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by mandeesears

Go back with me to the good old days with Retro Christmas Decor. What do you remember from past Christmases?

Retro Christmas Decor is my favorite Christmas style. It's about more than just decor, it's about memories of growing up. All the retro decor -- sparkling tinsel, glass ornaments carefully packed in tissue paper, large, colorful Christmas tree lights, candles on the mantel, felt stockings made by hand -- takes me back in time.

What about you?

Christmas - Retro Style

I remember one of my first Christmas holidays in the late 1960's. 

All my relatives were there. They were dressed in a mixture of red and green -- more red for the women, green for the men -- mini skirts and dresses, skinny ties, buffant hair-dos, crew cuts and smoking inside the house. 

The tree was a large type of fir and covered from head to toe in silver icicles (or tinsel). The large bulb, multicolored lights casting shades of the rainbow around the room. The glass ornament balls in silver, gold, red, green blue and other colors glowed as they hung beside the bulbs. It was a mesmorizing sight. Candy canes and popcorn strung string could be seen peeking out from under the tinsel. 

The fireplace was adorned with fir boughs and ribbons and the stockings bursting at the seams hung from nails in the mantel.  

It was the Christmas from my dreams.

Merry Retro Christmas!

Retro Christmas Greetings

1960s Christmas Greeting Card
1960s Christmas Greeting Card

What did Santa Bring?

My little sister got a doll -- Thumbelina I think. She was thrilled and immediately started mothering. My older brother and I got matching cowboy and cowgirl outfits complete with boots, hats and six shooters. (My mother was a dynamite seamstress).

We ran around the rest of the day playing old west. In those days it didn't take much for our imaginations to take off.  

Remembering Simpler Times

The times were more simple -- at least for me. Holidays were a very special occasion and my family did it up right.

We would visit my grandparents and spend Christmas morning with them and all my aunts, uncles and cousins. Opening gifts was a grand affair as was the dinner that followed -- best crystal, china and silver flatware always adorned the tables (there were many tables to host the 50 or so relatives). The men would be in the living room smoking, telling stories and slapping each other on the back. 

The women would be in the kitchen and dining room setting things up and cooking the best holiday food you can think of. 

The kids were everywhere. Some playing with their new toys, others playing games like "Simon Says" or "Red Light, Green Light", others would venture outside to play in the snow. 

Ornaments with a Vintage Christmas Feel

Christmas Vintage-retro Style Turquoise and Red Tree Ornament, 6.5 Inches

Beautiful retro style Christmas ornament.

Pack of 36 Petite Treasures Retro Reflector Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments 2.25"

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Christmas Memories

After dinner, we would all gather around the Christmas tree while my aunt manned the organ playing Christmas carols and holiday songs. I could always hear my dad's beautiful voice over all the others.

It was almost as if the love was a tangible item in the room -- being seen as well as felt. Husbands and wives holding hands or arms wrapped around each other as they swayed and sang the familiar songs.   

Yes, I am so glad we have family pictures, slides and movie reels keeping these memories intact. Only a couple of years later, my mother became a member of a religon that did not recognize Christmas. I would be in high school before we celebrated again but the few memories of those early Christmases are comforting and help me remember the holidays are about God and family.

Retro Decor

Christmas Trees Miscellaneous Vintage Metal Sign - Victory Vintage Signs

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Santa Claus A Merry Christmas To You Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign - 13x16

Santa Claus A Merry Christmas To You Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign - 13x16

It's a Wonderful Life Hand Painted Wood Sign


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My Retro Christmas Decor

Set of 3 Red Sequined Glitter Glass Christmas Table Top Cone Trees 18

Is it a wonder that since I have had my own husband and children, I gravitate towards retro holiday decor? I guess I am trying to recapture some of the magic I remember from those early Christmases or my childhood.

I like to emulate the retro-mod style of the mid 50's to mid 60's. A more streamline look was making its way into design, slowly but surely. Combining some of the decor from the article with modern touches like the trees to the left creates what designers call Retro-Mod.  

I have signs, ornaments, wreaths, dishes and other decor that I use to surround me with that long ago feeling of warmth, magic and, most of all, love. I want my kids to remember those feelings as they make their own way in the world. It was a wonderful foundation for me and I hope I was able to pass it along. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. 

Set of 3 Red Sequined Glitter Glass Christmas Table Top Cone Trees 18" 

Retro Christmas Articles

Retro Christmas Cards
Merry Retro Christmas! Retro means different things to different people. The card on the left is titled Retro Christmas Card by it's designer Vintage66. To me, it's Retro -- someone else may consider it Vintage. Who's right?

Retro Christmas | Rat Pack Christmas Lounge Style
What better way to celebrate the holidays than to swank it up -- Rat Pack Christmas Style! Yup, think Vegas lounge style, mid-century modern decor and a crooner playing piano! Let's plan a Rat Pack Christmas party that your family, friends and co-workers will rave about!

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mandeesears on 10/06/2011

Thanks so much! That is exactly the response I was looking for!!

SPB on 10/06/2011

I'm sitting here with a silly little grin on my face. I suddenly was remembering all of the Christmas from the 60s. It didn't really matter what was under the tree... as long as their was lots lol, but it was the food, the smell of the Christmas tree (a real one) and the magic that went along with it all. What a great Wizzle :)

mandeesears on 09/23/2011

Thanks Joan! My pictures are all still packed but this one was so cute!

petunia on 09/23/2011

Oh what precious memories and retro items for Christmas. I really did not realize they still made cowboy suits! :) Adorable!

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