and English garden. A little rough around the edges perhaps, but beautiful never the less in that it will be a fun place to explore.

Gazing Fairy Statue

The Secret Garden Gazing Fairy Statue

PD1539 With delicate butterfly wings and a pensive pose, this inventive fairy alights from the rich imagination of artist Evelyn Myers Hartley! Ready to enchant at a moment's no...

Only $48.9

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Fairies in the Garden!

I for one have been enchanted with fairies since I was a small child. One great place to have them on display is in the garden.

Fairy statues fit very well into any garden theme. They can sit on an old tree stump or sit beside a pond. They come in many different styles and sizes but my favorite are the ones that look almost real!

Another way to display a fairy statue is make a fairy circle. Place the statue on your lawn and then surround her with a circle of flowers. These statues also look amazing when peeking out behind a bush or shrub.

If you are looking to add more than one fairy statue think about how you want them to interact with one another or do you want them to stand alone? There are a number of statues that have similar coloring and style and they make for an interesting grouping.

Whatever fairy statue you chose I'm sure they will bring magic and fun to a garden!

Spirit of the Wind Fairy Sculpture

Spirit of the Wind Fairy Statue

CL4571 As the wind blows through her fine tresses, this exquisite, over two-foot-tall fairy seems ready to take flight at any moment. With her amazingly detailed wings unfurled ...

Only $249.66

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Caring for Your Garden Statue

Depending on where you live, your garden statue may need little or no care or it may need to be taken inside during the winter months especially if you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures in the winter.

Resin garden statues have the best chance of surviving bad weather. They are designed to be able to take more abuse than a painted statue or even some concrete statues that might crack in freezing weather.

If you want to leave a concrete statue outside all winter long you might want to cover it with a water sealant to prevent water from seeping into cracks and breaking the statue.

Cleaning a garden statue is fairly simple. You just need to use plain soap and water and either a toothbrush (to get into the small areas) or a small soft scrub brush. Once you have all the dirt and grime off the statue, simply rinse with water to remove all traces of soap and let it air dry.

Small Fairy Garden Statues

These tiny little fairies are a perfect addition to any garden. They are only 5-inches by 10-inches so they won't take up too much space! Add one or all three for a collection.
Aura an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary

Aura an Earth Fairy has come to your garden to sit for a while. An added element to your home or garden, she will bring good luck to your garden. Included with Aura is a text ta...

Only $17.34

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Ilana an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary

Ilana an Earth Fairy has come to your garden to observe for a while. An added element to your home or garden, she will bring good luck to your garden. Included with Ilana is a t...

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Miranda an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary

Miranda an Earth Fairy has come to your garden to sit for a while. An added element to your home or garden, she will bring good luck to your garden and maybe even a rainbow. Inc...

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Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue

A Special Gift!

Do you have someone in your family or a friend who loves their garden? Buying a lovely garden statue or sculpture would make a great gift. There are many types of statues but one favorite is the fairy garden statue. They come in many different sizes and will make a great addition to any garden.

Spring and summer of course bring an abundance of beautiful flowers to the garden and adding a statue will only enhance the beauty. 

Perhaps a statue would look great perched on the side of a patio or half hidden among the flowers.

Summer is also a great time to host a dinner party or afternoon drinks in the garden to celebrate a special occasion. To help celebrate bring a gift of a garden statue to the host. You don't have to spend a lot of money as you will be able to find the perfect one for under $100!

More importantly, resin garden statues don't need a lot of care and attention. If you live in an area that gets a lot of frost in the winter you might want to take them indoors but otherwise they can stay in the garden all year around.

Sitting Fairy Garden Statue

Design Toscano Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Garden Statue Size - 10.5W x 13.5D x 19H in.

Enjoy the fantasy-filled charm of the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Garden Statue as she plays her flute and perches on any ledge. This sculpture is highly detailed and is a pe...

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Fairy Statue Video

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AnomalousArtist on 06/05/2013

I'm always looking for fairy figures that have real character, these are great!

jptanabe on 06/05/2013

I'd love to have some of these fairies in my garden! Maybe I have real ones already ... they might like one of these statues!

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