Retirement: My Approach

by blackspanielgallery

As a recent retiree I have contemplated the differences I am about to experience.

After working in the academic world as a college professor for many years I have finally retired. I started the process a year ago, so this was not driven by the virus. It was driven by exhaustion. After having been dealing with students with less preparation and increased levels of rudeness I simply wore out.

I must say that my age and health do place me in an enhanced risk position, so any second guessing was allayed. The decision is the right one, at least for me.

Is There Really Such a Thing as Retirement?

Well, for me it is not a total retirement.  I have a small online sales business and I can now devote the needed time to make it grow.  I also do writing and accuracy checking on a contractual basis in my areas of expertise.  I plan to stay active.  More importantly, I have a plan to stay active.

Why Not Just Take It Easy?

First, I like the income from my other work.  No, it is not at the salary level, but it is nice to have something to look to for supplementing retirement.


Second, one cannot just turn off one’s mind.  It is important to stay mentally active.  Doing nothing is boring. 


I started slowly because my medication had me fatigued, but I am more energetic today, and my energy has been returning. 


I need to point out that activities need not have compensation.  Writing articles such as this one is important.  Reading the works of others is also a worthy activity.  It is necessary to keep the mind active.  And both writing and reading the works of others can be sources of learning, something we should not plan to end.


Consider expressing yourself with digital photography or poetry via Zazzle.  Let's not overlook the need for creativity.


More of My Zazzle Prducts

So, Why Retire?

I read thing here on Wizzley, but do so on a leisurely pace, and with no set schedule.  Reading when I am relaxed is more likely to stimulate the learning process than being forced to read when in an exhausted state.  When I had a fuller, set schedule I could not fully gain all the value in my endeavors. 

Flower Coffee Mug

Relax while You Create

Stay Physically Active

It is also important to stay physically active.  We take walks with our dog, and are getting to know many of the dogs in the neighborhood.  It is a simple thing to do.  The problem here is heat, and the companion of heat, thunderstorms.  Some days just are not for walking.

Interact with Others

Interaction during the virus is difficult, but not all interaction involves being in the physical presence of other.  And, interaction with a dog has its advantages.  Dogs are social, and are willing to have their family members home with them.  Remember, once retired interacting with friends seen daily ceases, and must be replaced.  Going into a human contact void is not good.


Retirement should not be total, but look for things to stay both mentally and physically active.

Most important, start the activities you will continue long before retiring.


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Updated: 08/13/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 09/07/2020

I had planned to continue taking courses at the Church before the virus. I also am aware of free courses on challenging topics. I saw one on Relativity which might be too challenging for me but would enjoy trying, but had no time when I was still teaching.. But one must often coordinate the course with the dates they are available. And assure the proper background.

frankbeswick on 09/07/2020

Future Learn courses are free, but you pay for the certificate.

blackspanielgallery on 09/06/2020

Thanks, Frank.

frankbeswick on 09/05/2020

I did three courses in Irish on Future Learn and a course in short story writing.

blackspanielgallery on 09/04/2020

Thanks, their site looks interesting.

Veronica on 09/04/2020

i have done courses with . They have linked with universities all over the world to provide some free very short courses , 2 or 3 weeks at a time . It is excellent .

blackspanielgallery on 09/03/2020

The move to education online is opening part-time opportunities, which I may look more closely at.

WriterArtist on 09/02/2020

With corona-virus epidemic, things are gloomy and job opportunities are lesser all over globe. If you can take part-time lectures, tuitions and compose examination questions it will add to your income. However, it is fine if you want to retire altogether. It is your decision.

blackspanielgallery on 08/14/2020

Frank, I was referring to your health which I hope improves, not the plot. But, I did not even think of the impact of the virus.

frankbeswick on 08/14/2020

Participation in flower shows comes with the National Vegetable Society and the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and is unaffected by the diminution of the size of my plot.I was frustrated this year by the cancellation of the flower shows, as this year saw me get the opportunity to have a major role in designing our entry to the Tatton Show. But the design can be saved for next year.

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