Romantic Elements of Valentine's Day

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The romantic elements of Valentine's Day help express and declare one’s love, show passion, feelings and celebrate. Valentine's day provides all of that and more.

While speaking of romance, certain elements and symbols obviously come to one's mind. Flowers, chocolates, jewellery, hearts and valentine's day cards are dominant in expressing one's passion. Perhaps this is a festival awaited impatiently by lovers all over the world because it is the matter of heart. Stabbing the body sustains an injury that heals in time but hurting the feelings remain immortal in heart.

In good olden days and even today, people believed the emotions streamed from heart and connections of love were made in heart. Similarly among flowers, red rose was selected for the fusion and interpretation of love.

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Love is a universal thing, it happens all the time but only during Valentine’s Day, it is explicitly professed, vows exchanged “till death do us part”.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Author Hellen Keller

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Cupid Angel

Cupid Wings


When Valentine's Day is near, the Cupid is not far away. One of the most famous and revered symbols of Valentine is Cupid. It is displayed as Cupid Angel, Cupid Wings or Cupid God himself. The ancient God as worshipped by Romans was Cupid, also known as the Angel of love. Greeks worshipped Eros who is also the God of love. The Legend follows that Cupid was son of Mercury and Venus. Mercury was the winged messenger of Gods and Venus is famously known all over the world to be the goddess of love. According to Romans, Cupid always appeared as a winged infant/child carrying a bow and arrow ready to shoot with his aim.

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Rustic Roses



Roses were a symbol of love from what looks like eternity, an element of showing love and affection. They were used when words were hard to come, lips were getting sealed and when words would not spill easily in declaring one's love.

Romantic Hearts



Since heart represents our feelings and sentiments, they are appropriate to show off as a symbol for Valentine's Day. If you were a scientist or a thinker, you probably would think brain ought to be the one for showing the element of feelings. Although brain is the one who controls and generates hormones for feelings of love, lovers do not feel so the prominence as compared to heart. Poets and philosophers also do not think the same way as scientists and scholars, hence brain goes at the backseat while heart stands upright in the judgement and winning in front of all the couples and lovers.

Love Birds/Doves


African parrots are depicted as Love Birds in general. However, a pair of Swan, doves and other birds also portray love and everlasting relationship in couples.  These birds are chosen because they are always seen prominently in pairs. Deep down, the couples exhibit a lifetime of being faithful and in love. Their commitment is not ephemeral. Doves were selected for reason that they remain faithful to their mates lifelong and also were represented by the Goddess Venus. These pairs remain loyal and devoted to the family and to each other. Naturally, they impersonate the element of Valentine.

Symbols of Valentine's Day

Love Knots


Love knots are a series of intertwined knots that seem to merge into each other. The beginning and end of the knots are not imminent which shows an everlasting symbol of love and friendship. Lovers wrote message on the symbol. They were calligraphed on paper in interfacing endlessly.

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/16/2022

WriterArtist, In re-reading a book about how General Robert E. Lee's wife's rose garden became Arlington National Cemetery, I remembered that my father, who received a military funeral, loved white and yellow roses and yellow tulips. He respected the Indian subcontinent as a source of ancient, great wisdom. Would there be any flowers, yellow or any other color, that you particularly associate with India?

Veronica on 01/31/2022

writer Artist
Ty for a lovely article. Anything which keeps the love going in a relationship works for me!

Veronica on 01/31/2022

My favourite Spring flowers for St Valentine's Day are always YELLOW TULIPS. They nod their lovely heads in a bright, warming smile. I love them.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I like the mugs, the necklaces and the wooden signs. Also, I like the blue-gray-purple and red color ranges that you show in your selected products.

Love knots look beautiful no matter how they are configured: metal, paper, textiles.

All the lovable, loved, lovely, loving products that you showcase and symbols that you reference make me love Valentine's Day.

But also too, always, I remember and value lovely love poetry, because it seems like such a cooperation, like such a reconciliation between the heart and the mind.

Poppies, tulips and roses perhaps represent my favorite flowers for Valentine's Day? What would be yours?

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