Review of Grampa Rechek’s Italian Marinade Steaks

by StevenHelmer

I found these on sale a couple days ago at one of our local grocery stores. Were they worth my money?

Product Description: Pre-packaged beef steaks tenderized and seasoned with an Italian herb marinade. I purchased two of these earlier this week when I was out grocery shopping and found them on sale at one of our local grocery stores for $1.99 per pound. I ended up making these last night for dinner, frying them on the stove and serving them with some pasta and broccoli.

A Mixed Opinion

Grampa Rechek SteaksI was a bit hungry for steak the other day when I was picking up a few groceries before work but, at the time, figured I wouldn’t be able to find any that would fit my tight budget. That’s why, when I saw this particular product and the reduced price on it, I didn’t hesitate to put a couple of them in my cart (fortunately, it was cold enough for me to just keep them in my car until I went home for lunch).

I’ve had other marinated steaks from Grampa Recheks in the past and, for the most part, have enjoyed them. After having this particular variety last night, however, I did admittedly find myself having a mixed opinion about this product.

The steaks, as expected, did come out nice and tender. This is something I definitely enjoyed because, as I have gotten older, it has gotten harder for me to chew tough meat. These steaks were very easy to cut into and none of us (including my oldest daughter, who just lost some baby teeth) had any issues chewing the steaks.

SteaksAs far as seasonings go, however, I did find this particular marinade a bit lacking. In all honesty, the only thing I really could taste when I ate this steak was pepper. And, there was a lot of it. My daughter couldn’t eat more than one piece of it as a result (it was too spicy for her) and none of us could taste anything that even hinted at an Italian flavor.

I will say, however, in addition to being tender, the marinade did not upset my stomach. This is worth noting because that is not always the case with a product like this, including some marinades I actually enjoyed, and it is something I would consider as positive.

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Final Opinion

Mostly because of the steaks being tender and what I said about the marinade not upsetting my stomach, I’m going to give this product a passing grade. However, I only really recommend it if you’re OK with a strong pepper taste on your food.

My Grade: B

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Updated: 07/04/2017, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/22/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I appreciate keeping in mind what to have on hand when what I make fresh is not enough for the number of guests -- because of drop-ins! -- or of re-serving requests. It can be possible to work around seasonings that don't stand up for themselves when I mix and match frozen alternatives with fresh equivalents.

What is in the package in terms of other seasonings, and would the pepper be black or white or both?

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