Essential Silk Flower Making Supplies

by astonerattnet

Create wonderful silk flowers with these essential supplies and have flowers that outlast natural flowers.

The beauty of fresh flowers is simply timeless. But, anyone who has ever bought flowers as gift to a special person, or loves decorating with fresh flowers knows just how expensive this timeless beauty is. In fact, buying in bulk for an occasion will only somewhat cut the cost by purchasing gads of daisies and roses. It's a good thing there are lots of alternatives to fresh flowers -- like for example, silk flowers. Silk flowers make a dainty and practical option while doing away with the limited in-season flower choices. It's no wonder many have turned to silk even with the wide selection of artificial flowers as it closely resembles fresh flowers. Moreover, this type of artificial flower is inexpensive as silk flower making supplies are reasonably priced.

Silk flowers are relatively easy to make

Of course, there are off-the-rack artificial flowers that can be bought online or in local shops. But for those who are really looking to save on cost, making silk flowers is advisable. Below are the tools needed in making beautiful silk flowers:

Fabric - The primary fabric used in making silk flowers is silk. But there are other types of fabric used for the leaves and stem like that of polyester and cotton. Using these will create different thicknesses and textures to the flowers. Since silk is soft and comes with numerous colors, it's considered the perfect fabric in creating soft petals. This is mainly the reason why silk flowers look a lot like fresh blossoms.

The essential silk flower making supplies are craft scissors, wire, wire cutters, plastic tubing, glue, and glue gun.

Craft scissors. Sharp scissors are very important when cutting silk fabrics. For those new to handling silk, craft scissors are advised as these are sharp enough to cut through silk without tearing it.

Wire and wire cutters. Wires create the foundation of the flower. These hold the petals in position, along with the leaves and stem of the flower. Wire cutters are also required in handling the wires and/or cutting when needed.

Plastic tubing. Plastic tubing is used as alternative to wire for stems.

Glue and glue gun. Hot glue is needed to attach different parts of the flowers together -- petals, leaves, stem, and the like.

Workplace and Other Essentials

Aside from craft scissors, wires, and glue, many crafters use fork and spoon in shaping the silk into various interesting petal shapes. Since petals embody the beauty of flowers, be extra cautious and pay special attention when working with the petals. Additional supplies like floral tape, quick-dry glue, needle, thread, and cardboard are needed for the final touches of the flowers. Furthermore, the need for a spacious workplace is crucial. The table should have room for all the supplies as well as work area for creating the silk masterpiece.

 When all is said and done, buying fresh flowers as a gift or a house decor is impractical. As what others always say: Flowers die. Money spent on something that will eventually wither is futile. So, gather up some silk flower making supplies and start investing on lovely flowers that will last.


Updated: 05/09/2012, astonerattnet
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Rose on 11/27/2013

I've got a silk flower arrangement in my fireplace. It fills the niche nicely.

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