Celtic Christmas Decorations: Scotland

by JoHarrington

There's an auld song that keeps on being played across the waters, wherever the Scots found their clans. Remember your roots with some Scottish Christmas ornaments.

It's tartan, thistles and Sunty Clas galore in this collection of Christmas decorations for Scots and those with Scottish ancestry.

Table toppers, tree ornaments and welcoming wreaths are amongst the Celtic Xmas goodies on offer.

For those who retained their Gaelic (or wish to recall it), there are some lovely decorations proudly displaying Nollaig Chridheil Huibh. That's 'Merry Christmas to you' in Scottish Gaelic to everyone else.

I've added a little history and Scottish lore, alongside each of the Scots Yuletide ornaments. Enjoy!

Duan Nollaig - Christmas Carols in Scottish Gaelic

Fiona J. MacKenzie presents a short film with a soundtrack of carols from a Gaelic Christmas album.

Scottish Santa Claus Two Piece Christmas Table Topper

To begin our look at holiday decorations inspired by Scotland: a quality tartan Father Christmas figurine for a Scot's festive table.
Department 56 Possible Dreams Great Scots Santa

Department 56 has created a wonderful Sunty Clas feeding a cookie to his Scottish terrier. 

Or would it be shortbread?  After much peering at the image, I've concluded that it's definitely shortbread.

I love the detail of his pint of beer displaying a picture of his pet too!

Standing at 10.5" tall, this festive tableau would look amazing in the center of your Christmas feast.  Each Scottish Santa Claus and terrier has been hand crafted, painted and clothed. 

As it's Department 56, you know that it's also extremely high quality. Moreover, the company followed it up with a second Scotland Father Christmas table topper.

Department 56 Santa's Scottish Pageantry Figurine

You could mix and match, pairing them as part of a set!

Both Scottish Santa table toppers are part of Department 56's Possible Dreams collection, which features Santa Claus figurines from various other nations too.

If your family has ancestry stretching across the globe, there's always the potential of creating a Christmas tableau with a different Father Christmas representing all countries in your family tree.

Meanwhile, continue on those of you harking from Scotland. Many more Scot and Highland holiday decoration delights await your choice!

Matching Sunty Clas Figurine and Tree Decoration

Sunty Clas Playing the Bagpipes Christmas Figurine

Sunty Clas has his bagpipes out again!  I think that we can safely assume that it's a festive tune that he's playing there.

He'll be passing the time before he loads up his sleigh and hitches up the team of reindeer. There are presents to deliver to Gaels, Picts and Brythonic Scots, wherever they now may live. 

Hand-crafted and hand-painted, every Jim Shore Santa is accordingly a little unique.  His tartan-clad Sunty Clas figurine is just one in an international inspired collection. 

You may choose between a free standing figurine, which is 6.52" tall, or a 4.5" version to hang from your Christmas tree.  Or treat yourself to both!

Polish Glass Scottish Santa Tree Decoration

It's not only Jim Shore who had this idea. 

Over in Poland, another bagpipe playing Sunty Clas has been fired up for Christmas. He's 5.6" tall, 2.9" wide and 2.3" deep.

What I love about this one, perhaps even more than those above, is the brilliance of the colors. They are in festive green and red, but look how rich the hues are; and they're all accented in gold glitter. That will catch the lights beautifully.

Each of these Sunty Clas ornaments have been blown by mouth, then hand-painted. Their shininess is down to the fact that it's genuine Polish glass.

For that reason, you might want to place your Scottish Santa bagpiper high up in your Christmas tree's branches, out of the reach of small children and pets.

Scottish Santa Polish Glass Ornament

Bagpiping Playing Santa Decorations for Scots

Pipka World Of Santas: Scotland

Collectible Father Christmas from Scotland

Pipka have produced a whole collection of Santa Claus figurines from around the world.

Naturally, this includes a Scottish Father Christmas statue. Pictured left, though that image really doesn't do it justice.

The Scottish Santa stands at 5.25", finely crafted from resin.

As a bonus, he's accompanied by Greyfriar's Bobby - Scotland's legendary canine peers out from Sunty Clas's feet.

Nor is he the only Scottish tradition featured here. Tartan clad Father Christmas carries a Scotch Fir Tree in his sack and cradles bagpipes under his arm.

Scottish Steinbach Christmas Tree Decorations

Hand-crafted in Germany, this Scottish bagpipe player is ready to brighten up your Christmas tree; though unfortunately without sound. 

He is accompanied by a snowman dressed up in tartan.

They are both 3.5" tall and wooden. They each arrive in a presentation gift box.

Though patently Scottish in design, the collection is much more culturally German; and internationally renowned too.

