Rope Making Machine For Sale

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Finding a rope making machine for sale can be a little difficult. There are a couple new ones that can be purchased as well as some antique rope making machines.

Finding a rope making machine for sale is a little difficult today. There just is not much demand for rope making machines now days, most people just go to the big box store and buy a spool of rope. A rope making machine can be a neat novelty or handy tool to have around for crafting.

History of the rope making machine

The design for the common rope making machine that you may find for sale now is widely attributed to Leonardo da Vinci who drew sketches of one but is not known to have ever built one.  The basic principle of the rope making machine is to take three or more strands of two ply twine and twist them together the opposite way of their twist.  This way the two twists work against one another to keep the rope from unraveling.  It's the same principle as two ply yarn made by hand spinning.

A ropewalk is where rope was typically made during the middle ages and industrial revolution.  Sailing ships were a major customer of rope as one ship could require twenty miles of rope.  Until the 1950s rope was made primarily from natural fibers like flax and hemp and even grass.  Today most rope is made from oil based products instead of natural fiber.

Rope Making Machine For Sale

Locating rope making machines for sale

Above are listed some rope making machines for sale on eBay.  There just are not many places selling rope making machines that aren't industrial sized.  It may also be useful to check out other online sites like Craigslist, etc.

Antique shops or estate sales may also be other possibilities of places to find a rope making machine for sale.  At an auction it may be possible that most of the people present would have no idea what it was.

There are also some discussion forums or groups dedicated to rope making and these may be a available source for locating a rope making machine for sale.  Like Yahoo's Rope Making Group.

A small rope making machine can be very handy for many crafts.  With the rope making machine you could make custom curtain ties or handles for a purse.  Keeping the cords smaller would allow for some of the custom made rope to be used as an accessory on a dress or other outfit.

With a little work to tie all the loose pieces of baler twine together it can be great source of rope on the farm that can be made from something that is typically waste.  The knots wont make for the nicest piece of rope but it would definitely be strong. 

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