Amazing Ideas For Making Handmade Greeting Cards

by astonerattnet

Handmade greeting cards make wonderful gifts for friends and family alike. No more giving canned commercial messages and graphics.

What if you run out of ideas for making handmade greeting cards? This is not something you want to have happen if the occasion for the greeting card is rapidly approaching.

Writers block

The first thing to do is relax.  Yes you wont feel like relaxing but tensing up and freaking yourself out if not going to make the ideas come any quicker.  Get away from the your workstation.  No matter what medium your using to create the handmade greeting card, stamping, scrapbooking, computer, etc, you need to change your surroundings.  Go for a walk, cook a meal.

An even better change of pace would be to talk to the card recipient.  It doesn't have to be about the occasion for the card, just talk about anything.  Is the card for a parent?  Call them and just visit with them a little.  It very well may spark the creative juices and give you an idea for the handmade card.

Handmade greeting card medium

There are many ways to go about making a homemade greeting card.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Stamping
  • Scrapbooking
  • Computer
  • Just simple drawing

To get some ideas for making handmade greeting cards maybe try a different style for producing the card.  This can help focus the mind on a different problem, namely how to work with the new medium.

Switching to a different art form can be challenging.  If the card that you produce has to be perfect it may not be a viable option.  But if your someone that is willing to try new things and let people know that you may be less than perfect, it can be great way to open yourself up to a new craft.

Who are you most likely to make a handmade greeting card for?

Some additional thoughts on getting ideas

A fairly obvious source of ideas would be to browse the card isle at any store.  Please respect the rights of the cards' producers and don't copy them, but use them as an inspiration.

Search the internet for things the recipient of the card likes, to get ideas for the card.  Does the person like cars?  What type of cars?  Using whatever your chosen medium is, produce a card based on that interest.

This is the appealing things about making handmade greeting cards, they can be customized for the exact person that is going to receive it.  If you produce the card yourself it will be a one of a kind and not something that is mass produced with some generic sentiment in it.  With a homemade card you can include genuine sentiment in the givers own words.

Updated: 05/08/2012, astonerattnet
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Rose on 11/27/2013

I like the idea of using scrap-booking for the cards

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