Searching For Lovely Winged Creatures in Land of The Tiger

by pateluday

Birding is a perfect type of perfect pleasure for millions of enthusiasts all over the World. If you have a passion for watching the colorful avian and tiger then India awaits.

With thirteen percent of Global bird species, the country harbors amazing diversity in nooks and corners that we define as econiche. But they are all over in the hotspots that have become popular. If you wish to combine animal watching while chasing these lovely damsels then there is no place like the tiger lands of India.

In the pristine confines of reserves dwells this majestic creature along with other enchanting denizens. For those in quest of avian wonders, there can be no better place than the tiger reserves which abound in this country. Thus you can combine the pleasure of bird watching as well enjoy thrilling tiger safaris...a unique opportunity for one and all.

Bengal Tiger

Big Cat India
Paul Diggins

The Avian Kingdoms

Ornithological Surveys and Enigmatic Creatures

MinivetYou can begin the tour with New Delhi itself which is hardly a place for animal watching. The ancient and Old Neo modern historical monuments will take most of your time. These are fascinating monuments but as a birder, you should plan a visit to Okhla Barrage within the Capital City. It will be a good beginning to meet the winter migrants that arrive every year on the upper region of the Yamuna River. 

The Water Body roughly four square kilometers is winter home to Palearctic migrants as well. And on one day tour, you can see Northern pintail, red-crested pochard, Baer's pochard, ferruginous pochard,  Grey-headed, and Pallas fishing eagles, and black-bellied tern. 

At the shore and among the entangled maze of marshy reed beds and intertwining narrow pathways in the neighborhoods the main attractions are the yellow-bellied prinia, bluethroat, and bristled grassbird. 

You can also visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Chambal River Sanctuary near Agra in UP. While the former is home to flocks of winter migrants mainly wetland species, the latter is a pristine river to be explored on motorboats amidst an inaccessible cluster of sand dunes and mountains. It is here one can see a lot of avians apart from the wildlife on the shore.

On the boat ride apart from birds, one can see the rare gharial with a long snout and jagged teeth, marsh crocodile, turtles, and the critically endangered Ganges dolphin. The main attraction at Chambal is Indian skimmer, bar-headed geese, sarus crane, painted storks, woolly necked stork, painted and black-bellied sandgrouse, laggar falcon, Bonelli's Eagle, and the sand lark besides a large number of varied species.     

Bird Blog

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Indian Gharial

Fish Eating Gharial
Fish Eating Gharial
Hari Lama

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Himalayan Foothills in North India

Bird of CorbettFrom ennui to exhilaration...that is what a drive to Corbett from the crowded metro gives in to. After a maddening conglomeration encountered all along the drive, Ramnagar is a pleasing sight. Yes, the lofty snow-scarred barren mountains and the gleaming waters of Kosi are a sight to behold. 

On the way further to the pristine forests, elation overtakes. The rush is past and the desire to search for the magnificent winged creatures is overpowering. Corbett is no disappointment, be it for bird watching or tigers. Both are around you in the pristine Sal forests and the shores of lucid Ramganga. 

A day at the Dhikala complex is rewarding for big cat sightings and many avians from among the five hundred that make the Himalayan Foothills their home.  The blue waters of River Ranganga are a fascinating spectacle in addition to watching hundreds of avian species and the big cats. It is here that you are most likely to encounter a tiger on a thrilling chase to bring down its prey.

The reserve is home to hog deer, sambar deer, black bears, wild elephants, leopards,s, and goral a goat antelope. The destination is much preferred by birders keen on animal watching as well. 

On many safaris and walks you can see the wren warbler, long-billed thrush, little forktail, chestnut headed Tesia, green billed malkhoha, Great hornbill, ashy bulbul, Rufus woodpecker,  Palas Eagle, dollar bird, stork billed kingfisher, white-bellied nuthatch,  grey-faced woodpecker, Rufus gorgeted flycatcher, little pied flycatcher, crimson sunbird, green tailed sunbird, chestnut bellied thrush, Large niltava....the species you checklist here will be a never-ending exercise believe me.       

Grey Faced Woodpecker

Grey Faced Woodpecker Corbett
Grey Faced Woodpecker Corbett
Hari Lama

Central Indian Highlands

Madhya Pradesh

Kanha ForestsThe long stretch of low-rise mountains amidst Vindhya and Satpura Ranges is an inaccessible raw land where tigers rule. This spectacular kingdom is the subject of many fascinating stories of Central India's amazing wilderness. Myths and facts have entangled to create esoteric fantasy folklore that has made the big cat indomitable with mystical powers and a ferocity that makes it an ever blood-thirsty killer.  

The number of bird species halves whence compared to the Himalayan foothills. It makes no difference since they are as alluring as the majestic big cats that thrive here in wild abundance.

Englishman James Forsyth during the British Raj in India extensively surveyed the highlands and the result is a fascinating account of the tiger land and the tribal. 

Although fragmented a number of tiger reserves offer opportunities for bird watching and tiger safaris in Madhya Pradesh. Some of the popular one's are:

  • Kanha National Park
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Pench National Park
  • Satpura National Park       
  • Panna National Park

An abundant birdlife found in these parks is an added attraction for wildlife enthusiasts from all over the World. The fascination with the tiger and birds compounds one's pleasure in the deep interiors of Central India.  

Tiger Sighting

Kanha National Park

Birding & Tiger Safaris

Birding on ElephantIn a fortnight-long visit to India, it is possible to combine ornithological quests and tiger safaris. The destinations mentioned on this page are easily accessible with sound tourism infrastructure. But you need not limit yourself to places mentioned here. You can pick and choose from several hot spots and tiger reserves.   

But the destinations mentioned are best. You can combine birding trips with wild tiger tours anywhere in India. It all depends upon other places of interest that you decide to visit. You can combine sightseeing with wildlife since many beautiful places are close by in every part of the country. A vast land with incredible diversity beckons you to discover and make a memorable holiday trip. 

There is a great choice for holidays in this colorful land. Each state has something unique to offer not only birds and tigers. The festivities, rites and rituals, the diverse ethnicity and culture, and the spirituality that prevails are features worthy of the experience. Please plan your tour well and much in advance.   

Updated: 07/11/2021, pateluday
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You always have excellent pictures.

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