Herr Steinbach founded his workshop in the village of Hohenhamein.  That was over two hundred years ago, but his wooden decoration proved to be quite popular!

From humble beginnings, Steinbach Wood Ornaments are now collected throughout the world.

Karla Steinbach is the latest in a long line of artisans in the decoration making clan. She will pass on her skills and the company to the next generation; just as she learned her craft from her father Christian.

Both of the cute fellows on the right are her creations. 

All Steinbach wooden decorations are made by hand. They are hand-painted too, all pretty much as the original Herr Steinbach crafted them in the 18th century.

You know that every decoration that you receive is unique, because no human endeavor could make it identical to all of the rest.  A lot of loving care went into them first.

Scottish Bagpiper Steinbach Ornament

Steinbach Scottish Snowman Ornament

We Wish You a Merry Xmas in Scottish Gaelic

Merry Christmas in Scottish Gaelic Snowflake Ornament

Nollaig Chridheil Snowflake Christmas Tree Decoration

Gaelic is the native language of Scotland.  At least, it has been ever since the Scotti invaded the Picts.  Unfortunately, English has now overtaken much of the country, consigning Scottish Gaelic into the Highlands and Western Isles; though it can still be heard amongst the intelligentsia in Lowland cities.

You can reclaim a little of it back for your Christmas tree too. This 3" porcelain snowflake decoration contains a seasonal greeting in Gaelic.

Nollaig Chridheil means 'merry Christmas' in Scottish Gaelic.  It's pronounced a little like 'nolly Cree-hoel', as demonstrated by the lady below with her Gaelic Christmas carol.

Nollaig Chridheil Christmas Ornaments from All Things Celtic

Each one of these Scottish Gaelic holiday decorations bear the legend Nollaig Chridheil. All may be customized, some with photographs as gifts.

Pack of High Quality Gaelic Christmas Decorations

The beautiful Gaelic Christmas ornaments below are a little more expensive than most, but that's all paid for in the quality and detail. 

You will receive a dozen of them, which is plenty enough to decorate a whole tree. Six bear the legend, 'To Your Health', which is a good toast to hail over those Christmas beverages.  The other half wish all a Nollaig Chridheil Huibh, or merry Christmas to you.

They aren't baubles, as they are flat.  But the detail and wording is the same on both sides.  Green, with gold glitter accents, they come with golden thread to hang over your boughs.

Pack of 12 Scottish Nollaig Chridheil Huibh Ornaments

Limited Edition Scottish Teddy Ornament

You will have to be quick if you want to grab one of these Cherished Teddies Christmas ornaments.

The Scottish Boy decoration was retired in 1998.  There are very few left on the market.

It was part of the International Collection by self-taught artist Priscilla Hillmann.  Her very first collection, in fact!

There's something quite charming in the way that he's carrying his lamb, like a Gaelic latecomer to the Nativity.

I also like the way that, though definitely a Christmas decoration, Hillmann didn't go with the more usual red and green. The Scottish Boy will probably stand out, amongst all of the other ornaments, for just that reason.

Cherished Teddies Scottish Boy Ornament

Scottish Thistle and Flag Ornament

Scottish Thistle Christmas Tree Ornament

International Gifts have created this gorgeous thistle ornament to hang upon your Christmas Tree.It includes the St Andrew's flag.

This humble plant has long been the national emblem of Scotland.  The legend goes that a Norse army were invading, but one of them stood on a thistle.  His shrieks of pain woke a nearby Scottish army, who were able to rush out and greet them.

By 'greet', I mean send them back home with a sound thrashing, along with a warning never to attempt another invasion.

Good work, Scottish thistle!  Looking out for your own!

Scottish Christmas Wreath

Tartan Christmas Wreath Decoration

The above Scottish Christmas Wreath was actually made in the USA!  But the Gaelic inspiration is right there in the tartan ribbon.

The door wreath is fashioned out of Maine Balsam Fir and winterberries. It will look wonderful attached to your front door, ready to greet your guests come for some of that fine Celtic hospitality.

Christmas Forest Highander Christmas Wreath

Image: Highlander Christmas Wreath
Image: Highlander Christmas Wreath

Over on Christmas Forest, there is a beautiful Highlander Wreath. It 'features aromatic noble fir and princess pine' according to those handcrafting it the old school way up in Cascade Mountains.

The whole ensemble is topped off with a ribbon of Scottish plaid.

Your Highland Christmas wreath will arrive freshly crafted, ready to make your home smell fabulously festive.

Scottish Christmas Ornaments on eBay

More Celtic Christmas Decorations and Gifts

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I have to admit that my Gaelic is practically non-existent. I have a few words, that's all. I would love to be fluent in all Celtic languages though.

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OK I'd better stick to Welsh. My head will explode. Cute ornaments though!

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